Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oklahoma Unemplyment Rate Drops

We have been told over and over again that illegal aliens only do the jobs that Americans won’t do. Of course, it is an outrageous lie. It is a twisted myth designed to convince Americans that if we didn’t have illegal aliens then life in the United States would grind to a halt. Without illegal aliens, crops would rot in the fields, meat would rot in the packing houses and none of our hotel rooms would ever get clean.

Who do they think were doing those exact jobs before the illegal aliens hit the employment line? Well, when the cobwebs and smog is removed from our brains the answer becomes clear - it was Americans picking apples, butchering the chickens, cutting our grass, washing our windows and vacuuming our hotel rooms. Of course, not all illegal aliens are stooped over rows of cabbage in a farm field. Others have moved into the construction and trucking industry. Americans are not afraid of hard work, in spite of the war propaganda against American labor distributed by the media and traitorous politicians. For example the very hard and dangerous coal mining industry has few, if any, illegal aliens.

It isn’t hard work which Americans are fearful of, but depressed wages brought about by the presence of millions of exploitable low income laborers. So, many employers will hire low wage illegal aliens while hard working native born Americans are left looking for a job which adds to the unemployment figures.

According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics we have a Nationwide unemployment of 5.1 percent, however unemployment in Oklahoma has dropped to 3.1 percent. Why? Certainly the tough pro-American protection laws enacted by Oklahoma law makers has been a contributing factor.

In 2007 the Oklahoma legislature approved House Bill 1804, named the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act and it has been described by USA Today as "arguably the nation’s toughest state law targeting illegal immigration." As a result there is nothing in Oklahoma to attract illegal aliens which leaves the job market open to all those "lazy" Americans that "won’t" work making Oklahoma’s unemployment rate far below the national average.

The Oklahoma law imposes strict penalties on employers who knowing hire illegal aliens. Also in Oklahoma it is a felony to transport or shelter illegal aliens. The law also forbids issuing driver licenses, social benefits to the illegals or their families and it gives state and local police the authority to enforce federal immigration laws.

State Representative Randy Terrill said, "Oklahoma is not longer OK for illegal aliens. The bottom line is illegal aliens will not come here if there are no jobs waiting for them. They will not stay here if there is no government subsidy, and they won’t stay here if they know that if they ever encounter our state and local enforcement officers, they will be physically detained until they are deported."

Good for Oklahoma! Maybe other states will get the message and send that message to the federal government.

Saturday evening is youth night at the Christian Revival Center and so if any of you live nearby we would like to have you. Also we plan of having Don Black, of Stormfront Radio speaking at the Christian Revival Center on Sunday, May 4th. If you live within driving distance this would be a good opportunity to come and meet Don Black. Contact me if you need directions - 870-427-3414.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Trap is Set

Ben Stein (left) is a Jewish celebrity and actor of sorts and he has set a trap for Christians. It’s the old bait and switch scam. Did you ever set a mouse trap? I am sure you have. Sometimes people will see one of those pesky mice run across the floor and you know it’s time to set a trap.

All kinds of things are caught by setting traps. For the mouse in your kitchen it might be a piece of cheese put carefully in a spring trap. As soon as it reaches for the cheese the trap springs down and kills it. The trap could be a worm on a fish hook or perhaps a piece of meat to catch a stray dog. Of course the proverbial carrot on a stick is generally used to entice someone to become caught in a trap set by a con man.

But is the cheese, worm, meat or carrot a good thing? Is the person who puts out the cheese, carrot etc a friend or are these things being set out to entice and to trap a victim. So Ben Stein has set a trap in the form of a movie to catch Christians and destroy their resistance to race-mixing.

So here is how the trap works. Christians believe in the Bible and therefore believe the earth and the entire universe was created by God. We don’t believe that the universe just popped out of nothing. After all every thing we see about us was made. Whether it is the computer in front of you or the chair you are setting on. Therefore Christians who reject evolution are aware that over the years we have been bombarded with an attack upon our faith, whether it has been an attack on Christmas or removal of prayer from our schools. We have seen our faith trashed on television and in the movies and we have all witnessed those who continually ridicule the Biblical teaching of a creator or as some call intelligent design. And all Christians are aware of the continual battle in our public schools over the teachings of creation and evolution.

Enter Ben Stein

Of course, Ben Stein is not the biggest name in the pecking order of celebrities. But he is big enough! So Stein made a movie to promote creation. Churches and Christians are falling all over them selves to promote this movie. Stein has made appearances all over television to promote his movie. Church bulletins are telling people to see the movie, parents are taking their children to see this wonderful movie that will teach them about God and creation. Churches are organizing youth activities and arranging for group discounts to see the movie that will help bolster their understanding of creation.

BUT Ben Stein is not a Christian and he doesn’t care to hoots about our Christian morals, traditions and certainly not about our Christian God - Jesus Christ. Ben Stein is not a good person doing a good thing for Christianity or creationism.

What did Ben Stein do? He threw out the carrot - the bait - to trap Christians. For 92 minutes Ben Stein is in absolute control. Christians (especially movie going young people) are at his mercy as he promotes his real agenda and his real agenda has nothing to do with evolution or creationism. The real agenda of Ben Stein is to get Christians inside the doors of the theatre and in front of his movie. He did that by persuading Christians that they are going to watch a wonderful Hollywood movie defending creation and demonizing evolution. But the intent is quite the opposite.

Ben Stein takes this opportunity when Christian young people have lowered their defenses and begins to explain that evolution is the foundation of racism. They are told that Darwin’s theory of evolution is the foundation of racial hatred, segregation and prejudice. And as an example he uses Hitler and the National Socialist government of Germany as a perfect example of what can happen when racism gets out of control. According to Stein, Hitler embraced Darwinism and spread the teachings of evolution throughout Germany. Everyone has been taught to hate Hitler and now they are told that at the core of his teachings was white racism which came about through the teachings of Darwin. But just the opposite is true. The teachings of Darwin were rejected by Hitler and schools were not allowed to teach Darwinism or evolution. The teachings of Darwin were spreading in Germany (as they are in this country) but when Hitler was elected chancellor he encouraged the rejection of Darwinism and books which promoted evolution and Darwinism were destroyed.
Now I know that you can go on the internet and find all kinds of sites claiming that Hitler got his racist beliefs from Darwin, but the fact is that Darwin rejected "racism" and worked to end slavery. Would that make an abolitionist a partner with Darwin? Yes, you can find all kinds of people (quoting each other) claiming a Hitler - Darwin connection, but that doesn't make it true. For example you can find pornography all over the internet also, but that doesn't make it a wholesome lifestyle.
Did you ever see pictures of book burnings in Germany? Do you know what was in those book burnings - Charles Darwin books and others promoting anti-Christian morals and values.

According to Stein and others like him such as Ken Ham, racism is a by-product of evolution. If you reject evolution then you must also reject racism. According to this devilish teaching interracial marriage is commendable and should even be desired. True Christians are to reject racial integrity as strongly as they reject evolution.

The purpose of this movie is not to defend creationism but to demonstrate how evil white racism is because it is the same as evolution.

Do you want to preserve your racial heritage? If you do, then you are (perhaps unknowingly) supporting evolution. Do you want your son or daughter to marry within your racial family? If so you are a racist! Do you feel more comfortable around white people? If you do then you are a racist! And if you are not careful - you might become a Nazi.

The cure for the evils of evolution is to reject any feelings of racial pride. As a young person, do you date those of another race? If not, then perhaps it is because you are a racist.

The message of the movie is not about creationism but to trap Christians into accepting, tolerating, promoting and engaging in interracial relationships and marriage. After all as Christians we don’t want to promote the evils of Darwin - do we?
The trap has been set - don't get caught!
For those of you who are interested in the about at the evil teaching of Racial Reconciliation should get a copy of the book, Racial Reconciliation and the Word of God. The cost is $15. Write to P.O. Box 354, Bergman, AR 72615.
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Pope Should Open the Borders of the Vatican

The Pope came to visit. He had a good time and saw a few sights. He visited with the president, shook hands with some congressmen, gave a blessing to thousands, had a birthday party and showed his ignorance and or stupidity. Take your pick! There is a difference.

I suppose he is a nice guy. He looks friendly, smiles and waves to people. But he should do the pope stuff and not try to influence our domestic or foreign policy. On the 16th of April he pleaded with Roman Catholic bishops and cardinals to disregard American immigration laws. While at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Pope Benedict said, "I want to encourage you and your communities to continue to welcome the immigrants who join your ranks today, to share their joys and hopes, to support them in their sorrows and trials and to help them flourish in their new home."

Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston said he was pleased that the pope "commented almost immediately on the role of immigrants in our culture." Uhhhh - there’s that take your pick thing again - ignorant or stupid!

"I welcome his statements," said DiNardo, who attended the prayer service and a ceremony earlier in the day at the White House. "I think they represented from the Holy Father a sense … of the immigrant human person and the difficulties they have."

Boo hoo! What about the difficulties they are bringing!

U. S. Congressman, Tom Tancredo who wages in Congress almost a one man battle against the flood of illegal aliens pouring into our nation, said of the pope, "It is not in his job description to engage in American politics."

Now I am not anti-Catholic. I couldn’t care less what religion a person has. I am only concerned about two things as taught by Jesus Christ. We are to love our God and to love our people. So I am not anti-Catholic or anti-pope any more than I would be anti-Baptist or anti-Billy Graham. I don’t care about the doctrine of the Catholic Church. But when the pope, Billy Graham, John Hagee or any other preacher makes a statement which is harmful to our people and the future of our children then I do take offence.

So here is a thought. The pope lives in Vatican City. Vatican City is a "nation" separate, independent and autonomous from the city of Rome and the nation of Italy. They even have their own police department with some nifty looking uniforms. Here is a picture of the Vatican policeman - commonly called the Swiss Guard. The Vatican City has its own flag, post office and bank. It is in every way a separate and independent nation with its own governmental authority, (hint - the pope is the boss) To learn more about this tiny but powerful nation click here.

So - if the pope has such good ideas for the United States- telling us that we need to have more compassion for the illegal aliens flooding our nation, why don’t he take the lead and open the borders of the Vatican to some of our Mexicans. There are also immigrants from Africa, south east Asia and Turkey who would love to live in the beautiful and spacious surroundings of the Vatican. With the millions of dollars at the pope’s disposal he should welcome them to Vatican City and provide health care, education and food to "God’s children."

I am curious - what happens to someone who breaks into Vatican City? Do those Vatican City policemen in those nifty uniforms beat them on the head and take them into custody or do they welcome them with open arms and ask them to move in?

Actually no one is able to cross the border into Vatican City - the pope has tight security with a big wall to keep out the riff raft.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just a note. My computer has been in the shop and I just got it back today. I will most likely post something tomorrow. In the mean time I want to remind you to listen to the Sunday morning church service from the Christian Revival Center at 12 noon on Sunday. Also link to http://www.jasonrobb.blogspot.com/ to view the action McDonalds is taking to destroy morality in America. Shocking! God bless!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Hyprocrisy of Hypocrites

The sheer hypocrisy of our national leaders is truly amazing. However, it is not only our national leaders but the hypocrisy or stupidity (take your pick) of millions of others is unbelievable also.

We are all aware of the protests that has occurred in opposition to the Olympic games in China and John McCain has stated that, as a protest, if he were president he would not attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics because of China’s occupation of Tibet.

As the Olympic Torch passed through London, Paris and San Francisco huge protests and disturbance followed. This was because people are angry over China’s alleged mistreatment of Tibet and the Tibetan people and they are wanting to put China in the spotlight of the world.

While I may understand the anger with China for refusing to allow Tibet to have autonomous rule, I find the whole bunch of them to be absolutely crazy. It is not that I necessarily object to their condemnation of China. I don’t support nor do I wish to see the mistreatment of anyone. However, I find it strange that John McCain, George Bush and a host of other politicians vehemently judge China and talk nasty about China’s occupation of Tibet yet they don’t show the same concern for white people who are also being uprooted from their homelands.

People are on the streets to show their support for Tibet and we hear about how wonderful the Tibetan people. We are being told that China is guilty of genocide and that the Tibetan people must not perish and the Tibetan people should be allowed to rule their own affairs.

China claims that Tibet is actually just a part of China, while Tibet protests that a treaty signed in 821 after nearly 200 years of fighting clearly establishes Tibet’s independence. The treaty was etched on three stone pillars, one such pillar still stands in front of the Jokhang cathedral in the Tibet capital of Lhasa.

According to the treaty, from the border to the east shall be known as Great China while the whole region to the west shall be recognized as the country of Great Tibet. It was agreed that there shall be no hostile invasion and no seizure of territory so as the Tibetans shall be happy in Tibet and the Chinese shall be happy in China. This agreement is never to be changed and is witnessed by the sun, moon, planets and stars.

Now we are having these protests because China is violating the agreement and the Tibetan people are being uprooted by China who has allowed Chinese to move into the territory.
But why don’t these same people protest the invasion of Mexicans moving into OUR nation. Why aren’t they concerned about the millions of non-European people moving into our sister nations of Europe.

While they want to protest the genocide of the Tibetan people they show absolutely no concern for the genocide of white people not only here in America, but also in Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the whole of Europe.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Office of Global Anti-Semitism

Did you know that throughout America millions of people have "hate" literature in their home. Not only do they have "hate" literature in their home but these same people often read this "hate" literature to their kids. Even President Bush most likely has this same "hate" literature with him in the White House.

In fact I dare say that you have this same piece of "hate" propaganda in a prominent location in your home.

The "hate" propaganda I am talking about is The New Testament of the Bible!
Betcha didn’t know that!

This is the outcome of the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 signed into law by President Bush on October 16, 2004. This law establishes a special branch, known as the Office of Global Anti-Semitism within the U. S. State Department. The Office of Global Anti-Semitism has the responsibility to monitor global anti-Semitism and make an annual report to Congress.
Following the lead of the Jewish anti-Christian group known by its acronym ADL, the State Department in 2005 listed as an example of an "anti-Semitic incident" the case of a Polish priest who quoted from Bible passages which identify the Jewish mob for being responsibility for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Reading from or teaching from these portions of the New Testament is now considered hate by our State Department.

According to Jewish sources the New Testament is so full of anti-Semitic passages that it is now to be viewed as an anti-Semitic book.

Jewish extremists claim that the Gospel of Matthew contains approximately 90 verses which are defamatory to Jews.

The Gospel of Mark contains approximately 40 verses which are considered hateful and anti-Semitic.

The Gospel of Luke contains approximately 60 verses of defamatory anti-Jewish polemic.
The Gospel of John contains approximately 130 verses of defamatory anti-Jewish polemic.
The Acts of the Apostles contains approximately 120 verses of defamatory anti-Jewish polemic.
Jews are so protective to keep their anti-Christian bias hidden that the following acts or opinions are viewed by the U. S. State Department to be evidence of anti-Semitism.

1. Allege "intentionally or unintentionally" that the state of Israel persecutes Palestinians.
2. Criticize "intentionally or unintentionally" Zionism or Israel if such criticism leads to lowering of the public opinion of Jews or the government, military, or people of Israel.
3. Compare the behavior of Israel's leaders and military (in suppression of Palestinians) to Nazis. 4. Publish cartoons depicting the Israeli government and military as similar to Nazis.
5. Diminish the 6-million figure of Holocaust dead in any amount.
6. Question that gas chambers were the primary means of killing 6 million Jews
7. Allege that Jews exert undue influence in Congress and the White House.
8. Allege that Jews exert undue influence in the media.
9. Claim there exists a "Jewish conspiracy" to dominate society .
10. Allege that American Jews are equally loyal to Israel
11. Deny the people of Israel their "right of self-determination." This means upholding Biblical law that the Jewish people cannot reoccupy Palestine in unrighteousness. This also means denying them occupation through illegal settlements of all the territory promised to Abraham.
12. Reveal hostility (as Christ did) toward Talmudic (pharisaic) Judaism.

Check out the offical State Department web site.


Judeo-Christian ministers who have "bought in" to Jewish propagada now promote the Jewish lie against the Bible. The online encylopedia - wikipedia says, "A number of Christian scholars have concluded that the root of antisemitism in the [Christian]] community is ultimately found within the New Testament."

The book, Antisemitism in the New Testament is a vicious anti-Christian attack on the New Testament written by Jewess Lillian Freudmann. According to Freudmann the New Testament is an ugly, hateful book of non-truth, saturated with anti-Semitism, written and compiled by Jew-haters. Jewish extremists warn Christians that they must atone for their "sin" of anti-Semitism. Christians must de-antisemitize the New Testament by eliminating and revising scores of passages.

Abe Foxman of the ADL claims that the New Testament is filled with hateful, vengeful lies which were and are spread by the New Testament. He even says that attempts by evangelicals to witness to Jews is a form of anti-Semitism. Here is what he said, "Although it is supposedly motivated by love for the Jews, this idea [that Jews should be converted] is inherently anti-Semitic in that it implicitly denigrates the value of Jewish belief."

In its recent report to Congress, the U.S. State Department "Office of Global Anti-Semitism" made a startling policy statement. It says the New Testament record that the Jews had Christ crucified is "classical anti-Semitism" -- a historic form of hate.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Faith & Freedom Conference

Before I begin talking about the conference I want to tell you to be sure to check out the blog at http://www.jasonrobb.blogspot.com/ where Jason has some important information about a new attempt to force abortion upon America.

The Faith & Freedom Conference was great and the meeting hall was packed. The conference began Friday evening after a chili supper. Music from Steve & Bonnie and Heritage Connection started out the evening and then we had a short presentation from myself as well as as Pastor Mark Downey and Paul Fromm.

Saturday was a filled with Music and speeches. Stormfront radio host, Nordic 2005, who has a degreee in classical music gave us a piano recital in the afternoon that blew everyone's socks off.

Our speakers, including myself were, Mark Downey, Stormfront radio host, Truck Roy, Jason Robb, Paul Fromm, Ralph Forbes and Rachel Pendergraft. Winston Smith was unable to attend, because of a death in the family and Don Black was also unable to attend because of illness. However on Saturday afternoon we hooked up a speaker and Don was able to speak to our guests fora few minutes over Stormfront Radio.

Later Dr. David Duke who has been listening to the conference over Stormfront Radio called and spoke to our conference guests for about 45 minutes. Nathan Robb was the emcee for the week-end.

Saturday evening I spoke along with Rachel Pendergraft and Paul Fromm. Mr. Fromm is always well received and gives an informative and inspirational message.

Throughout Saturday we had teaching classes for the children which included a nature walk through our beautiful Ozark countryside.

Delicious meals are always available from our camp kitchen which included, Chili, Bar B Que sandwiches, Nachos, Spaghetti, Chocolate cake, Beef sausage gravy and biscuits, salad and pancakes.

Saturday night we all enjoyed ourselves sitting around the campfire roasting beef hot dogs and marshmallows. One fellow said he was so pumped up he couldn't sleep for two days.

Of course we appreciate Stormfront Radio for broadcasting our entire conference. I am going to put some captions at the pictures.

Steve & Bonnie are on stage performing.

This young girl made a beautiful cake for the conference which we all enjoyed.

Charity Pendergraft setting up the literature table.

Flags line the walkway to the Christian Revival Center.

Richard Hensley visits with one of our guest during a break.

Stormfront Radio host, Truck Roy speaks Saturday afternoon.

Derrick Black (left) and Paul Fromm.

Some of the children getting ready for the nature walk,

Pastor Mark Downey of Kinsman Redeemer Ministries.

A news crew from National Geographic were in attendance on Saturday afternoon.

Charity Pendergraft of Heritage Connection on camera for National Geographic.

Steve & Bonnie, along with Stormfront Radio host, Nordic 2005 singing.

Children in the "Kids Korner" have a lesson on American Christian History.

Ralph Forbes, correspondent for American Free Press and the Barnes Review.

Saturday evening the children give a presentation for the adults.

This is me (left) with Paul Fromm.

Paul Fromm is pictured here with Heritage Connection.

Muriel (my wife) and me with Paul Fromm.

Paul Fromm with Jason Robb

From Left. Rachel Pendergraft, Nordic 2005, Derrick Black, Charity Pendergraft, Truck Roy and Shelby Pendergraft.

Paul From with me and Rachel Pendergraft

Paul From with Jason Robb's son - Caleb

Monday, April 7, 2008

On my last blog entry I was going to try to post some pictures earlier of the Al Jazerra interview, but as you can see I never had the opportunity. Our Faith & Freedom Conference was simply fantastic. We had a huge turnout and the church was packed. I am going to give a further report tomorrow, along with some pictures. But right now I will follow through with the promise of pictures from the Al Jazerra-English network.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures from our conference. The conference is over, but things are not yet back to normal. That will take 3 or 4 days. I appreciate all of you and your love for our race, faith and homeland.


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