Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Honor!

Like I have said in the past, I think it is wrong to rejoice over a persons misfortune. However, I am tired of Conservatives saying nice things about Ted Kennedy. There is nothing nice to say. Dying did not suddenly change his character. What ever he was in life he remains the same in death. Ted Kennedy was a man without moral character and man without nationalistic passion. He served his own lust and now returns to God without honor.

Friday, August 28, 2009


We are being told that the nation is preparing to give its LAST RESPECTS to Ted Kennedy. Well, its seems I have a problem. I can't give my last respect because I haven't given my first respect. There was nothing in his life that is worthy of respect.

Here is something you need to listen to:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Remorse!

I have stated that I think it is wrong to delight in the heartbreak and agony of other people. For that reason I feel sorrow for the family of Ted Kennedy. But I have no remorse for his passing. Ted Kennedy did more to destroy this nation than any man - living or dead! Kennedy was the whip that drove the passage of the Hart-Celler Act through the senate. It was the Hart-Celler Act that emerged as the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which altered our immigration laws and made it possible for millions of non-whites to enter the country.

Though the Hart-Celler Act was rotten to the core, it was Ted Kennedy that forced its way through the senate and made its passage possible. Ted Kennedy made the non-white invasion legal and possible.

I don't wish ill will on anyone. But I cannot grieve the death of Ted Kennedy. I am too busy grieving the death of the Republic.

Congress in Coming Soon

Spoke today with Anastasia Moumtzaki, a journalist/producer working for MEGA TV, in Athens, Greece. They may send a news team to attend our national Klan congress September 4.5.&6.

We quite often have reporters attend our national meetings/ There are always those who think we should not allow them to attend. However, I maintain, that it is extremely important that we remain an "open book" to the public. Let me quote a portion of what she said in an email.

"Let me share with you the fact that we found your ideas really interesting. I have to admit that your beliefs, especially about loving and preserving Heritage are very appealing to a huge number of Greeks as well. Especially given the fact that the growing number of immigrants within the Greek society often causes various problems and created an on going increase of negative views on them, we would be really interested in meeting you and discuss these subjects with you personally as well as with the members of Knights Party. "

Is she sincere in these statements? I don't know. But the Bible says, that God's word will not return void - that it will fulfill its purpose. Therefore I feel we must remain honest and open in our cause.

Most of the time these reporters act very professionally. I have vast experience in dealing with the media and therefore experience no problems with them. However, nothing is ever guaranteed and must admit that a camera man attending our conference in April was over the top. Those who attended in April can be assured that such won't happen again.

Congress in less than two weeks away and we are busy as bees getting things done and prepared.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Time for Your Appointment

Ok! I know I’m not a prophet and I don’t read tea leaves. But I sure enough got this one right. On August 4th I placed an article I wrote on this blog called The Waiting Room. If you haven’t read it, scroll down and take the time now. One person wrote in and said, "Always got to take things to the extreme don’t you?"

Well it turns out that the article is not extreme at all. Look at Obama’s health care proposal here: scroll to page 424-430 and you can read about their end of life counseling. This counseling is suggested to be every 5 years, exactly as I stated in the article.

Those who support this bill may feel that they will escape such "counseling" and bureaucratic decisions. But once the slippery slope begins where will it end? What will your children do?

I do want to emphasis again that we are being told that we must not lose our tempers, we must be civil and we may disagree with the bill, but we should at least be willing to discuss it. That to lose our tempter and get angry is un-American!

Balderdash! The American way is to tell petty tyrants to get out of town!

My liberty is not up for discussion!

The "discussion" for liberty already took place between 1776 and 1781. Those attending town hall meetings need to simply tell these senators and congressman that they did not come to ask them how much liberty the federal government is going to allow them to have. They have come to simply tell them, "No! Get off our back and stay out of our lives!"
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Say No!

The health care debate has been raging for weeks and we keep hearing from Obama and his bunch about how we have to remain civil and discuss these things in a rational manner.

The way I see it, if there is a discussion - they win. Would you discuss "options" with a rapist in your home. "Here are the options, Mr. Rapist. I have a wife in the upstairs bedroom and two daughters downstairs. Have you thought which of these you would rather have. Or if they are not suitable for you, here is a picture of another daughter. She should be home shortly."

Of course NOT! Only a fool would discuss such "options"with a madman!

I feel the same way about politicians who wants to rape our Constitution, my liberites and interfere in my private life.

I am sorry - No discussion in necessary - the answer is NO! I will NOT discuss the DEGREE you can enter into my private life.

Those attending town hall meetings with their representatives don't need to ask questions - just let them know that the answer is NO!

I will give you life and life more abundantly!

Work Day!

Here are a few photos take at our work day on Saturday. I knew we should have taken more. But we got busy and weren't thinking about it. While we worked on this there were others, cutting grass, cutting some trees etc. Any way we were busy!

Someone wrote in a little while ago and said it looks like we are building a gallow platform. Ok! I agree it sort of looks that way. But it not, it's a platform that will be attached to another platform, of which you can see a post on the far left. There will be a swinging bridge between the two and then we will have a fireman's pole for kids to slide down. Rest assured it is not gallows!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When Old Age Becomes a Burden

Brought to you by Universal Health Care
What happens when you simply become too expensive to maintain?
By Pastor Thomas Robb

This was his 3rd visit to see the Doctor for Elderly Care. He was still quite healthy and strong, but she was none the less worried as she gripped his hand. The short walk from the parking lot was harder to do than the last visit 5 years ago. The decline was obvious to her, but he was still strong she insisted. He was. however, 75 years old just last week and men of his age are are not given the same consideration as younger men.

She thought about the first time she met Robert. He was working as a mechanic for a large airlines. He could outwork most of the other men. He always had a lot of endurance. Genetics perhaps? But he was strong, not in a tough way - just strong! He had stong character as well. Strong willed!

When he saw a job that needed to be done, he was always the first to volunteer. He took a lot of pride in stepping up to take on a tough job when others would shrink back - hoping to become invisible.

Not Robert. She was proud of him because she knew his strength made her stronger.

She let him push open the heavy glass door because she didn’t want any of those monitoring the cameras think he was too weak to push open the door. She was told they watch for things like that. But what if he actually did have trouble, that would not be a good thing either.

She had been worrying about that for weeks, ever since he was notified of his evaluation date.

He told her not to worry!

She was evaluated when she turned 65. That is when evaluations first begin, however she heard they are considering lowering the age to 60 and change the evaluation process. Most people pass the first evaluation, unless there is something obviously wrong. Her sister had developed some health problems when she was in her late 50’s. Someone from the neighborhood watch committee reported her condition to the Department for Elderly Care, but she was able to talk her way out of a negative decision from the clinic. She always had a good and bubbling personality and the doctor simply adjusted the reports in her favor. Such reports from citizens are not usually taken too seriously anyway. But seven years later when her first real evaluation came we all knew she would not pass.

They visited late into the night before her appointment. She says she can still feel that last long hug as she went to the clinic.

Robert pushed open the glass door with ease. She was so proud of him. The waiting room had 15 others sitting around on chairs waiting with patience for their name to be called.

Most looked like they were still in good shape. Robert appeared to be the oldest, but perhaps the healthiest. One women in the corner was in tears, her husband had his arm around her trying to offer as much comfort as possible. His evaluation was negative. His health had gotten so bad over the last couple of years that the expense for medical care would be impractical.

Counseling convinced him (as it does for most) that it’s more practical to depart with "dignity." Fortunately he qualified for a 30 day extention so as to get things in order before returning to the clinic.

Seeing friends and family facing termination is hard to do, but they had grown to accept it. She had seen her parents and Roberts parents as well as many friends go though these evaluations. Most pass the first one, but the second one at 70 and the third at 75 sees a great increase of negative reports. Very few pass the 4th evaluation. She, as well as most others have learned to accept it. Everyone understood that it was their patriotic duty.

Besides what choice do they have. She and Robert did have a good life together the past 50 years. Trips to the lake, picnics, vacations and just quiet time on the porch watching the squirrels darting across the grass and up the trees.

They missed not having children. When she was 35 she was able to get a permit from the Department for Healthy Families, but in her 3rd month of pregnancy she was ordered to undergo an abortion because of "complications." She never found out what the complications were, but friends thought the bureaucracy may have decided that she was to old to start a family.

She waited with the others alone with her thoughts asking for strength if the doctor’s report was negative.

In leaving the clinic, she wasn’t concerned about pushing open the glass door. Robert’s years of working hard had secured him a good evaluation.

As they walked back to the transportation bus she felt so relieved and excited - she wanted to skip down the sidewalk. Robert would not have to have another evaluation for 5 years. However, she would have to be evaluated in three, but she felt strong and wasn't concerned.

As they approached the bus, her ankle twisted and she fell to the ground with a broken hip.
Because they had no children and being a woman an extention was denied.

Robert can still feel her kind, gentle and fragile hand as he leaned over to gently kissed her on the cheek.