Friday, August 31, 2007


We are so busy getting ready for congress I haven't had time to write on my blog. Derek Black is here to broadcast congress on Stormfront Radio. This will be broadcast Friday evening, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Just go to and click on the radio icon at the top left. It won't have as much fun as you would if you were here, but it will be great to listen to the speeches etc.

I want everyone to pray for Richard Hensley, our moderator on the members-only page as he is having some medical problems and won't be able to attend congress. Doctors told him absolutely no driving.

I am posting a picture of Derek Black standing in front of the Christian Revival Center. We have things ready to go and people are starting to arrive. He had his broadcasting equipment up and ready to send to Stormfront Radio.

The next picture in Anthony a photo journalist working for a German newspaper. He has been here before and always does a great job. He is shooting photos of Rachel Pendergraft and I while recording a segment for the Global Minority Report radio broadcast.

Monday I will be doing an interview with Yasuyuki Oguri a political reporter for Tokyo News.

I gotta go. I don't know if I will have time to post anything over the next two days as we will be in the middle of congress affairs. But check anyway as I may be able to post some pictures.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1609 Delaware Bay explored by Henry Hudson

1609 Delaware Bay explored by Henry Hudson. Hudson was born in London on September 12th in the 1570's although the exact year of his birth is disputed. He died in 1611 when he, his teenage son and seven crewmen were overcome by a mutiny aboard his ship Discovery.

Hudson was on a quest to find a passage to the Pacific and made voyages both northeast in an attempt to travel over the top of Russia and northwest. In 1607 he sailed northeast through the Artic Ocean coming within 577 nautical miles south of the northpole but was forced to turn back. After abandoning the hope of a northeast passage he sought what was hoped to be a northwest passage. It was in 1609 that he made his discovery and exploration of the Delaware Bay.

Excitment is mounting for congress and we are looking to have a great time. I have a piture of David weed eating around the area. We appreciate the help that he, his wife Polly and Lynn S. did to get the area ready for congress.

The new CD from Heritage Connection will be available for congress. Also my new book, The Last Church is here from the printer and we will have it at congress also.

If you haven't made a final decision, it isn't too late. Come and enjoy the fellowship.

Derek Black will be here tomorrow and we will be broadcasting congress on Stormfront Radio.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

1609 Galileo demonstrates his 1st telescope to Venetian lawmakers

On this date, August 25, 1609 Galileo demonstrates his 1st telescope to Venetian lawmakers

Galileo Galilei (15 February 1564 – 8 January 1642) 78 years - was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher. He is most famous for his defense of heliocentrism which was highly controversial at the time. Heliocentrism taught that the sun was a stationary object and the earth revolved around the sun. The most popular concept at the time was geocentrism which was the official position of the Catholic Church. Geocentric position stated that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun and other heavenly bodies revolved around the earth.

It is Saturday morning, I am going to work on my blog in the mornings for a while instead of at night and see how this works out. At night is when I do the majority of my studies and writing.
On Friday I finished up my mail and then made a trip into town (we are 17 miles from Harrison) and got a couple of things we needed at the Soldiers of the Cross Bible Camp.
I have some pictures I am going to place here. The first is a photo of our office, the second is the Kids Korner where we have children classes during our meetings. We never leave the children unattended. So many meetings held by White Nationalists center on the adults, kids usually aren't even invited. But we try to give equal attention to the kids also. In fact it is likely that the focus on the kids is more important. This is where the foundation of racial integrity can be built.
The next photo is of the Christian Revival Center. The photos may be a little dark as they were taken late in the evening. We are almost ready for congress.

Stormfront in going to broadcast it on Stormfront Radio. Derek Black will be here this coming week and everyone is excited about being here. The letters I get or the calls of excitement are exciting for me. It is going to be great. If you haven't made a decision to be here then you have got to do it.

We have some exciting things going on.

I won't be writing on my blog until Tuesday morning.

God bless!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

79 AD Mt Vesuvius erupts, buries Pompeii & Herculaneum

On August 24, 79 AD Mt Vesuvius erupted and buried the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Thousands of people were killed, few escaped. The map shows the location of the 2 cities, both of which were within 15 miles of the volcano. I am not sure of the population of Pompeii, but if my memory serves me correctly, Herculaneum had a population of about 5 - 6 thousand people.

It was also on this day in 1814 that the British sacked Washington D.C. and burned the White House in what became known as the War of 1812. In was also in the War of 1812 that future president Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans.

My day was another busy one. I am usually in my office between 6:30 and 7 AM, sometimes a little later. I wanted to get an early start today because I had a stack of mail I had to get answered and processed. Most of the mail is handled at the office. But there is some mail that needs my personal attention and I haven't been able to get to it for about 10 days. So I spent most of the day taking care of the 6 - 8 inch stack. Most of it is
now done.

About 7 this evening I went over and took a couple of picture of our new welcome sign at the entrance to the Soldiers of the Cross Bible Camp and have them posted here.

I was just told that Heritage Connection finished recording the final songs for their CD which we will have (hopefully) at congress. Of course, after they listen to it them they may decide it isn't good enough - Musicians!

The printer called today and said he has finished printing my book, The last Church and is shipping it to us today. We should have it here by Monday or Tuesday.

Nancy Dorr is an independent film producer and I have been talking with her about the inclusion of The Knights in a documentary she is producing. She plans on showing it at the Sundance Film Festival and other film festivals that feature independent film producers. I spoke with her at length today and she is considering coming to the White Christian Heritage Festival in Pulaski on October 20th.

I appreciate all of you who faithfully support this work. There is no way we could stay on the battle front without you.

If there is anyway you can come to congress please do so. It is going to be absolutely wonderful. Derick Black, son of Stormfront founder Don Black is flying in next week and will be broadcasting our congress over Stormfront radio.

I sure would like to see you. God bless! Feel free to leave any comments you wish about any of the posts. Just click on the word comments at the end of this post.

Hail the New Dawn!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

King George

On August 23, 1775 (tomorrow) King George III of England refused the offer of peace offered by the American colonies. Because of the colonies definace to English oppression (the Battle of Lexington and Concord occured a few months earlier on April 19, and the Battle of Bunker Hill took place on June 17) King George declared them to be in an open state of rebellion.
My son Nathan and I worked at the Soldiers of the Cross Bible Camp getting things ready for congress which is little over a week away. I layed another 100 feet of water line and we put up flags, the welcome banner and other general things. The welcome banner is new as the old one was starting to look bad. A local sign maker gives me good prices and fast service. I have seen him put other customers on "hold" and make signs I needed for camp, congress, Pulaski etc. If I get time I will take a picture of it and put in on the blog tomorrow. Maybe a few other pictures as well.
I mailed out the schedule but usually things need to be altered as events get closer. I had to make a few changes, nothing major, so I did that this evening and it should be ok now. I have selected the theme for this congress to be, "Cry Aloud!" This is taken from Isaiah 58:1 "Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins."
I sure would like to see you all at congress and or at the White Christian Heritage Festival in Pulaski, Tenn on October 20th. Make plans to attend. There is no way I can explain to you about the power surge you will have if you attend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Captain James Cook

Tomorrow, August 22 marks the anniversary of when in 1770 Captain James Cook landed on the shores of Australia and claimed it for the King of England. Cook was an exceptional seaman, explorer and navigator. He was the first to map Newfoundland as well as the Saint Lawrence River. He also discovered the Hawaiian Islands. On his third voyage of exploration to the South Pacific he was killed in a fight with Hawaiian natives on February 14, 1779. He was 51 years old.
So tomorrow celebrate the life of another great White man.
Today was another busy day as is every Tuesday. Tuesday is the day I carry Charity and Shelby to all their music lessons which include Drums, guitar, violin and voice.
This evening Rachel and Scott Pendergraft as well as Charity and Shelby are at the Christian Revival Center working on their music and recording for their CD.
I will be working on my messages for congress. Congress schedules have been mailed to all those attending as well as directions for those who have not been here before.
Saturday evening at congress should be a lot of fun for everyone as we will doing old time folk dances on the veranda in front of the Revival Center.
I did an interview with Erin Hartness of WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina about 1:30 this afternoon. It seems someone had found a KKK contact card in the garden department of a Wal-Mart store.
Also I spoke with our attorney in North Carolina about 5pm. The Rhino Times is again talking about settling the case with us out of court. (click on Rhino Times label for more information) It is tempting, as all I would have to do is announce I am advising our members and supporters not to use old issue of The Rhino Times for distribution. (People will often take sections of old newspapers and wrap a Knights Party flyer around it and mass distribute them. This is perfectly legal) While this would be the easy way to get this legal action off our back, adversely it could cause other newspaper to then take legal action against us in the hope of getting the same agreement. I have spoken with reporters from other states and various newspapers around the country are watching how this plays out.
We could literally be drawn into legal action in every state of the country. I have been able to remain arrogant and strong in the face of this because of the faithful support we have received. As I told our attorney, "The Rhino Times thought we were uneducated hicks with no resources. They will be surprised because I will not back down to their intimidation. We might not have deep pockets, but we DO HAVE POCKETS and we have members and supporters that will provide the resource to fight this effort to shake us down."
I am hoping we won't have to go to court as our legal bills will begin to mount. The best thing for the Rhino Times to do is to drop their case. We have legal action against them here in Arkansas that is being handled by Jason and I told our attorney in N.C. that if they drop their case against us, we will drop our case against them.
Rhino Times is really in a tight spot as they are claiming loss of income and advertisers, therefore they will have to produce their financial records showing lost of revenue. I don't think they will want to do that.
I want to remind you that the ONLY reason I have been able to remain so bold in our defense is because we have had great support so far and I know that if we have to go to court I will be able to call on you again.
As it stands right now, Jason and I are to fly to Greensboro, North Carolina on October 4th to meet with a state appointed mediator. I will keep you posted.
Come to Congress!
Help in the distribution of The Crusader.
Pray for our nation

Monday, August 20, 2007

Nat Turner

Certainly not a great day in our history but tomorrow, August 21 marks the anniversary of the Nat Turner's slave revolt in Southampton County, Virginia (1831). In his quick rapage 55 people were killed.
I went and bought some more supplies for congress as well as 200 feet of water line that I am going to lay so we can get water down to the main gate. We have flowers, shrubs etc and it hard dragging hoses to them every few days so they can be watered. I layed about 100 feet this afternoon and will finish it up on Wednesday.

I will be giving two messages at congress and I finished one last night titled, What Do You Want? Actually it will be my Sunday morning sermon. Sunday night my message is, I Want to Give You Hope!

Heritage Connection recorded two more songs today. But weren't happy with them. They sounded good to me, but they thought they could do better. I guess they are going to twek a few things and do it again tomorrow evening.
Charity and Shelby (Heritage Connection) sang at a home school gathering in Little Rock at the state capitol last spring. Here they are pictured in front of the Arkansas State Seal.
The CD they are recording has some of their own songs they have written. Together they sing, play drums, fiddle, piano and guitar.


I was suppose to mail congress schedule out Friday, but was unable to do so. I have to make some changes in the schedule. We try to give each of the speakers enough time and also provide breaks so everyone can stay alert. I plan on mailing them today along with directions for those who have not been here before. If you haven't ordered your extra copies of The Crusader get it done today. It is possible that Tuesday night will be ok, but certainly no later than Tuesday night. Today is best.

While I was working on my speech for Congress last night I was listening to Stormfront radio. They do a great job!

L. Smith came over Saturday with the weed trimmer and worked for about 4 hours. The place is looking nice and will be ready for congress. He also came over last week and cut grass.
We really appreciate his help.

Heritage Connection

I just heard two of the recording Heritage Connection will have on their new CD. One is titled Free Christian People and the other is Aryan Warrior. These girls have done a fantasic job. They have several other songs already recorded and they will be finishing their CD this week. I have no doubt it will be available by congress. You are going to want a copy.
Be sure to check this blog everyday for updates of what is going on at HQ.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting Ready

We will be at the Christian Revival Center today working around and getting things ready for congress. Later on in the week we will be putting up chairs and tables. We usually rent about 75 or 100 extra chairs for our meetings. Heritage Connection will be recording several songs for their CD today. They hope to have it avaibable by congress. Also I am going to buy a couple more tables for congress as we don't quite have enough.
Look at the blog below where I posted a couple of pictures from the new issue of the Crusader tabloid. Contact us ASAP to order 50 extra to distribute. This is something that all members should be doing to spread the message of White Christian Revival. You can go to our members only site at,, and order your extra copies of The Crusader or you can go to our regular website at,, and make a $25 contribution for 50 copies. In the comments section say it is for copies of The Crusader for distribution.
Congress is less than two weeks away and those who are coming are really excited. This is going to be great!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Crusader

I am posting here a couple of pages from the new Crusader tabloid. We need at least 40 people to order 50 copies at $25. I am hoping we can actually get this down a little cheaper. We will see. As I am sure you know the more we print the cheaper it will be.
I need to let the printer know ASAP. Tuesday night will most likely be soon enough, but if you can let me know by Monday night it would be better. Just go to the members only website and make a $25 contribution then in the comments section tell us it is for 50 copies of The Crusader. Of course if you want more make a contribution accordingly.
Or you can contact us at This email is not for correspondence but only for ordering extra copies of The Crusader.
Hope to hear from you soon. Help us make this newspaper successful.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Congress is coming soon

There is only about 2 weeks until congress is here, so I hope that you are all getting your registration forms in. We are expecting a great turn out. On Friday, the 17th, I will be sending Congress schedule to those who are registered.

The new issue of The Crusader is at the printer and should be back by Congress. I think everyone will be excited about the new tabloid format. The Torch went in the mail last week and my new book, The Last Church, is also at the printer and hopefully will be here by congress.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stormfront to Broadcast Knights Party Congress

We are happy to announce that Derek Black, son of Stormfront founder, Don Black, will be attending the Knights Party Congress, August 31-September 2. He will be reporting on our congress and will be broadcasting it over Stormfront radio. Be sure to watch for more details.
Stormfront in a large white nationalist forum, but the heartbeat of Stormfront is Stormfront radio broadcasting live every day. Be sure to take the time to listen to Stormfront radio.
Derek Black is shown in this photo, with the red hair, wearing the hat. Sitting next to him is Paul Fromm the great Canadian patriot who spoke at our Faith and Freedom Conference last April.