Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bait Car!

I turned on the TV this evening to watch FOX News and was immediately being bombarded by Sean Hannity giving cheers for how wonderful Martin Luther King was.

So I held my stomach and changed channels!

On this new channel I watched some Negro “Gospel” singers gyrating across the stage and doing the things that Negroes do.

I really can’t be angry with them. After all, they are Negroes.

The next channel was a Jewish “preacher” talking about “Jesus the Jew!”

That didn’t last long!

Then I pushed the remote and the program was Bait Car. I have seen this before and thought it was entertaining.

Here is how it works. The cops take a nice car and place it where there have been signs of Negro activity. Then they sit back and watch for a Negro to take the bait.

It doesn’t take long and they can usually get their limit fairly quick.

Now mind you it doesn’t have to be a Negro but experience has evidently proven that leaving a bait car where “country boys” hang out makes for boring television.

“Country boys” don’t usually steal cars.

Even the spoiled white kids in the suburbs who think they are being cool by listening to rap “music” on the radio don’t steal cars.

No, the best place to get your daily catch is in the “hood.”

So the bait car is in place and the trap is set. Now all the cops have to do is sit back, eat a chili dog and wait.

Soon a Negro will approach the bait car. He may be alone or with a pack of other Negroes. But it doesn’t matter, the enticement is too great. He scurries about the car and then makes his approach to the driver's side and looks inside.

“It be cool”

(You’ll have to forgive me - but I don’t speak Negro!)

Anyway, he says something and steps back. Others of his tribe look at the car also. They are not sure what to do. Some more timid Negroes will walk away and then circle back. It is like a ritual. Circle the car, approach the car, fall back, approach car again.

Temptation is mounting!

Some taunt the more aggressive Negro. Others shame him for being afraid. He may do a little dance ritual as he lunges forward and then back and finally he is in the car and the trap springs shut.

As he drives away, the cops move in and the Negro suddenly realizes that he has been caught, the doors won’t open so he can’t escape. Only the cops can open the door and let the Negro out.

All kinds of Negroes have been caught using the bait car: fat Negroes, skinny Negroes, old Negroes, young Negroes, male Negroes and female Negroes. Sometimes they are even able to catch two or three Negroes in the same trap.

As soon as the caught Negroes are taken away for processing, the bait car is placed in another location and the cops order another chili dog.

Catching Negroes with the bait car is an unfortunate phenomenon. Because we all know that the vast majority of Negroes are peaceful law abiding citizens who are valuable members of our society and live in some of the best and safest communities. These law abiding Negroes are the back bone of our society providing health care, food stamps and public housing to millions of white people who are just too lazy to work!

Wait a minute! I think I’m confused!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Doggie Game!

Well, that seems to be the name of the game that two sodomites were playing on the night of September 5. I am not sure how the game is played and I don’t think I want to know, but Brett Cummins (left), a meteorologist for television station KARK in Little Rock and his “friend,” Dexter Williams were eager to play the game and went to the home of Christopher Barbour to party.

Without knowing the details of the Doggie Game, this much is known for sure. Brett Cummins woke up Monday morning and found his “friend” laying naked in the bath tub with a dog collar around his neck.

No one has reported, as of yet, whether Cummins was naked. But it does appear that the rules of the game require two men to get naked in a bath tub. No doubt, Cummins has played the Doggie game many times before because he was the clear winner of the Doggie rumble.

When Cummins woke up the next morning he found his friend’s head in his lap with a pasty gray color - like in dead! Cummins ran vomiting out of the bathroom and screaming like a little girl.

Did I say he was naked?

His little “friend” had a dog chain around his neck that got pulled - just a little too tight! I think maybe when he whimpered Cummins was suppose to say something like, “Grrr - your’re such a bad doggie,” then loosen the chain and spank his bottom.

Well any way - Cummins was “going for the gold” and wasn’t about to let loose when he was in the home stretch.

So here’s the deal: one bathtub, one naked man, one dog collar and one stinking corpse.

That’s so gay!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Said "No" to Literacy!

Ok! It is not as bad as it seems. Let me explain. I like helping people. I generally give small donations to most any charity. Of course it depends on where it is going. When I am approached to give to a charity I always ask were it is going. You see if I think it is going to help some white kids or family I like to help. The demographics of this area of Arkansas is about 99% white. So I will ask if the contributions are going locally or are they going to Little Rock. (I’ll leave you guest what is in Little Rock.) If they are going to Little Rock I keep my hands in my pocket. If they are going locally I don’t mind helping.

Over the past few days I have been asked at several stores if I would like to make a donation to help literacy?

I don’t mind telling you that giving money to help “Stamp out Illiteracy” has got to be the stupidest charity I have ever heard of. However, I stand in the store and see people throwing their money in the little collection box to “help literacy” thinking they are going to “Stamp our Illiteracy” in our lifetime.

Forgive me for being so completely honest with you, but if you are one of those people who has given money to help literacy, please go someplace alone and slap yourself silly. Please read carefully, It doesn’t take money to learn how to read. Money might buy expensive books but it doesn’t create the ability to read. When I was a child I read cereal boxes, directions, road signs, etc. None of these things cost money. Things to read are everywhere!

When I was sent home from school with books to read - I read them! I was a good and avid reader. My parents never had the need to wait until a charity check came in the mail. I never once heard my mother or dad say, "OK, Tommy, we got another check in the mail so now you can learn a new word!"

In the photo above there are two girls: one white and one black. If one of the girls can read and if the other can’t, it wasn’t because of money.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fear in California!
In the wake of Bin Laden's death, radical Muslims are planning to go on a rampage in Los Angeles, killing ALL legal U.S. residents.
Police fear the death toll could be as high as 23.
We will keep you posted on future developments.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cops Confiscate Lakewood Lady’s Arsenal; Motive Pending


Francesca Rice no longer serves in her country’s armed forces, but she brought a piece of the action back home with her.

It seems the Lakewood vet had stockpiled her Edgewater Towers condo with a home arsenal including handguns, shotguns, a sniper rifle — plus a Thompson sub-machine gun, just in case the pizza guy got fresh.

Her cache somehow caught the attention of Lakewood Police, who paid a visit last September. When they found Rice wasn’t home, they asked an obliging employee of the complex to open up the apartment without her consent. Once inside, they raided the gun rack, making off with 13 firearms worth around $15,000. The only problem: They had no apparent reason to.

When Rice kindly asked to have her toys returned, the cops acknowledged that the weapons were legally owned. But they refused to return them without a court order. And so Rice has filed suit in Lakewood Municipal Court.

So far, nobody’s doing much talking. Lakewood Police Chief Timothy Malley declined to speak specifically about the seizure, citing the ongoing lawsuit. He also declined to speak generally about situations in which Lakewood cops would be likely to seize property on a whim. Rice’s attorney did not return Scene’s calls for comment, and Rice didn’t respond to repeated buzzes on her apartment intercom.

Amid all the zipped lips, there’s a moral here for everybody: Gun owners, beware of law enforcement looking to trod upon your rights. And non-gun owners, beware of neighbors who are particularly well prepared for the zombie apocalypse.