Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is This the End?

We are a nation under judgment! We are a broken people living in a broken nation.
Lamentations 2:11 says, "My eyes have no more tears, and I am sick to my stomach. I feel empty inside, because my people have been destroyed."

Can you relate to this agonizing statement from the prophet Jeremiah?

The sermon I am preparing for Sunday is titled, "Is this the End?" You can listen to it on Sunday morning at 11 am Central Time. Go here to listen:

God bless!

Private Education Under Attack

The Decline and Fall of Private Education
by Chuck Norris

There's something the U.S. government doesn't want you to know. And it's come out again in the new Heritage Foundation report on education. It conveys that the general public is increasingly dissatisfied with public schools, with a rising number opting for private education.

The report explains that during the 2007 and 2008 legislative sessions, 44 states introduced school-choice legislation. And in 2008, choices for private school were enacted into law or expanded in Arizona, Utah, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. Today 14 states and the District of Columbia offer voucher or education tax-credit programs that aid parents with sending their children to private schools. But that may be short-lived.

Despite the growing public preference for private education, Congress recently canceled the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which was created in 2004 to offer students from low-income families in the nation's capital an opportunity to join the voucher educational community. The law provided $14 million in scholarships to help pay for tuition at private schools of their choosing. But no longer.

Why did Congress nix the program, especially when recent studies showed that students receiving vouchers since the program's inception were academically 18.9 months ahead of their peers? (I read the other day that 100 percent of Thurgood Marshall Academy's charter graduates are accepted to colleges.) And why would Congress phase out a program that costs $7,500 per student annually, compared with the $15,000 it costs in Washington's public schools to educate a child?

So its cancellation is not a result of costing too much, because it's half the price of public schooling. And it's not because of inferior quality, because the kids enrolled in the program were scoring higher than students in regular schools. There's only one reason Congress canceled it, and it comes down to this: federal control and educational indoctrination.

Of course, government officials won't admit to a blatant usurpation of our rights, but they will say their educational reform is seeking to help your children. They will say it is necessary to establish common educational standards. They will say that we need to leave education to the experts and not to parents. And I fear that too many of us simply will give in to the whims of the nanny state.

As I wrote in my new best-selling book, "Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America": "The reason that government is cracking down on private instruction has more to do with suppressing alternative education than assuring educational standards. The rationale is quite simple, though rarely if ever stated: control future generations and you control the future. So rather than letting parents be the primary educators of their children -- either directly or by educating their children in the private schools of their choice -- (government) want(s) to deny parental rights, establish an educational monopoly run by the state, and limit private education options. It is so simple any socialist can understand it. As Joseph Stalin once stated, 'Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.'" (Get a free chapter of my book at

What's amazing, too, is how hypocritical it is for Congress to make this decision. The Heritage Foundation's report also conveys that 44 percent of current United States senators and 36 percent of current members of the U.S. House of Representatives have "at one time sent their children to private schools." While the foundation found that 11 percent of American students attend private schools, 20 percent of the members of the 111th Congress attended private high schools. And they want to remove the voucher option for private school education?

While the members of President Barack Obama's administration profess to have education as a top priority, they did nothing in March when Congress chose to discontinue the Opportunity Scholarship Program. Why? Because they all are in cahoots to not only choose our medical care for us, own the mortgage insurance and finance businesses, and place caps on corporate earnings but also control our educational choices for our children.

Our Founders' educational philosophy seems to me to be the charter of a true American system of education. But as we know, our nation's public schools, especially our nation's colleges and universities, are the seedbeds of politically correct and leftist indoctrination. It shouldn't be that way, but it is. It's a travesty that we have come to the point that we have to protect our children from the public school systems by looking to alternative methods.

If you have a good public school, congratulations. Stay active in the PTA, and attend school board meetings to keep it that way. For many parents, the only responsible choice is to send their children to private, parochial or Christian schools or to home-school their children. My wife and I home-school our 8-year-old twins.

What I also think is good about private schools is the students' wearing uniforms. Just like in my KICKSTART martial arts program for kids in Texas schools, uniforms in private schools give students a sense of pride and empowerment. They increase the atmosphere of respect. And uniforms make economic class more of a nonissue, making rich and poor students indistinguishable -- not to mention the fact that uniforms do away with young people's style of wearing their jeans down to their knees and showing their butt cracks!

Parents deserve educational choices; choice is what this country was founded upon. Government's controlling and monopolizing education is just another avenue for usurping power and control on the slippery slope to socialism. And it's unbecoming for our republic, whose Founders created a system of freedom, choice and minimal government intervention.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Internet Radio Interview

I will be on The Black Conservative internet radio show this coming Friday night. If you are near your computer you will be able to listen and also call the program if you wish. The web site location of The Black Conservative is You can listen to the program at 10 PM (Central Time) this Friday (May 1).
I was told the radio audio would start as soon as the page installs, however, when I attempted to listen last night, I could never connect to the audio. I'll try again. Some of your may also want to try and see if you here anything on Wednesday or Thursday night.
I hope you will all take time to listen and perhaps call in to the program.

Email to Eve Conant

Eve Conant, the author of a recent article in the May 4th edition of Newsweek asked for my thoughts on her recent article. I posted some to this on my blog the other day. I sent her an email last night (May 28). Below is the email I sent her furthering my thoughts about the article.

I am posting it for your general interest.



I have read the story from Newsweek and have posted comments about it on my blog. You can go here to read it: As I told you when you were here I certainly do not expect a reporter to write a story the way I would. I only ask that it be fair.

I must admit though that I grow tired of individuals like Mark Potok being elevated to be paragons of truth and nobleness.

I also find it disturbing that I am accused of being a hate-filled bigot when I have never advocated hatred for anyone. I do, however, see value and beauty in our people and in the eyes of our children. For this I am accused of being hateful. And certainly you can understand the accusation of mendacity toward the media when Negroes and those of other racial ethnicities are encouraged to freely enjoy and celebrate their racial identity, but whites who do the same thing are suddenly demonized.

Can I be so mistaken not to notice the hypocrisy?

Who is the real hater? Those of us who see value in our people or those who see value in no one? Are we to be judge guilty of hatred for merely pointing out the reality that all races are encouraged to celebrate their racial identity - except for white people. We certainly do not have to search far to find clubs and associations based on a persons racial identity. Such associations are to be found among Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs etc. Certainly you are aware that there are Black (Asian, Arab, Hispanic etc.) associations for farmers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, school teachers, realtors, firemen, policemen etc. There is even the Black Congressional Congress. These associations of "minorities" are encouraged and celebrated. White people, however, are simply scared to form such groups for fear of being called "racist." Why is this not disturbing to people? Because to even show a concern is to be labeled a racist. We are suppose to sit back quietly while our race fades into the night.

There is even an association for black journalists. Click here: Yet you cannot join a white journalist association. Eve, you could not even begin to start such an organization! You know what I am saying is true! And we are called the haters!

I won’t question your intention to be fair in your article. But certainly you can see why many would raise an eyebrow. Certainly you did not see anyone calling minorities fleas. I dare say you did not hear or see any racial epithets used in anyway. The illustration using fleas was given to actually show that hatred for minorities would be unjustified.

Also the inclusion of Cynthia Lynch in this story was certainly out of bounds. I cannot imagine anyone in the White Nationalist movement justifying her murder. These Sons of Dixie were no more a part of White Nationalist Movement than they were a part of the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce. To include them in this article was misleading and deceptive and is the reason people in the White Nationalist movement develop attitudes as expressed by Truck Roy in his speech.

I can certainly understand the difficulty that a person has shaking off the image of the White Nationalist movement that many have been raised to accept without question. But who created this image and why? Certainly you can find the extreme in any idea and philosophy. But the extreme is not a representation of the whole. If your story was going to be about the extreme than it should not have included us. If it was about the whole than it should not have included the extreme and certainly not the story of Cynthia Lynch.

I trust you will not be angry with me concerning my comments about your article anymore than I am angered at you for the article itself.

At your convenience I would be willing to continue this dialogue.

My best to you! . . . Thomas Robb

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Enough of the Foolishness

I am tired of the childish name calling that so many have resorted to such as idiot, moron, stupid etc. If there is a serious comment I will post it. Otherwise your wasting you're time. There are plenty of other sites for internet warriors - so go to them.

I will continue to post comments of a serious nature.

Newsweek Article

The current issue of Newsweek Magazine (May 4) carries an article about The Knights. I gave it a rating of 6 out of 10 for fairness.

I certainly do not expect a reporter to write a story the way I would, however I do expect it to be fair and balanced. You can read the article by going here The issue with many reporters is that they have a hard time getting over their pre-conditioned attitudes about white nationalism. Many of those who post comments here have the same problem.

The entertainment media (Hollywood and television) has had a major influence in shaping people's opinions. Reporters are like all people in that their image of the world has been shaped by others who have a socialist, global agenda that is radically different that of our founding fathers vision.This news story may have been an attempt at being fair (We'll never know) but there are a couple of inclusions that simply had no place in this article.I will point out two. The article says, "Robb equates minorities to fleas." This statement in wholly inaccurate. It says to the reader that I go about calling minorities "fleas" or perhaps other unsavory names. This is not true, the statement comes from an illustration I was giving.

Speakers and writers use illustrations and allegories quite often to help highlight an important message they wish to get across. This, of course, was the reason that Jesus Christ used parables (illustrations). In fact the full context of the illustration was to show that hatred for minorities is not justified.

I do not call minorities fleas or any other names.

The 2nd issue I would take exception with was the inclusion of the murder of Cynthia Lynch. Miss Lynch was killed by an individual posing as a Klan leader. She traveled to Louisiana to join his group which he was calling Sons of Dixie. After arriving in Louisiana she changed her mind and was murdered.

To include this incident hovers close to "yellow journalism." Yellow Journalism is a term used to suggest that the purpose of a story is not to inform but to mislead.

I would challenge, Ms. Conant, the author of this Newsweek article to find ANY white nationalist organization or members of such who are anything but horrified by the murder of this innocent woman.

To highlight this case and include it with this article is no more responsible than to castigate all police because of the actions of Drew Peterson, the Illinois policeman who is suspected of killing two of his former wives. In fact, a simple search on google will actually reveal more accusations of police brutality and murder against minorities each year than the Klan has been accused of in the past 100 years.

While people quickly understand that all police are not bad even though some are, those in the white nationalist movement have a higher hurdle to jump. The same people who would not condemn all police based upon the actions of one will immediately condemn all white nationalists because of one horrible incident. Rather than simply thinking this is a rare case it instead reinforces what they have already been pre-conditioned to believe. The untruth becomes the so-called truth because of this pre-conditioning.

Does the story hurt or help our cause?

This is a question that could be examined from many perspectives. But I want to point out that those that hate our people are going to continue hating us. And those that love our people and the faith of our forefathers will continue loving us in spite of this slightly off centered story. There is also a degree of comfort in knowing that according to the most recent opinion poll I have, the media only has a confidence rating among the American people of 13.7%. In other words, there is less people who trust the media than trust used car salesmen.

There are always those who question whether we should even talk to reporters. I know it is a delicate issue and one that I always ponder. However, we do get good stories from the media quite often. But I always have to be prepared to get body slammed once in a while.

Ms. Conant was a nice enough person, but was it only "cosmetics" or did her editors have some power in her final story. Also we must consider that she is struggling under an image of white nationalism that has been created and shaped by groups like the ADL, SPLC and the entertainment media.

People (reporters included) often have a hard time shaking this image that has been created by those who are promoting an agenda that is not in the best interest of our people. Also like I said earlier, there are many pre-conditioned opinions which they must over come.

I am of the opinion that we must engage the media when necessary. I do not have the luxury to avoid the media as most of you have. To say, "Have nothing to do with reporters" makes about as much since as telling a soldier in battle, "Don't you know that if you go to the front lines the enemy is going to shoot at you." A soldier, following orders does not have the luxury of making this decision. He just follows orders.

I have learned long ago, that the decision not to speak to the media only allows those with the ADL or SPLC (Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center) to paint the picture of us they want.

I will say this however, many people who talk to reporters, simply need some lessons in Public Relations 101. I could write quite extensively on this issue but will put it to rest for now. I have one last word for my white brothers and sisters who hate the Klan and white nationalism in general. I love your children, and we are working to provide a future for them even though you are not. Not just my children, but your children will also suffer the consequence of your folly.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Internet Radio Interview

I will be on The Black Conservative internet radio show this coming Friday night. If you are near your computer you will be able to listen and also call the program if you wish. The web site location of The Black Conservative is You can listen to the program at 10 PM (Central Time) this Friday (May 1). I hope you will all take time to listen and perhaps call in to the program.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Message from David Duke

The outrage by so many Czech citizens and even many in the media after my arrest led the government to release me from my cell in the wee hours of the morning, After about 3 hours sleep I now write these words to you.

The charges, of course, from the beginning are specious. I was invited to the Czech Rep. originally to speak at one of the oldest and most famous universities in Europe, Charles University in Prague. It is also famous for being founded by heroic Czechs like Jan Hus who stood up and told the truth and believed that truth and its pursuit is the most important thing a man can do in his life, even if it costs him his life and freedom. This is the man who is the national hero of the Czech people.

As those who read my material know, I do not seek the suppression of any people, race or religion, but simply believe that Europeans have the human right to preserve our homelands and that our governments should be in the service of our own people and not the International Zionist Global matrix of financial and political power. I am not a man who denies that atrocities took place against Jews in the Second World War, but I argue forcefully that freedom of speech on this or any other issue is a basic human right of all people.

My lectures in the Czech republic were not on the subject of the Holocaust at all, in fact why all the constant attention on this subject by the media, when one considers the fact that Bolshevism killed, tortured and harmed tens of millions more people. I never speak about the Holocaust in Europe other than to say that it is a human rights outrage that people are imprisoned for simply having a differing opinion about an historical event.

I was going to lecture about the Israeli influence over American and European foreign policy and the International Zionist Banking firms that are leading America and the world to financial oblivion, globalist hegemony and unending war.

Now they seek a terrible, catastrophic war with Iran.

That is why extremist Jewish organizations worked to keep my message and ideas from the Czech people and the world.

Twitter Account

Twitter is apparently having some problems and that is why some of you who have attempt to have me as a contact is having problems locating my name. Hopefully they will have the problem fixed soon. I'll let you know when things are working properly.

Listen to Church

Be sure to listen to the Sunday morning church service from the Christian Revivial Center. We broadcast live at 11 AM central time. Go to and click on the link. Unless something changes between now and tomorrow morning my message will be, How to Stay Strong in Times of Trouble.


I've opened a twitter account. Those who want to follow me can access it on If you do not have a twitter account you can easily set one up at and type in my name and then highlight it as someone you want to follow. We'll see how this works?

I want to add that I am always amazed at people who claim to be Christians can have such indifference to the welfare of their own people and are quick to join up with the Sodomite and abortion advocates in Hollywood (which includes the porn industry) againt their Christian brothers and sisters.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Duke Released!

David Duke has been released. It appears that the Czeck Republic is afraid of open debate when it comes to the halocaust. Why are Jews afriad to discuss it? Unfortunately there are those here in the U.S. who are also afraid of open debate! You can read some of the opinions that are on the earlier post and you will see how hateful people can be towards those they disagree with.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Duke Arrested!

David Duke is arrested in Czeck Republic for expressing unpopular beliefs. Click here for full story.
The story is from the MMD (Media of Mass Deception) therefore is bias.

He's Baaaack!

Lutheran - You promised not to write anymore, then here you go again with the name calling!

"I am far from losing my wind. Why cast pearls before swine?"

PS: You don't have any pearls! But we love ya anyway! Can I suggest that instead of TALKING about the love of Jesus you should DEMONSTRATE the love of Jesus!

Love Your People

Lutheran wrote again in response to the post I put on my blog yesterday. If you haven’t read it then you need to do so.

It appears he has lost all his wind. Lutheran is like a lot of people who are confused about the world and have embraced the New Age cult of multi-racialism. Lutheran helps to demonstrate to those of you who love the Lord and are faithful to the teachings of our forefathers, the deep deception that is upon our people in this post-Christian America.

It appears Lutheran wants a “fight.” But I won’t give it to him. And for that reason he doesn’t know what to do but resort to childish name calling. As a child I was taught that the moment a person resorts to name calling is the moment you won the debate.

Lutheran can’t make me get mad at him. I have spent my lifetime loving our people and helping them grasp the idealism and the faith of our forefathers. For that reason I can’t be mad at Lutheran. I can only share more love for him and our people.
With that said, here is his reply to yesterdays’s post.

“Once again Oh my! I got outsmarted by the National Director of the KKK. I fell for the bait. My am I dumb. LOL! As for the "don't flatter yourself" comment. Gee I got noticed by the National Director! I am something special. I feel so proud. He spoke to me. LMAO. AGAIN, WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE! You are a nobody and I do not want anything from you. Especially any kind of attention. You are a low life worm. As the other commenter said it. You preach hatred to the few people who even give a crap to listen to you. You say your a Christian but your speech was on a Nazi website. Where they celebrate Hitlers b-day among other things. I hoped I could spread the truth to you and your members but it looks like this is not so. So in closing, I want to tell you that this is the last you will hear from me. But I would like to say this. You can stick your Christian Identity cult where the sun don't shine. I pray for all of you. "Attention Walmart Associates clean up on aisle 7 boys" Go get em klansmen!”

I can't be mad at Lutheran. I can only use this as additional reason to follow the commant of Jesus Christ.
"Love your God and Love your people!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Flatter Yourself!

This is going to be a long post because of several comments Lutheran sent. But I really have many other responsibilities and cannot spend all day writing on the blog. So Lutheran, please limit your comments to one a day.

Well, I knew Lutheran couldn’t resist. It’s like dangling a piece of candy in front of a 4-year old. He begins by mocking me and how he better be on guard. Well I promise not to hurt him too much for as I said I am sure he means well. It’s kind of like when I pat my 3-year old grandson on the head and tell him he did a really good job picking up his toys, when the fact is that there were several things he just didn’t see. I know he tried!

So here is Lutheran first "Best shot."
"OH my Lord I better be on my guard I do not want to get outwitted by the National Director of the KKK. LMAO. YOU ARE A JOKE! Are you a comedian or a pastor? Can you be any more childish? Cat and mouse games? What is wrong with a debate? I have on many occasions given you verses of the bible that contradict what you say. If I remember correctly a pastor is a teacher. At least mine is. So what is the meaning of Luke 2:39-49. If I am wrong about what I say. Tell that does not prove Jesus is Jewish."

Should someone tell him he is suppose to capitalize BIBLE? Or is using correct English/grammar/punctuation/capitalization only something that we ignorant hillbillies do?

You did a really good job Lutheran. (Pat Pat)

Lutheran offers us Luke 2:39-49 to prove Jesus was Jewish. I can certainly understand his logic. However, he fails to understand what we are saying. There is no debate that Jesus was of the tribe of Judah (Actually some suggest that Mary was of Levi and Joseph was of the the tribe of Judah.) Thereby establishing himself as both king and priest.

Anyway, my dear Lutheran, any attempt to submit scripture establishing that Jesus was an Israelite will find no disagreement from this quarter.

My position as well as that of many others (including M. Fowler Ham the evangelist which Billy Graham claims lead him to Lord) is that those who TODAY claim to be Jews are not racial Jews. Jewish writers such as Arthur Koestler and other freely admit that modern "Jews" are descendants of the Khazars with no racial relationship to the ancient nation of Israel.So, Lutheran, it is not an attempt to deny the Israelite origin of Jesus Christ. It is simply that modern Jews and ancient Biblical "Jews" are not the same people. That is they are racially a different people.

Lutheran writes again.
"First of all if you think working at Wal-Mart is a middle class job then you have no clue about America. Retail jobs usually do not pay that well. I was being sarcastic about what I said about Wal-Mart workers. It is usually a job almost anyone can do. You really do not have to have a college degree to work there do you? Do you think someone is living to the best of their ability if they work there?"

I am sorry Lutheran, I do not condemn anyone who holds down an honest job. Certainly a college degree is a worthwhile pursuit. But what has happened in America where we have developed an attitude that people without college degrees are somehow, less of a person. Everyone has value.

We have become so snobbish in this country that we think that the man who works with his hands, takes care of his family, plays ball with his son at the park on a summer afternoon and roasts a hotdog around a camp fire is ridiculed as a hick. Certainly people should strive to be the best in what ever job or profession they undertake. Certainly a person working at a simple job may have missed out on opportunities to earn more money. But we should not judge someone (I’ll use a man in this example) about how much money he makes, but instead of what kind of father he is to his children, what kind of husband he is to his wife and what kind of neighbor he is in his community.

So what if he doesn’t make a six-figure income. Is he a good person who loves the Lord and teaches his children to walk in the way of righteousness.

In the next comment from Lutheran he says "I listened to it." he is referring to listening to my show on Stormfront called The Political Watchdog.

Lutheran said...
"I listened to it. By the way I work as a paramedic. On the AIDS issue you cannot get the disease from casual contact. There has to be a exchange of bodily fluids. AIDS exposed to the air or outside of the body only survives about 3 seconds. Anyway I agree with alot of what you say. I am a "conservative" too. I know you said you do not like that word. But why the blame the Jews, hate the blacks crap?"

I believe Lutheran is right when he says that you cannot get the AID virus from casual contact. This appears to be the case. However, it appears that blacks CAN get AIDS by casual contact. For example, The December issue of Essence magazine (a magazine dedicated to black people) stated in an article about Black Women and the HIV Crisis points out that AIDS is the leading cause of death for Black women between the age of 25-34. It also says that AIDS is the 3rd leading cause of death for Black women between the ages of 35 and 44. Essence also points out that 61% of all new AIDS cases are from Black woman.

Years ago, The Lancet, a prestigious and widely respected medical journal published in England, reported on the difference of the blood cells between Whites and non-Whites in their March 1987 edition. The gene which controls the structure of blood cells has various Gc classifications (Germinal Center). Researchers discovered people with the Gc1 gene were predisposed to the HIV virus, those with the Gc2 gene offered protection unless their was a direct contact, such as in blood transfusions, needles, or having sex with someone who is an HIV carrier. The Gc2 gene appears to severely limit the ability for a person to get AIDS through casual contact.
Researchers claim those of European descent, who are racially pure, carry the Gc2 gene, Nonwhites carry the Gc1 gene. Those with the Gc1 gene (nonwhites), are in greater danger of contacting the HIV virus through casual contact such as toilet seats, drinking glasses, sneezing etc. Negroes are in the greatest danger of getting AIDS n this manner. Thus the reason for the high number of AIDS cases in the black community and of course in Africa.

Dear Lutheran, I don’t hate Black people and you will never find any place where I said I do!

Lutheran said.
"You know what I like about you is at least you will put someone else's opinion on your site. Even though you disagree. I wonder though why you single me out. There are others who write to this blog, who obviously do not agree with you. So why are you putting me in spotlight? Is it because I come armed with the true Word of God and you do not want your followers to hear that?"

My dear Lutheran you write, "So why are you putting me in spotlight? Is it because I come armed with the true Word of God . . . "

Don’t flatter yourself, I already told you the reason I singled you out. You are my mouse!

Political Watchdog

Listen to this weeks program - Political Watchdog - I do on Stormfront each week. I think you will enjoy it.

Hey! Lutheran, get your head out the sand and listen. Maybe you will learn something! Wait a minute, Lutheran - you WILL learn something. It's not to late!

Here Mouse! Come and get it!

I am putting on my blog a follow up comment from "Lutheran." Lutheran is a good example of people hearing only what they want to hear. You will have to read yesterday's blog before understanding Lutheran's comment.

"Please do not insult my intelligence. You have never said that? I have watched your show and have read what you say about blacks for a while now. A while meaning a couple of years. You never said on your Klan website that blacks have smaller brains and lower IQ's? You are a liar."

Lutheran has what I call creative hearing, that is hearing things that never were said. The reaction from Lutheran is a good example of people who have been so successfully manipulated (deceived) that they interpret displays of racial love as hatred and then read their own thoughts into it.

For example I don't think I have ever written or said nor has it appeared on any of our websites that "blacks have smaller brains and lower IQ's." But even if I had, does that automatically make me a hateful person? There is no such thing as IQ's equality except on children's cartoon shows. And everyone (Lutheran excluded) reading this blog knows that.

The reason for this blog and our websites is to speak on behalf of our people. Lutheran finds that objectionable. People like Lutheran lack the love of Christ. Certainly they proclaim and beat on their chest (like the publican who offers prayers for all to see) about how much they love Jesus. But we are to judge people by their works, not their words (Matt 7:20). I am sure Lutheran is a good person and means well. However, he is like many who just doesn't care about our people. He is indifferent to their welfare. He is confused.

Check back on this blog over the next few days. I am sure Lutheran is going to reply and I will probably play with him for a few days like a cat plays with a cornered mouse until he grows tired of him.

Remember, Jesus tells us that the first commandment was to love your God and the second commandment was to love your people.

Ok! Mouse!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have a mind and spirit willing to learn

I am posting a recent comment from an individual who post comments on my blog under the name Lutheran. He seems to be an elitist who thinks that millions of hard working middle class Americans have opinions which are of no value. You can see the tone of this in his comments about Wal-Mart employees.

I know the struggle "Lutheran" is going through. I felt the same way also, but I was willing to learn instead of simply trying to "shout down" people who were presenting ideas that were new to me. I am sure Lutheran is a good person and means well. He, like many in our nation today need our prayers. I hope those who post comments to those who disagree with us will do so in a kind and loving way. They are not our enemies, they are our brothers and sisters who have been deceived by the New Age One World Church.

Any way, here is the comment by "Lutheran."

"I like how you always talk about the IQ level of the average black being low. Like you people are professors at Harvard? "Atention Walmart associates cleanup in aisle 6" Go get em boys."

Actually I don't know of any place on my blog or on any of our web sites where we talk about blacks having a low IQ.

I know you would rather have a Harvard College professor but, would a professor of Psychology from the California State University (Long Beach) work? Click here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jewish Hatred for Christ and Farm Animals

I received the following comment on this blog for a post I did on April 12th. The individual who made the comment, though sincere, makes assumptions not supported by Biblical or secular history. Below I have posted a portion of a letter I wrote to Dr. Tomislav Sunic, a good friend and foreign diplomat for the nation of Croatia. This letter, though not exhustive, does address some of the issues mentioned in this comment posted to my blog.

"Jesus was clearly Jewish. He was born of the Virgin Mary. Raised by Mary and Joseph both Jews! Spoke and taught in Jewish Temples. How does Christianity not owe its existence to Judaism? Jesus was the Christ(messiah) of the Jews. DUH. By the way he called a Jewish temple His Father's house!"

******** ********

I do not hold to the opinion that Christianity came out of Judaism. Judaism (Talmudism) was a totally different religious construct and had it origin in ancient Babylon. During the time of Christ it was known as Phariseeism and went through several name changes including Rabbinism and Talmudism to its present form of Judaism.

Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, in his book, Pharisees noted: "Phariseeism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes in name . . . the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survives, unaltered."

And The Jewish Encyclopedia say, "The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees . . . The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature . . . and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Phariseeism"

I am sure that you are familiar with both of these quotes which I believe are quite revealing and give added exposure to the reality that Judaism and Christianity do not have a common origin. In fact the purpose of each is the destruction of the other.

I believe Judaism, at its core, is an universalist religion. Even though there are certainly "hardcore" elements that hate everything that is not Jewish, the wider elements of Judaism is so consumed with promoting universal brotherhood that they become the victim of their own hatred.

Of course, we both are aware that universal brotherhood is contrary to nature and perhaps the paganism you speak about in your article. I believe universalism is also contrary to Biblical teaching and Christianity.

The article seems to be telling the reader that paganism has its roots in nature and the natural order, while Judaism and Christianity (thus Judeo-Christianity) is an artificial approach to life and therefore destructive. Maybe this is not what you were saying, but this is what I was able to gather.

My thoughts are quite different believing that Babylonian Talmudism (Judaism) is a convoluted religion. On one hand we think of Judaism as an exclusive religion which non-Jews can never fully become a part, yet there is an inner demand within the nature of Jews themselves to embrace universalism. We see this in their antipathy toward structure, rules and the laws of nature. Modern education also exposes this contumacy. Also the "art" of Picasso, and modern art in general reveals the contempt for structure and discipline. In this Jewish world the ugly becomes the beautiful and the beautiful becomes the ugly.
The Bible speaks of this as a day when good will be called evil and evil will be called good. Rabbi Martin Seigal identifies this as the Jewish"resistance to categories and forms." All which masquerades under the guise of tolerance.

"I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to a discussion of the possibility that we are now entering a Jewish century, a time when the spirit of the community, the ideological blend of the emotional and national and the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the forces of anti-nationalism to provide us with a new kind of society. I call this process the Judaization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle which this society becomes Jewish," Rabbi Martin Seigal.

Jesus Christ was the savior of a people who I believe can be identified among the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and kindred people of Europe. His contempt for "Talmudic" tolerance earned him the hatred of the dominant political party (Pharisees) in ancient Judea and subsequently was put to death.

The Talmudist have maintained this hatred for Christ and his followers ever since. Of all the religions of the world there is none other which Jews and the Talmudist hold in such contempt.
Christianity stood apart from Judaism. Jews, as I am sure you know are descended from the ancient Khazars and several Jewish authors, including Arthur Koestler, have noted that average Europeans have more Israelite blood in their veins than the modern Jew.

I believe that Jesus Christ was an enemy of Judaism (Matt 23) and of the Jews (a mongrelized people living in Judea and not true offspring of the people of Israel). These Jews hated Christ then and they hate Christ now. Likewise they hate the followers of Christ. There are many examples of this hared but it is certainly brought to our attention every Christmas when Christians do nothing more than set up a passive display of farm animals and a baby in a manger.

Jews have from the time of the early church attempted to weaken Christianity through the doctrine of universalism. I believe the early church embraced the separatist views of their Israelite forefathers which were battled against by the Talmudists.

Like the multi-racialists among us today, Catholicism was the multi-racialists in those early days of Christianity. This universalism of the Catholic church was the reason that every living creature that could remotely be looked upon as man was cheerfully and enthusiastically brought into the church. Of course, with this new status as "Christian brothers" they were able to become equal partners in marriage. This became especially devastating in the settlement of the Americas.

While I share what appears to be your contempt for Judeo-Christianity and its love affair with multi-racialism I simply cannot throw the baby out with the bath water. Judeo-Christianity is not the offspring of Christianity but rather the offspring of Judaism.

I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought unto blessings upon our people. Our ancient ancestors, upon hearing the Gospel fell immediately away from their "pagan" gods and mythos, finding something better and in tune with their natural being and spirit. It spoke to their heart in a way no other religion, faith or god had ever done before. I believe the reason that they felt a kinship with Jesus Christ and Christianity is because Jesus Christ was truly their God. They were the inheritors of the covenant God made with Abraham. They could easily and with a clear conscience adopt the faith of Christ because they were his racial kinsmen.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Hate the Messenger

Below is a recent comment to my blog.

Christians are often offended by the filth generated in Hollywood. Yet, as this filth is dumped in the minds of the movie goer it becomes less and less offensive. When I was a child simply curse words were taboo but over the years Hollywood has helped shape our culture to the point that "mild" pornography flashes across the movie screen. Those who are faithful to the teaching of our fathers and mothers point this out and name those who are responsible. But when that happens we are accused of hatred, even though these Jews brag about it.

The comment below is a perfect example of what is probably a well-meaning person, who is blinded by the teachings of Jewish fables.

******** ********

See the reason you people hate Jews is because they do things with their life and have wealth. You work at McDonalds or some low paying job and live in trailers. Then you put on your bedsheets and hide under them and try to scare everyone because you feel tough when you do. Read the Ten Commandments do not covet what your neighbor has.

******** ********

The racial reconciliation cult has been worming its way into the church for many years and Christians have often been asleep as their faith been under siege. This is why Christ warns his disciples about the doctrine of the Pharisees (Matt 16: 6-12. This doctrine of the Pharisees is now a part of our culture and his invaded all facets of our society including Christian seminaries and the Church.

Rabbi Marcus Ravage boasted of this Jewish infiltration in the January 1928 edition of Century Magazine. (I have an original copy in my library.)

"You make much noise and fury about the undue Jewish influence in your theaters and movie palaces. Very good; granted your complaint is well-founded. But what is that compared to our staggering influence in your churches, your schools, your laws, and your government and the very thoughts you think every day? "

It is amazing that when I point out this enormous Jewish power I am called all kinds of hateful names. Yet the things I point out are only things which they freely admit.

For example, the December 19, 2008 edition of the Los Angeles Times printed an article (How Jewish is Hollywood) by Jewish writer, Joel Stein, boasting of the control Jews have in the movie industry. In 1988, Jewish author, Neal Gabler wrote, An Empire of Their Own - How the Jews Invented Hollywood, which again gloats of Jewish control in Hollywood. J. L. Goldberg (Jewish) wrote on this same in Jewish Power (1996) but expanded it showing Jewish dominance in the media as well as its staggering ability to manipulate American foreign and even domestic policy.

So again, it is truly amazing to see their "chutzpa" (this is a Yiddish word that is best translated as arrogant boldness) to admit their powerful influence in public through books and newspaper articles. Their chutzpa is knowing they can freely brag about it and we will do nothing while our culture, our faith and the Republic is destroyed. Not only does it seem our people do nothing about it, but our fellow Christian brothers and sister will attack us for simply repeating what these Jews have already said.

So it isn’t surprising that Jesus Christ warned his disciples about Pharisee Talmudic teachings. The Apostle Paul in Titus 1:14 also warned that we should be on guard - vigilant and not believe or give heed to Jewish fables.

It is these Jewish fables of racial reconciliation and universalism (among other things) that has captured the "Christian" church today and have manipulated it into becoming a mouth piece for globalism and social engineering.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why Don't You Believe What this Jew Tells You?

Jews will often boast of their power, yet when we make known to the public what they say among themselves, we are accused of being anti-Semitic. What is even more amazing, when they boast in public of their enormous power, we are expected to keep it as quiet as possible because when we stand and say, "Look at what this Jew just said!" we are still accused of being anti-Semitic and promoting hatred. This article below, by Jewish newspaper columnist, Joel Stein exposed the Jewish power in Hollywood, but he was not the first. In the late 80's Neal Gabler, another Jewish author published a book (sold in all the major book stores) titled, An Empire of their Own. This book details not only the Jewish power in Hollywood but also how they accumulated the power. If you have ever wondered why Hollywood produces so much filth, then look no further. Here is the reason.
I also expand on this Jewish control of Hollywood on my recent internet radio show, The Political Watchdog. Click here to listen. This show will only be available until about the 17th of April.
How Jewish is Hollywood?
A poll finds more Americans disagree with the statement
that 'Jews control Hollywood.'
But here's one Jew who doesn't.

Joel Stein December 19, 2008 - From the Los Angeles Times

I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.

For the rest of the story, click here:,0,4676183.column

Jew Control Hollywood

Ok! I know some of you are going to call me crazy. You will think I am just making this up so you will blame the Jews for all the filth and trash that is so often associated with the movie industry.
Would you have a tendency to believe it if a Jew said it?

It is late now, but check back tomorrow and I will have posted an article written by Joel Stein, printed the Los Angeles Times talking about the Jewish Control of Hollywood.

Check back later

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Love Your Neighbor

By Forrest Nordic

Luke 11:21 says: "When the strong man, fully armed, guards his own dwelling, his goods are safe." Every Scripture, must be understood in balance, using common sense. Not to confuse philosophies, but the Eastern concept of Yin and Yang (symbolizing ALL eternal opposites)is a true and basic universal Law. For example, Yin-Yang keeps a bicycle standing upright and moving forward: the pedal being pushed down is Yang and the yielding pedal is Yin. Then the pedals reverse positions and functions. Simplified, Yin and Yang mean that you cannot have one power without its very opposite to maintain perfect balance in this Universe --a law of the Creator.

Common sense tells us that a true neighbor is someone who has a perfect right to occupy that status and position. Jesus is not saying,for example, that the local church building and property should be juxtaposed with a house of ill repute, an organized-crime gambling casino, the Playboy mansion, and an "adult entertainment" center; nor is He saying that we are to allow illegal aliens into our nations and homes to invade, occupy, and rule us.

The Children of Israel, to whom the command "Love thy neighbor as thyself" was given, were also ordered to make total war on their enemies as they entered and conquered the Land of Promise for themselves and their posterity.

While someone is engaging in sin, the righteous have a right to rebuke this, and, if necessary, take measures to protect themselves from harm. Yes, by all means, do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Do I want others to enter my home and seize possession of it and throw me and my loved ones out into the cold? NO! Do I want others to steal from me and take unfair advantage of me or those I love? NO! In the same common sense manner, I would not do these things to others.

Some years ago, the Hollywood Jews made a silly movie about the Roman Catholic Church (sorry I cannot recall the name--I only saw the concluding minutes of it). At the end, the Pope tells the world that the Vatican will sell ALL its buildings and priceless works of art and give ALL its possessions to "the poor" of all the world. Well, I do not recall the Vatican being persuaded by this cheap-shot movie to do just that.

It is un-Christian to have a "War on Poverty." Jesus tells us that there will always be poor among the population of this world. To try to make everyone well-off is to disbelieve the words of Jesus.

The Bible emphasizes doing good to the poor of one's OWN people, with words like "your brother," "your needy," and the "poor in YOUR land." "For the poor will never cease to be in the land; therefore I command you, saying, 'You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor in your land.'" Deuteronomy 15:11"For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you wish you can do good to them; but you do not always have Me." -- Mark 14:7"You will always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me with you." -- Matthew 26:11

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Whole Lot Going On

The Knights Party has so many people, doing so many things that I sometimes overlook what is being done. I want you to go to our website and watch the video. I am sure you will be angrier after watching it then you are before.

If we want change - real change - change that will restore the Republic we need to get angry.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The END brings the BEGINNING!

Will this be you? Listen to this audio program from Stormfront Radio. Then ask yourself, What will your children do?