Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pictures of Pulaski

I am sorry that I have not been consistent with the Blog over the last few days but things have been crazy. We came back from our trip to North Carolina and only had a few days until our trip to Pulaski. We did manage get The Crusader in the mail last Thursday (18th) and so those of you who are subscribers should be getting it soon. On Tuesday, Rachel Pendergraft did an hour live radio interview on XM169 in Washington D. C. We have already had several responses to the interview.

I am including some pictures of our event in Pulaski. The picture above shows bags of literature promoting the festival in Pulaski. We
were able to get a 1,000 fliers rolled up Friday evening after we arrived in Pulaski and then some good supporters from North Carolina distributed them throughout the night.

Jason and Richard hooking up one of the U-Hauls to Richards truck in preparation to travel to Pulaski.

Inside the Christian Revival Center gathering up musical instruments and other items to load in the U-Haul.

Heritage Connection in Concert in Pulaski.

Andrew Pendergraft in Pulaski

Pastor Robb, Terri Garner (a photo journalist) and Rachel Pendergraft.

Scott Pendergraft and Jason loading up U-Hauls on Thursday evening before traveling to Pulaski.

Loading up trailers.

I will be posting more pictures tomorrow.
Don't forget our Christmas Fellowship Conference on December 1 & 2.

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