Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Guns For Muslims!

Texas patriot, Crockett Keller is a concealed handgun instructor who has decided that Muslims are just too dangerous, unpredictable and outright scary to carry handguns. As a handgun instructor licensed by the state of Texas he feels that he has the responsibility to deny handgun classes to people who appear to unstable.
Crockett wants the good citizens of Texas to be “victors, not victims” Those who appear to be stable can pay for the classes with $100 in cash, checks, credit cards, gold, silver or used guns.

But Muslims and for matter liberals need not apply.
He doesn’t want to teach Muslims because he says, “If you are a devout Muslim, you have the right to lie, cheat, steal, kill, do whatever you want to in order to promote Islam. Which means in the United States, if you are a devout Muslim, how can you pledge allegiance to the United States of America? You can’t. The ideologies are diametrically opposed.

“I consider all Muslims our enemies, no matter how nice they are. … I could not trust one and I, as an instructor, am not going to teach one how to shoot a gun and aid him in getting a license.”

And the reason he won’t teach liberals is simple also, “If you are a socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner-in-chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision as required under the law.”

Some have claimed that his refusal to teach Muslims is a civil rights violation. But it appears that his refusal might be well grounded as he has a obligation to the State of Texas not to teach crazy people and it is evident to him that Muslims and liberals are indeed crazy people!

Keller, meanwhile, confidently states. “I exercise my prerogative … to choose who would be good candidates for concealed handgun license,” he said. “I wish that the people who had taught the Muslims that flew the jets into the World Trade Center, I wish they had the forethought to think of what they were teaching these assassins.”

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Double Standard

In case you didn’t know the word that was painted on the rock at Governor Perry’s hunting camp was - Niggerhead.

Here is what Wikipedia says about the word Niggerhead:

In several English-speaking countries, Niggerhead or nigger head is a former name for several things thought to resemble a black person ("nigger")'s head.
The term was once widely used for all sorts of things, including products such as soap and chewing tobacco, but most often for geographic features such as hills and rocks and geological objects. In the U.S., more than a hundred "Niggerheads" and other place names now considered racially offensive were changed in 1962 by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, but many local names remained unchanged

There is also an island in Australia called Nigger Head. Again, this is what Wikipedia has to say about it.

Nigger Head is a small island in the Northern part of Shelburne Bay in far north Queensland, Australia about 30km North of Cape Grenville, Cape York Peninsula in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Queensland, Australia. It is so named because it is an isolated coral outcrop; such outcrops were previously known as Niggerheads by British sailors.

There is a well known black political activist that is named Nigger though with the slightly different spelling of Niger. Niger Innis is the national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). It is always somewhat humorous seeing his name on TV whenever he appears to give his views on various issues. They pronounce his name with a long I sound and give the - g - a ch sound to avoid embarrassment.

You can read about Niger Innis at Wikipedia

Therefore to avoid offending Africans, the Politically Correct police has forbidden its use and claim that the word could cause emotional damage to Africans. As a result no one says the N word until the black man leaves the room. No one realized that the N word was a bad word until the New York Jews started making the claim in a further attempt to create white guilt. The word nigger was in popular use for hundreds of years and no one thought bad of it. For an example, the famous author Agatha Christie published a children’s book as recent as 1936 and gave it the title, Ten Little Niggers. The name has now been changed to And Now There Was None.

Even today N word people generally call other N word people the N word.

So even if the word is not being used directly to create emotional distress to Negroes, the demand is to be total. Historical markings with the word Nigger in it are now outlawed. In other words you would not be allowed to open a restaurant called, Nigger Café or sell Nigger Poppers for the fourth of July celebration - even if it was not a reference to Negroes.

However, the ban on offensive words seems not to be universal. For example, we are all aware that the hateful racist slang of Cracker whenever Negroes refer to White People. Yet there is no attempt to remove this racial pejorative word from our language. So while you cannot name a restaurant Nigger Café - Cracker Barrel is acceptable. I could not buy Niggers from the grocery isle but I can buy a whole variety of Crackers. And on the 4th of July I would never be allowed to sell or buy Nigger Poppers yet I can easily buy various forms of Fire Crackers!

There seems to be a double standard so well established that white people are afraid to acknowledge it without fear of being called racist.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Fictional Journey to

Find the Meaning of - The N Word!

There has been some recent controversy over the name at a hunting camp used by Governor Perry that is considered racially offensive. Apparently, there was at the camp a rock with the N word painted on it. Supposedly, the word was painted over by Perry’s father more than 30 years ago.

The news reporters keep making reference to this N word but they never took the time to tell us what the offensive N word was. I thought perhaps I would look in the dictionary and try to find this N word because they weren’t telling. So I checked, but it wasn’t so easy. The dictionary contains hundreds of N words. The very first N word was Nab and means to catch somebody. I couldn’t figure out what is so bad about catching someone. But then I thought Nab certainly could not be the word they were offended by so I began to look at some of the other N words. I found the word Naggy, Nancy, Nappy, Nation, Natty and there was a lot more. In fact I found out that N words were everywhere! I know this black guy in town and he seems like a pretty smart fella so I asked him if he knew what the N word was. He got a little upset that I even asked him, but he did say he knew what it was but wouldn’t tell me. After that he started harassing me and I got tired of it. After all I was just trying to find out what the N word was. A couple of his friends started harassing me also so I stopped going over to see him. I couldn’t put up with his nagging me - and told him “Stop being a nagger.” That really made him mad!

I wish I knew what his problem was. It seems like naggers will never be happy!