Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Custer National Monument

It was on this day in 1879 that the George Armstrong Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument in eastern Montana. This was the site of what became known as Custer’s Last Stand was established at the site of the Little Big Horn in Montana.

Custer was sent to Black Hills in 1874 because increased Indians attacks on white settlers railroad workers. Custer was an experienced Indian fighter and a highly respected soldier, often compared with Nathan Bedford Forest.

A few years ago I read Custer’s book, My Life on the Plains which revealed much information of soldiers life in on the western plains and their dealing with Indians. Custer addressed the issue of the eastern establishment claim that the military wanted warfare with the Indians. They claimed that the officers and soldiers would often created tension with the hope of creating another Indian war. But he said that such a statement is absolutely foolish. War with the Indians was the last thing they wanted. Why? Custer explained that war with the Indians created misery for the military. Mail was interrupted, family could not come to live nearby or even visit. During free time, soldiers could not leave the fort to hunt, explore the area etc, but were confined to the fort. Tension was high and goods and suppliers could not come as frequently.

Custer’s wife usually traveled with him as well as his library. He did not drink or smoke and would ask others not to do so in his presence.

Custer was a daring soldier who lived by the motto, "Ride to the sound of the gun."
In recent years, Custer has been demonized by Political Correctness. But the fact is he was an American soldier and did his duty as any soldier throughout our history.

Custer lead the 7th Cavalry departed from Fort Lincoln on May 17, 1876, part of a larger army force planning to round up remaining free Indians.

The Battle of Little Big Horn occurred on June 25th 1876. Those critical of Custer like to ridicule him for his foolishness. But the fact is others have stated that the information given to Custer about then number of Indians he would face gave no reason for alarm. Custer often engaged such numbers in battle. Others has said that evidence suggest that Custer’s Indian scouts had purposely provided Custer with false information which lead to his eventual defeat. Also the Indians simply outgunned the American soldiers. Certainly outgunned them in number by outgunned them in superior weapons, they were less accurate but were able to get many more rounds off per minute. The rifles employed by Custer simply could not shoot as rapidly as those the Indians acquired.

Following the recovery of Custer's body, he was given a funeral with full military honors, and was buried on the battlefield, and later reinterred in the West Point Cemetery on October 10, 1877. The site of the battle was designated a National Cemetery in 1876.

I certainly appreciate the all of you who are faithful to the teachings and faith of our forefathers. I listened to the State of the Union address last night and was appalled by most of it. Our founding fathers created a wonderful constitution was the promise that it would promote the welfare of the people. However, as we have seen we have become a nation which feels it must provide the welfare of the people.
Benjamin Franklin as the conclusion of the Constitution Convention said "We have given you a Republic - if you can keep it."
It is now self-evidence that the Republic - if not dead is near death.
There is much more that could be written but I have no more time.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Church at 12 noon

I want to remind you to listen to our Sunday morning church service on internet radio. Go www.stormfront.org on Sunday morning at 12 PM eastern time and listen to 4th part of our series, Did America Really Win the Cold War?
When the main page for Stormfront comes up on your computer, click the red box that says, LISTEN HERE!
This is a Christian church service proclaiming the Good News of White Nationalist Revival as taught by Jesus Christ. If you did not know that Jesus Christ was a White Nationalist then it is because you have become a victim of the leaven (doctrine) of the Pharisees.
Ok! I know you Judeo-Christians are going to think I am teaching heresy. That's Ok. I know others who thought the same thing until they were willing to humble themselves before the cross of Christ as He unfolded the Gospel to them.
OK! I know you're not convinced. That is why you need to listen to our church service coming from the Christian Revival Center and you will begin to understand.
I gotta go!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ten Things Ron Paul Was Thinking Thursday Night

I listened to the Republican debate coming from Florida last night and as usual found it extremely interesting. If anyone is honest and objective they will have to admit that all the candidates did well. You have to be impressed how they are able to spin their answers to sound good for the ears of the audience.

Have you ever seen those people who put a plate on top of a pole and begin to spin it? They will quickly grab another plate and get it spinning and then another. The trick is to keep all the plates spinning without any of them falling off and crashing on the floor.

Well to steal from the song by Jerry Lee Lewis. "Last night I saw a whole lot of spinning going on!"

However, there is no question in my mind that Rudy Giuliani should pack his suitcase and go back to New York where he can float around the ghostly image of the World Trade Center and speak into the empty air boasting to his single digit supporters of how he fought off the terrorists.

John McCain, actually seems to enjoy being on stage. He was written off just a few months ago and was downsizing his staff and now suddenly he is the favorite boy-toy of the war lords.

We were told by, Chris Matthews of MSNBC that Mitt Romney looked the most "presidential." What ever that means. When I look at all the recent presidents - I am not sure that looking "presidential" is a good thing.

Mike Huckabee, was as slick as grease. I might buy a used car from him. Wait! He doesn’t sell used cars. There’s more money in being a Judeo-Christian preacher.

Ron Paul did very well. However there are some things he should have said. Here is my list of

Ten Things Ron Paul Was Probably
Thinking But Didn’t Say

10) Hey, John McCain, you did a better job of serving the country when you were in that Viet Nam bamboo prison.
9) Rudy Giuliani, too bad your mother wasn’t pro-choice.
8) Have any of you guys ever read the Constitution?
7) Hey, Mike Hukabee, I think I hear God calling you back to being a preacher.
6) Wait a minute! that isn’t God - it’s just one of your Jew bosses!
5) Will one of you guys please say something even remotely important!
4) Hey Mike, your yarmulke is showing
3) That's a stupid question!
2) Will someone please come and shovel this BS off the stage.

And the number one thing Ron Paul was thinking in Thursday’s debate was . . .

1) Why am I sharing this platform with all these morons?


Don’t forget the Faith & Freedom Conference on April 4, 5, & 6. Of course we are delighted that Don Black, the founder of Stormfront and Derek Black, who is known as Theodoric on Stormfront
will both be at our Faith & Freedom Conference on April 4,5 & 6.

Don Black

Other speakers are Paul Fromm from Ontario, Canada who can be heard nightly on Stormfront Radio, Mark Downey of Kinsman Redeemer Ministries and Ralph Forbes, correspondent for American Free Press and of course Rachel Pendergraft and myslf. Also we will have the music of Steve & Bonnie and Heritage Connection.
Be sure to check out Heritage Connection's web site and hear a couple of their songs at, www.heritageconnection.tv

Write to Thomas Robb Ministries, P. O. Box 354, Bergman, AR 72601 for a registration form to attend the conference.

God bless you all!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hillary-ous Bumper Sticker

Hillary-ous Bumper Sticker

I stand behind my support for Ron Paul. I know that there are a few people in the movement who attack Ron Paul because they say he isn’t a "racist." The fact is that we don’t need special laws, privileges or protections. The only thing our people need for survival is a "level playing field." I am aware that this is what we hear from "minorities" all the time. In fact we hear it every time they don’t get their way. But it is obvious that a level playing field is the very thing they DON’T want! It is the very thing they want to avoid.

This is why they need special care in the form of welfare programs, entitlements, affirmative action, job quotas etc. They seem to be deathly afraid of a white man or women speaking about racial pride with the same enthusiasm and passion in which they are freely allowed. Minorities act as if they are the only ones that should be allowed to talk of racial pride.
I can’t look into the head of Ron Paul but the reason I support him is that he has been consistent in his positions for years. Paul stands clearly upon the constitution and doesn’t seem to waver from that commitment.

The thing that is strangely unique about Ron Paul is that he has gained support from those on the right as well as those on the left. He has gathered support from people who simply believe that we should be governed by the constitution. People who want the government off their backs and out of their lives.

Because Ron Paul says the federal government should abide by the guidelines of the constitution, he is often called extreme with crazy ideas.

The thing I find most notable about the Ron Paul campaign is how he is being ignored by the media. If you have ever wondered whether or not there is a controlled media, I think the answer should now be obvious.

Because Ron Paul has not been "anointed" by the media speaks volumes about his sincerity and the things he wants to accomplish which would include abolish the IRS, abolish the private banking system of the Federal Reserve, close our borders and restore the 10th amendment to the Constitution.

On Monday Ron Paul received the endorsement of former New Mexico Governor Gary "Veto" Johnson. Johnson was governor of New Mexico from 1995 until 2003. In making the endorsement, Johnson said, "I am endorsing Ron Paul for the Republican nomination for president because of his commitment to less government, greater liberty, and lasting prosperity for America. We are at a point in this country where we need to reduce our dependency on government and regain control of our future. To this end, Ron Paul will bring back troops, end the War in Iraq, and will strengthen the U.S. dollar and the economy. For these reasons and more, Ron Paul has my support, respect, and vote."

Donald L. Luskin, a prominent financial commentator on CNBC and Chief Investment Officer for Trend Macrolytics LLC stated, "Ron Paul is the only candidate of any party with the courage and the insight to address the most fundamental issues of economic liberty - which is fundamental to human liberty."

Paul also received the endorsement of well-known pro-life activist Norma McCorvey, better known as 'Jane Roe' from the infamous Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade. In her endorsement McCorvey said, "I support Ron Paul for president because we share the same goal, that of overturning Roe v Wade. Ron Paul doesn't just talk about being pro-life, he acts on it. His voting record truly is impeccable and he undoubtedly understands our constitutional republic and the inalienable right to life for all."
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hillary's Big Endorsement

It was on this day, January 22, 1973 that the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the "right" of a mother to kill her unborn child. For more thoughts on the abortion issue go to jasonrobb.blogspot.com and check it out.


Hilary Clinton needs black support if she is going to win the Democrat nomination. If she gets the nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate then her black support is guaranteed because the black voting block firmly belongs to the Democrat party. But she has to win the nomination first and sadly (for her) the vast number of black voters are supporting the black presidential candidate Barack Obama. She can win the nomination without the black support but it will be more difficult. That is why the endorsement she received yesterday from Rev. Calvin Butts is so important to her campaign.

There has been a level of controversy over this endorsement because of the racist statements that Calvin Butts has made in the past, most notably when in 2000 he told New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, "Go to hell, white man."

Butts, pictured, is a well-known and highly respected personality in the black community.

Butts also drew attention when in 1995 he invited Cuban Communist dictator and butcher Fidel Castro as a guest and speaker to the congregation of his Abyssinian Baptist Church. After receiving a 10 minute standing ovation, Castro spoke for over an hour to an enthusiastic audience of 1,300. By introduction of Castro to his congregation, Butts said, "It is in our tradition to welcome all who are visionaries, revolutionaries and who seek the liberation of all people."

This is at a church that is supposedly Christian.

Conservative news commentators are bewildered as to why Hillary would embrace an endorsement from someone like Butts. Some have even questioned that it was bad judgment on her part.

However I want to remind you that the Clintons are a powerful political machine and possibly the best Machiavellian politicians America has ever produced. They are not stupid and certainly know that to snatch up the black vote away from Obama will not be easy. It is my opinion that the acquisition of the Butts endorsement was perhaps a well calculated maneuver by the Clinton’s power team It was clearly done to steer black voters away from Obama and bring them into the Clinton camp.
Conservative pundits are confused as to why Hillary would seek the endorsement of someone like Butts knowing his racist past. However, this is precisely why his endorsement was coveted by the Clintons. An endorsement from someone like Calvin Butts who has an edge of being anti-white will do more to strengthen her support among blacks than an endorsement from someone who may have the appearance of being an "Uncle Tom" negro like George Foreman or even Eddie Murphy or Will Smith. The vast majority of blacks identify with Butts negative opinions of white people and therefore his endorsement may very well be the edge Hillary needs to capture the nomination.
Don’t forget the Faith & Freedom Conference on April 4, 5, & 6. Of course we are delighted that Don Black, the founder of Stormfront and Derek Black, who is known as Theodoric on Stormfront will both be at our Faith & Freedom Conference on April 4,5 & 6. Other guests are Paul Fromm from Ontario, Canada who can be heard nightly on Stormfront Radio, Mark Downey of Kinsman Redeemer Ministries and Ralph Forbes, correspondent for American Free Press.

Write to Thomas Robb Ministries, P. O. Box 354, Bergman, AR 72601 for a registration form to attend the conference.

God bless you all!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Poor Bill!

Poor Bill Clinton! Give the man a break! This guy and his sweet southern lady just can't charm the Negro vote like they used to.

Gosh, don't these wonderful African-Negroes have any loyalty. Bill Clinton and Hillary has spent a life time serving African-Americans. Bill has even been called the first black president. You would think that they would have a degree of loyalty. But no, the first black guy that skips down the campaign trail and they run away from Bill like a plague. Bill and Hillary are wondering, "Where did all our Negroes go?"

But Bill I want you to know it isn't that they love you less, it's just they love their black presidential candidate more. The black race has always voted as a block. We have to respect them, don't we? After all they are doing what our people should be doing. I recall as a child hearing the older folks say, "The trouble with white people is they don't stick together." This hasn't changed. Negroes still stick together - white people still don't.

Negroes have a sense of race consciousness. We shouldn't be mad at them for it, after all it is a quality that helps insure their cohesiveness.

As the population of white people continue to plummet we have to wonder will white people ever awake suddenly from their apathy?

So Bill, Barak Obama is angry with something you said. Last week they were all over Hillary for the statement she made about how the success of Martin Luther King's dream never would have happened if it were not for the power of Lyndon Johnson's presidency. Of course it is a true statement and Hillary said nothing that is not already well known. But it doesn't matter, like a caged dog that turns on the hand of its provider, Negroes were suddenly demanding an apology. And I am still wondering - apologize for what?

Bill, it's probably too late for you to repent of your misdeeds and come back and join us is racial solidarity. But that is what you should do! That is what all white people should do! Not because it will then be a means to subjugate black people, but because it would be a means to insure our racial survival.

Years, ago I held a press conference at the state capital in Little Rock and during the question period from the media I made a comment that governor Clinton didn't care about white people. A reporter asked me how did I know that he didn't care about white people. I told him, "Well, maybe I am wrong. Let's go ask him." So I went into the capital with about 25 members of the news media following me as I went to see the governor. Bill Clinton refused to come out of his office and sent a spokesman out to meet me instead.

So he was never able to answer my question but over the years I think his answer has been loud and clear.

I know Bill Clinton is not going to read this blog, but if he did I would point out to him that it doesn't matter what you do or say they will not be loyal to you. The black vote will always go for the black candidate. And what is to become of our children when we are hopelessly outnumbered is a flood on brown faces. According to the Brookings Institution, based in Washington D.C. among children, age 7 and under, white kids are already a minority. In America, White people will be a minority in less than 40 years.

What kind of future will your children have?

Do you care?

I am still puzzled. Why is it such a "holy" thing when Negroes, Mexicans, Asians or Jews stick together and at the same time an evil racist and hateful thing when white people stick together?

I want to thank all those who have written or called and told how much they enjoyed the Sunday morning church service broadcast on Stormfront Radio. God bless you all!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Birthday of Robert E. Lee

I would be amiss if I did not remind you that this is the birthday of Robert E. Lee. On February 18, 1874 while speaking at the Southern Historical Society in Atlanta, Georgia, Senator Benjamin Hill made the following statement about Lee.

"When the future historians shall come to survey the character of Lee, he will find it rising like a huge mountain above the undulating plains of humanity, and he must lift his eyes high toward heaven to catch its summit.

"He was a foe without hate, a friend without treachery, a soldier without cruelty, a victor without oppression, and a victim without murmuring.

"He was a public officer without vices, a private citizen without wrong, a neighbor without reproach, a Christian without hypocrisy and a man without guile.

"He was a Caesar without his ambition, a Frederick without his tyranny, a Napoleon without his selfishness and a Washington without his reward."


I am posting a couple of pictures of the interview with Kristen Fisher of Current Television. Also a reminder to listen to our Sunday morning church service broadcast live over Stormfront Radio. Go to, stormfront.org, at 12 PM Eastern Time and click on the red square box that says, LISTEN HERE!

I will be back on my blog on Tuesday.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Kristen Fisher of Current television came out on Monday, Jan 14th to interview me for a special. We posted a couple of those pictures yesterday. She came back the following day and interviewed the girls of Heritage Connection. She filmed some of their songs and spoke to them for a while. I am posting some pictures of that today. After she finished interviewing the girls she had some more questions for me and I will post some of those pictures tomorrow.
If you are not familiar with the white nationalist music of Heritage Connection I would suggest you go to, heritageconnection.tv, and check it out.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

They Will Never Be Happy!

They will never be happy! No matter what you do, how well you take care of them - they won’t be happy. It is like that spoiled child who is granted his every wish - he is given plenty of food, allowed to have all the candy and ice cream he wants, he watches TV when ever he wants. His mother and father never tell him "No!" This spoiled child screams and hollers if he doesn’t immediately get his way. He is never wrong. Whenever he gets in a fight, his mother runs to his side and takes up for him - the other child is always wrong. Her little baby is just being picked on. And nobody better ever say anything against her good little boy.

Oh, yes, he absolutely never has to eat his vegetables.

And do you know what happens? The moment mommy or daddy does say "No" the spoiled little twerp runs away screaming - "You don’t love me - I hate you!"

It seems like this would be the general description of minorities in America today. Take for example the recent incident (and there are others) of Hillary Clinton who made the comment that the activities of Martin Luther King would have never been realized if it were not for a president that pushed through the legislation.

Civil right activists immediately accused of Hillary of "insensitivity" or perhaps even being slightly racist.

Give me a break! Clintons - racist? It really doesn’t matter how much you do - how much you cuddle them, feed them and make sure they have a nice warm place to live and their children get free medical care. The moment you say the wrong word or say "No" you become insensitive, hateful, bigoted and mean spirited.

Clintons? Insensitive?

Hillary and Bill has spent a lifetime of bowing before every demand that is made upon them. In fact Bill Clinton has been so completely committed to black causes he has, more than once, been called the first Black president. But evidently Negroes still aren’t happy.

The fact is they have become spoiled children. Give the wrong look, say the wrong thing, to simply say "No" to some stupid idea that they might have and Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and little Negroes around the country get their panties in a wad and start whining on national TV.
I know that someone will read this and claim that I am being insensitive, but golly, if that accusation can be successfully leveled at the Clintons - how on earth do I think I can ever avoid it.

We have a reported here on Monday doing a story for Current News Network. This is a national network and many of you, no doubt, receive it as part of your cable or satellite package. She did a somewhat lengthy interview and then returned the next day and also to do a story on Heritage Connection. I am going to post a few picture taken on Monday and then Tomorrow I will post those taken at the Heritage Connection interview.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Caucasian Jeans

Well, they arn't really white, but they are jeans for White Folks! Yes, go to caucasiansjeans.com and check it out. These are good quality jeans, American made and proudly displaying the CAUCASIANS label. If you place an order, and I hope you do, be sure to tell them you heard about the jeans from Thomas Robb.
We are into a new week and preparing a Torch for the printer. Hopefully we can get it printed next week. Also we have an edition of The Crusader at the printer and should have it back this week or at least by the first part of next week.

Last night while working in my office I was listening to Stormfront Radio and Theodoric and all the folks at Stormfront do outstanding work. If you have never listened to Stormfront Radio I urge everyone to check it out. Stormfront has music, news and commentary promoting a White Nationalist agenda. Go to, stormfront.org, and when the homepage comes up click on the red square box that says LISTEN HERE! and it will take you straight to Stormfront Radio. I think you will be pleased. Of course we are delighted that Don Black, the founder of Stormfront and Derek Black, who is known as Theodoric on Stormfront will both be at our Faith & Freedom Conference on April 4,5 & 6.


I did another interview yesterday with a reporter from Little Rock. I will have a picture on tomorrows blog. Also I think they will be back up again today because she was interested in Heritage Connection and may want to listen to their music and do a story about them. We’ll see.

If you are unfamiliar with Heritage Connection check them out. Go to, heritageconnection.tv, and look it over. You can also listen to a couple of their songs. They have a great CD with some lively white power Christian music. They too, will be at our Faith & Freedom Conference. We have registration forms ready, so write to Thomas Robb Ministries, P. O. Box 354, Bergman, AR 72615 and we will send one to you.

Those of you who are listeners to Stormfront, need to make a special effort to be here. As I have already said, Don Black and Derek Black of Stormfront will be here and this is a great opportunity to come and meet them.

The Faith & Freedom Conference is centrally located in the country and is only about a 14 hour drive or less from places as far away as, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit (Is there any white people still in Detroit?), Louisville, Cleveland, Lexington, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans.

The Faith & Freedom Conference is held on the private property of the Soldiers of the Cross Bible Camp in the comfortable Christian Revival Center. There is room to pitch a tent or park an RV (no hook-ups).

We pay special attention to the children. Most conferences have no facilities to accommodate the children. Our situation is different and we want you to bring them with you. While the Faith & Freedom Conference is taking place in the Christian Revival Center we have the Children’s Faith & Freedom Conference taking place at the same time. So bring them along. Here are some of the subjects covered in the children’s conference. Who is God’s Family? Honor your Heritage! God’s Blessings Upon America! How God Protects His People!Country Hike - Looking at the Wonders of Nature.

We have plenty of room and you and your children will be truly excited. I also want to add that during the breaks we have ping pong, air hockey, basket ball hoops, pool and fuse ball.

And did I mention - Paul Fromm, Ralph Forbes, Mark Downey, Rachel Pendergraft and the inspiring gospel music of husband and wife team - Steve and Bonnie. This is gonna be great!

Write for a registration form ASAP.

Check out the blog tomorrow.

God bless!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Did America Really Win the Cold War?

We recorded another edition of This is the Klan for our internet news program and you can go to, kkk.bz, to access it. Also we recorded another edition of The Global Minority Report which can be heard at. 3.185 Mhz. This is a shortwave radio broadcast heard on Wednesday evening at 10 PM eastern time. It broadcast from Nashville so if you are south of nashville you won't be able to hear it. But north of Nashville, into Canada and across the northpole and into Europe is where you will get reception.

Last Week we began a three part series, Did America Really Win the Cold War? Our Sunday morning church service can be hear each Sunday morning on Stormfront Radio. Go top, stormfron.org and click the red box that says, LISTEN HERE! If you do this at 12 PM eastern time you will be able to hear our Sunday morning church service live.

This week we will have part two of Did America Really Win the Cold War?
I know that we have all been told that the Cold War ended with the collape of the Soviet Union in 1991. To the majority of people it is obvious that we won because the Soviet Union is gone and we are still here.

But it was never the Soviet Union that was our enemy but the ideolog of Communism which controled the political structure of the Soviet Union.
It was this ideology of Communism that threaten us then and still threatens us today.

Be sure to listen to our church service this Sunday for much more information.
I appreciate all of you who are working to preserve America's liberty.

Don't forget the Faith & Freedom Conference coming on April 4-6, 2008. This is going to a fabulous conference with Don Black, Paul Fromm, Ralph Forbes, Steve & Bonnie, Heritage Connection, Derek Black, Mark Downey, Rachel Pendergraft.
This is held in the Christian Revival Center at the Soldiers of the Cross Bible Camp.
Mark your calendar now.

God bless you all. I won't be writing on my blog until Tuesday morning. Don't forget church Sunday morning.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Obama is Now the New ASN

The buzz all over the news yesterday was the victory of Hillary Clinton and John McCain in the New Hampshire primary. Early polls had shown that Barak Obama would win by double digits but as you now know Obama lost to Sen. Hillary Clinton in a close contest that had all the political talking heads wondering how they
could have been so wrong.

Barak Obama, however did extremely well in a state that has fewer Africans than there are “nappy headed hoe’s” at a Imus fan club convention.

We are being told that Iowa’s as well as New Hampshire’s white Democratic voters have proven that race is no longer an issue among American voters and even though Obama lost, his support was evident.

Both Iowa and New Hampshire have a very low black population and this may account for Obama’s overwhelming white support in these early states. Whites in these states as well as other areas of the country with a low black population, seem to be more enchanted with “wonderful African-Americans” than in areas with a large black population such as Atlanta, Detroit, Denver or Chicago.

Whites in these areas have had a heavy does of African-Americans with much more one on one - face to faceexperience than those in Iowa and New Hampshire and perhaps therefore will be less likely to vote for whatmight be America’s Smartest Negro. (Jesse Jackson is in danger of losing the ASN title.)

With the media anointing Obama the ASN award he is being touted as the candidate that can bring change to Washington.

I am rather doubtful that Obama can continue riding the wave. As he goes into states that have more close-hand experience with Negroes we may see the size of his white support drop.

As we go to Michigan with a high black population, white voters who have had years of close contact with Negroes might respond with a thanks, but no thanks, and put their support behind Hillary. Even blacks are divided in their support between Hillary and Obama. Obama among many blacks is looked upon as somewhat of an Un-
cle Tom while the Clinton’s have over the years shown their support for for the black revolution.

I had several people call me today regarding their concern about the growing support for Obama.

The fact is that there probably would not be a measurable difference between an Obama, Clinton or even a McCain or Huckabee presidency as they are all globalist at their core and back peddle away from a firm commitment to uphold the constitution.

It is the opinion of many in the White Nationalist movement that the election of Obama as president may go a long way to awaken people from their stupor.

There is a sleeping giant laying the heart of our people. This giant has been tranquilized and appears lifeless and dead - but is only sleeping.

Surprisingly an awaken White populous would not only allow us to regain our racial integrity and survival but would also provide greater safety and a brighter future for Negroes as well.

Those who may be confused by the above statement, need only to look at the quality of life that American Negroes have been able to enjoy under white dominated rule compared with the quality of life that their counterparts have in African nations dominated by African leadership. Or a closer example can be seen between the
calm, peace and safety blacks had in their own communities before the the so-called civil rights movement and the debasement of the police compared to the unsafe an violent black neighborhoods of today.


I am posting the last part of the my article which appeared in the current issue of The Barnes Review to read the complete article you will need to read my three previous posts.

Christian Identity is America’s Hope - Part 4

There are only three ways to undermine the power of Christian Zionism.

1) Convince millions of Christians who support Zionism to abandon their religion. This is the approach of many within the White Nationalist movement. While claiming religion should have no part of our movement, they make the central theme of their propaganda attacking the religion of millions of people.

2) Convince millions of people that although Israel used to be Gods chosen people, they arent any longer because God abandoned His covenant with Israel and is preparing a great Gentile church. Of course this is a hard
sell. There are just to many places in the Bible where God hinges his very integrity upon his ability to keep the covenant he made with Israel. Again it makes religion and the proper interpretation of the Bible a centraltheme.

3) Keep religion out of the debate and focus on the historical migrations of Israel and their relationship to the children of Europe. With that understood we can recognize the modern Jewish state to be exactly what they are. Imposters!

There is no need for Christians to abandon their faith and there is no need to play gymnastics with the Bible.

God made a covenant with Israel.

The children of Israel are therefore the sons and daughters of God.

They migrated into Europe and became great and powerful nations.

Each of the three approaches toward the cancer of Christian Zionism will be difficult for Christian Zionist to accept. Their head is firmly buried in cement and we are reminded of the words of Cicero who stated that the power of the Jews to manipulate the masses is impressive.

However, I believe Christian Identity is the only teaching that can successfully destroy the power base of Christian Zionism. White Nationalists who reject Christianity and our Israel identity fail to understand that they will never get our people to turn away from their Christian faith. Why should they? Christianity has been the teaching of our people for generations. It is deeply rooted in their psyche. It lifted them from their dark depressing pagan rituals and gave them hope. It opened their mind and it gave life to their soul. It inspired cathedrals, mu-
sic, art and literature and set our nations on the course to greatness!

Only recognizing our racial identity to Israel will allow our people to keep the faith of their ancestors and at the same time expose the heresy of Judeo-Christianity. It will give them the direction, the hope and the rebirth so
desperately needed

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Right? Left? or Down the Middle?

Political campaigns are a strange and bizarre ritual that reminds me of a mouse running around in a maze. The mouse doesn’t know if it should turn left, right or go straight. You certainly must understand the confusion the mouse suffers as he tries to find his way to the cheese.

Politicians are much the same way, the White House is alluring and they know its out there, but they must undergo this great emotional stress trying to decide if they should go right, left or straight.

John McCain, who won the Republican New Hampshire primary will jot to the left and then out of nowhere make a sharp right turn.

Last February McCain teamed up with Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts to introduce new immigration measures which postured it self as being tough on immigration but had provisions which would allow illegal aliens easy access to citizenship. Citizen status could be reached after 12 years if they met requirements such as learning English, passing a criminal background check, and paying back taxes and a $2,000 fine.

Kennedy said: "Those who have lived here, who have basically played by the rules, worked hard . . . they, I believe, ought to be able to adjust their status. This is a complex issue. . ."

Of course, Kennedy is lying. It is not a complex issue and can be solved by putting a few troops on the border. Patch working will not work. It is like crawling to the phone and barely able to dial 911 so the police can come "protect and to serve" by wiping up the blood off the floor when we know a well armed citizen is able to protect his home more effectively and less cost to the taxpayers.

I certainly have to agree with Penn Jillette of the comedian and illusionist team of Penn & Teller who said recently on the Glenn Beck Show that he believes that there is more good guys than bad guys, so if all the good guys had guns we would have the bad guys outnumbered.

So I would like to see a lot of good guys on our border and if the president is concerned about the cost of putting troops on the border I am sure that there would be more than enough volunteers if the president would call for a citizens militia.

John McCain and the other "mice" running through the maze looking for the big hunk of cheese at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are under great stress trying to decided if a right turn or a left turn would help their campaign.

I recall a few years ago speaking with a campaign adviser for Edwin Edward who in 1981 ran for his fourth term as government of Louisiana against David Duke. He told me that the way a good politician wins elections is to find out which way the parade is going and then jump to the front.

John McCain has made a right turn as well as the other politicians by now presenting themselves as the candidate that will get tough on immigration. But the history of McCain, Huckabee, Romney and the others have been one of ignoring or even subtlety encouraging illegal immigration through "award" programs for illegals.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that seems to be running on principle as there is no evidence that he has altered his position and continually promotes a constructionist view of our U. S. Constitution. Of course this blog represents only my opinoin.

The mice will continue their run until the November elections, jotting right, left or straight way down the center, depending on where they are and who they are speaking to. But what do they really believe? What are they really going to do once they trade in their campaign bus for Air Force One is as great a mystery as an over peroxide blonde trying to remember what her original hair color was.
I am posting the 3rd part of the my article which appeared in the current issue of The Barnes Review to read the complete article you will need to read my two previous posts as well as the one which I will post tomorrow.

Christian Identity is America’s Hope - Part 3

"I know there are those who say that this Christian Identity teaching is of no consequence and should have no part in our struggle for the survival of Western Civilization.

As I see it, and I may be mistaken, there are two groups of White Nationalists who reject this teaching of our Israel Identity.

The first are those who are not Christians and believe in the silly notion that Christianity is a creation of the Jews. Yet many of these same people will welcome Jews to sit in their membership, to speak at their conventions or author articles for their publications.

These non-Christian White Nationalists embrace the teachings of evolution. ?There is no deity governing the affairs of man. We have just developed according to the dictates of evolution.? They sincerely believe that the law of natural selection has over millions of years produced the races of mankind we see today. Congratulations! you are a highly developed form of something slimy that crawled out of a pond!

However, Christian Identity reaches down into the soul of our people and speaks to our heart, ?You are the sons and daughters of God!?

Now which do you think will give greater inspiration to a people looking for direction, hope and rebirth? I don’t care about religion! But I do care about loving our God and loving our people!
The second group of those who reject our Israel Identity are Christian people who teach that the Jews were God?s chosen people, but because they rejected Jesus Christ he has now rejected them. These people generally teach what has been called replacement theology. It teaches that the Christian Church has replaced Israel as God?s chosen people. The trouble with this teaching is how it generally embraces universalism and the concept of a multiracial church.

Today we are burdened down with the teachings of Zionism. It has captured not only our national governments, but our economy, our media and even our forms of entertainment. However the entity which has brought the greatest heartache upon our nation is the Zionist capture of our ?Christian? churches. For that reason, the Israeli government continues to receive millions of dollars from Judeo-Christian churches in America and abroad.

This support, both vocal and monetary, from the vast majority of churches in America, deluded with the notion that the Jews are God?s chosen people, have incredible influence over decisions made by our elected leaders. Not only are these leaders concerned about powerful Jewish lobbies but are equally concerned about offending millions of Christians who think God will curse us if we do not grant every wish, desire and demand made upon us by Zionist Jews. These Christian Zionists are the backbone of the war against Iraq and are now demanding war against Iran - Why? Because, we are being told, Iran has threatened tiny, little Israel.

The power of Jewish Zionists to dictate our foreign policy in the middle east is made possible by Christian Zionists who are bolstered with the notion that because the Jews are the ?chosen ones? we must be their towel boy. "

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

George Washington Gives State of the Union Address

January 8, 1790 George Washington delivers 1st state of union address. The State of the Union took about 10 - 12 minutes to deliver. Recent State of the Union can go well over an hour.
The Advocate is a homosexual magazine published in San Francisco. The December 18th edition ran a full page ad from Ford Motor Company. Ford has been a long, steady and committed supporter of the homosexual agenda. I am posting a front cover of The Advocate along with an example of a full page ad that Ford ran. Ford has a generous advertising budget for The Advocate as well as OUT, another homosexual publication. Ford will also, each year, help sponsor the Gay Olympics.

The corruption of our sexual and racial morals has been the agenda of those that hate Christianity and our Republic.

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Corporation was a great patriot and did much to expose the conspiratorial hatred for our Republic. Much of his research was published in his book, The International Jew. This same information was also published in The Dearborn Independent, a Michigan daily newspaper he owned. I had the pleasure of meeting Howard Rand before his passing who as a young man and a lawyer, worked for Henry Ford and did much research for the book.

I have no doubt that Henry Ford would disown all of his descendants who would engage in such an evil practice of supporting the homosexual agenda by means of its advertising dollars.

Ford Motor Company offers to pay the medicals bills for any of its employees who were mistakenly born in the "wrong" body. Ford will pay for mental health counseling, hormone therapy, medical visits, and short-term disability after surgical procedures for any of their employees who choose to change their sex.

Of course the phrase - sex change - is not possible. What you simply end up with is a medically deformed man that has the appearance of a woman or a medically deformed woman who has the appearance of a man. The sex does not change - only the outward appearance.

The American Family Association has led a boycott (which I support) against Ford for the last two years and Ford has suffered terribly as a result.
If you did not read last Saturdays’s blog then you need to do that now. I am posting, in four parts, an article that I wrote and which was printed in the current issue of The Barnes Review. This is part 2. The article deals on why Christian Identity is important to the White Nationalist movement. I want to mention that on Fridays Blog I put the title for part 1 of the article, Did America Really Win the Cold War? That was an error. Did America Really Win the Cold War? is the title to a three part sermon I am giving at church and I guess I had that title in my head and put it at the head of the article. If you look at the blog now you will see that I corrected it, Anyway below is part 2 of this article I wrote for The Barnes Review,

Christian Identity is America's Hope - Part 2

"I want to confess that I believe our people are best identified as having a racial and historical link to those people in the Bible we call Israel.

It is not my intention in the few paragraphs allowed me to present even one piece of evidence which shows this identity. There are scores of books written which demonstrates the historical and archaeological evidence for such a conclusion.

I know there are those within white nationalism that reject the abundant proof which is available. I think one of the great misunderstandings of those who reject our Israel identity is that they think this Christian Identity teaching has something to do with religion. It does not!

Recognizing the racial connection of our people with the ancient nation of Israel has no more to do with religion than understanding the racial connection of the American people with their ancestors in Europe. It is a study of migrations and not a study of religion. Recognizing the American people are blood related to the sons and daughters of Europe is an historical fact upon which both devout Christians and atheists can agree. Likewise, recognizing the blood relationship of our people to those ancient people we call Israel carries no religious trappings, teachings or rituals.

I don’t care about religion. The identity of our people with Israel is simply a study in migrations of people over great periods of time. In fact Jesus Christ said that there were only two things of which we needed to concern ourselves. One: Love your God and, two: Love your people!

And that is the issue at stake. Everyday our people are being marginalized. We are a people in need of direction! We are a people in need of hope! And we are a people in need of rebirth! This is the question before us: Will we find direction, hope and rebirth in time?

I have little controversy with white nationalists who reject our Israel Identity. They demonstrate their commitment to the 2nd commandment given by Jesus Christ - Love your people! While those Judeo-Christians who have little or no concern for our people have broken both! They do not love their people and therefore demonstrate that they do not love their God."
I want to remind all those that subscribe to either The Torch or The Crusader to notify us if you move. Both of these publications are mail at 3rd class mailing rate. The post office only forward 1st class mail. 3rd class is trashed and we will have no idea of what your new mailing address is. Also The Crusader and The Torch have separate mailing addresses. The Crusader is published by Christian Concepts and you will need to write to P.O. Box 2222, Harrison, AR 72601 to make note of an address change. The Torch is published by Thomas Robb Ministries and you will have to write, P.O. Box 354, Bergman, AR 72615 to make note of an address change. If you receive both publications, you will have to write to BOTH addresses.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Davy Crockett Arrives in Texas

It was on this date, January 5, 1836, that Davy Crockett arrived in Texas to join the Texas battle for independence. He was born on August 17, 1786 and was killed defending the Alamo on March 6, 1836. Crockett was a celebrated 19th-century American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier and politician. He represented Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives, served in the Texas Revolution, and died at the age of 49 in the defense of the Alamo.
I want to invite you to listen to the Sunday morning church service coming from the Christian Revival Center. We broadcast our church service on Stormfront Radio at 12PM eastern time on Sunday. Go to, stormfront.org, and click the red box that says LISTEN HERE. This Sunday I will have the first part of a two part series titled, DID AMERICA REALLY WIN THE COLD WAR? I think you might find this intriguing as it is the conventional belief that America did indeed win the cold war. It it considered self-evident in as much as the Soviet Union dissolved in 1981. Any way join us for church on Sunday on Stormfront Radio.
Yesterday I mentioned that Willis Carto, publisher of The Barnes Review and American Free Press, called me early last fall and asked for an article on why Christian Identity was important in the White Nationalist movement. The article is appearing in the current issue of The Barnes Review. For those of you who do not subscribe to The Barnes Review I am going to post the article on this blog in 4 installments. The first installment will be today and the second installment on Tuesday morning, then again on Wednesday and Thursday.

Christian Identity is America's Hope

We are a Christian people! Everything which defines us as a people reveals this historical truth. From our concept of liberty, to our understanding of self-government, our respect for human life, our commitment to moral principle and our desire to maintain the nuclear family of father, mother and children shouts this into our ears. Every aspect of our national and social character reveals to us that the Christian faith is the strength of Western Civilization.

In our ancestral homelands of Europe we were a Christian people; from the North Atlantic to the Iberian peninsula, from the white cliffs of Dover to the heartland of Russia. Our laws, our morals and our very society thunders to the world - This is a Christian people! Christianity defines our character and there is no other people who can make this claim.

We were not always a Christian people, certainly our ancestors served a variety of gods. And they served those gods with pride, honor and dignity for it was the nature of our people to seek something greater than they were. Our people continually sought to lift themselves up higher, to seek something better for themselves and their families. It is for this reason that Christianity was so quickly received into the heart and soul of our people. When Christianity was introduced to our pagan ancestors they quickly abandoned all they had known and adopted this new faith with enthusiasm. Every time? No! Every one? No! But there is no denying that the Christian faith blended into the heart of our ancestors with little reservation. Why? Because it fit! It was a perfect match with their nature and their character.

I think the reason for this mass conversion to Christianity is because these people, our Aryan ancestors, were the people for which the Gospel was designed. Whether you accept Biblical teaching or not, the fact is that Jesus Christ said that he came to minister to only ONE people - the people he called His children. Of course, if you do not believe in God then this doesn't make sense anyway. But as a white nationalist I am somewhat amused by some other white nationalist who think there is more honor and nobility in being a higher developed form of sea slime than to be a son or daughter of God. (To be continued on Tuesday, January 8th)

Friday, January 4, 2008

This is going to be just a brief post today. Yesterday we recorded a new addition of This is the Klan for our internet TV program and also a new edition of The Global Minority Report. This is the Klan, of course, can be accessed from The Knights Party website. And The Global Minority Report can be heard on Wednesday nights at 10 AM Eastern Time at 3.185 Mhz on shortwave radio.

Last fall, Willis Carto, the publisher of American Free Press and The Barnes Review called me and asked if I would write an article for The Barnes Review. He wanted an article explaining why Christian Identity is important for the White Nationalist cause. So I wrote the article and submitted it to him a few days later. The article is appearing in the current issue of TBR. I won't have time today, but perhaps I will post the article tomorrow for those who do not get TBR.

I woke up this morning hearing about the latest episode of Britney Spears. While it may be the first reaction to make fun of her and her losing lifestyle. I have to pause and think about the inedible sadness which must be in her life.

All the money and fame in the world will not buy happiness or peace of mind. The Bible tells us that peace can only be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It's sad that so many people go through their whole lives and never discover this simple truth.

I have to run. See you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Identity Ministry Bites the Dust

James Bruggerman is a Christian Identity minister in Asheville, N. C. He travels to Atlanta, Georgia once each month on the 2nd Sunday to hold fellowship meetings for those in the area. As I understand, his ministry was launched by the late Jack Mohr who turned over his mailing list to Bruggerman as Mohr began to grow old.

I met James Bruggerman in Idaho about 3 years ago and heard him speak. He speaks mildly and yet with enthusiasm. I liked him and thought he was a nice person.

Since that time I have been on his mailing list and for a while was on his tape list. I even sent him a copy of my book Racial Reconciliation and the Word of God and invited him to stop by for a visit if he was ever in this area. I received a nice letter back from him.

However, I was deeply disappointed by a letter he recently mailed to his Atlanta mailing list, dated November 28. Here is what he wrote.

"IMPORTANT NOTE: One of our newer members has a friend from work that they would like to invite to the fellowship, but they said they wanted to know if any of our regulars at our fellowship would have a problem with that, because she is a black woman. I had a chance to run this by only a couple of you orally so I am putting it here in the letter. You can call me or write me with your feedback; or you can mention it to me at this next meeting.
"I think I speak for all of us when I say this: we believe and teach that God created all the races and that He intended for them to remain unmixed. To mix the blood of two races is to "adulterate" the blood; hence, the true meaning of the commandment: "Thou shalt not commit adultery." That being said, I doubt that I speak for all of us beyond that, because where does one draw the line? In other words, because we do not believe in interracial marriage, does that mean that people of different races cannot ever be in any situations together? Can we be at a basketball game together? A political gathering together? I think so. Can we worship the Lord Jesus Christ together? I think so.

"But I draw the line at dating: NO dating or beyond! If that "line in the sand" is understood, them I personally do not have a problem with worshiping and being in teaching sessions like our gatherings with those of other races. That is the way I see it. You may not agree. Although I am the leader and organizer of our fellowship, I would not dictate on something like this. I do want to hear from you. At this point, nothing has been said to the potential guest.
"Of course, those of you who are regulars recall that we have already had a child of black-white mixed blood in the fellowship on numerous occasions when he attended with his white mom or aunt. That extended family has been a part of our Atlanta fellowship since the beginning ten years ago. I agape-love them and we have all welcomed them to the fellowship whenever they can make it, seldom though it is."

I don't want to sound mean and nasty but disappointed in James Bruggerman is an understatement. I guarantee that every person who attends our Sunday morning church service or listens to our Sunday morning church service on Stormfront Radio knows exactly how I stand on the issues of race.

I cannot imagine anyone having to ask how I would feel about non-whites attending our church service. The very fact that someone in his fellowship asked if it would be permissible shows that race has not been a major teaching of his ministry.

As a minister he has the responsibility to give proper guidance to those in his fellowship. After all if a mixed race child comes to his fellowship as he stated and is in fact "welcomed" I wonder if the same mixed race child, as a teenager, is welcome to go to the pizza and bowling party with the other teenagers in his fellowship. Or would if the mixed-race teenager has a knack with words, will he or she be asked to teach some Bible classes at the fellowship.

This seems to be the trouble with most "ministers" today. Just because someone is a nice person and likes to read and talk about the Bible does not mean he is "called."

James Bruggerman is a nice man. He doesn't want to be "mean" and so he is unable to tell these non-whites "No!" But that is where race-mixing starts. We should not be attempting to create multi-racial churches.

I am going to post this now, but I might get back and write a little more later. I am not sure. Check back and see.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ron Paul Sign at my House!

I am posting a picture of myself putting up a Ron Paul for President sign in front of my home. There is also one of my son Jason with the sign in front of his house.

This is the first time in years that I can actually vote FOR a candidate instead of voting for what may be considered the lesser of two evils. Every other Republican, if elected, will be just a repeat of the globalist policies of all recent candidates for president.

I am aware that Ron Paul is most likely not a White Nationalist. I have never seen anything that he has said or done which would indicate he was. However, I have never seen anything that he has said of done which would indicate he wasn’t. Over the past few weeks I have read several statements on the internet from Ron Paul supporters defending Paul and stated he can not be a racist because as a doctor he has treated many minorities and in his profession has saved the lives of minorities - "something that a racist would never do!"

The assumption, and it is a false assumption, is that White Nationalists are racist. The understanding of these mistaken individuals is a White Nationalist is a racist. Of course, this is not true! I am a White Nationalist but I am certainly not a racists - certainly not in the sense which it is usually defined.

Across the country White Nationalists are working on behalf of the Ron Paul campaign. But these White Nationalists are not racist. At least I don’t think they are. Even though I am a White Nationalist I can’t imagine that I would ever, or could ever, purposely harm of injure someone who isn’t white.

So just because Ron Paul has treated non-whites and perhaps saved the lives of some non-white individuals does not in itself prove he is not a White Nationalists. Nor does the fact that White Nationalists support his presidential campaign prove he is a White Nationalist.

The fact is that White Nationalist, at least as I see it, are for the most part constitutionalists. We believe in the Constitutional Republic given to us by our forefathers. I have little doubt our forefathers disagreed on many things, but they were unified in their belief that our Constitutional Republic was the best form of government to govern us and to protect our God given rights.

This is all we want from government and it is all that should be expected. We do not need special laws or protections, we do not need affirmative action programs, special privileges, systems to advance us beyond our natural abilities or other government handouts. These are programs that "minorities" evidently need and now feel they deserve by entitlement. White Nationalists are comfortable with the policy of "Equal rights for all - Special privileges for none!

Our support for Ron Paul isn’t based on any actual or perceived endorsement he may have or not have for White Nationalism. It is simply because our commitment to a Constitutional Republic evidently matches his and matches millions of others nationwide.

This is the reason why the Ron Paul campaign brings support from all those who are true libertarians - some of which are quite liberal in their views but are equally concerned about a run-away government which has dumped the Constitution in favor of a globalist agenda. This is why even people like, Bill Maher, the liberal news commentator can say, Ron Paul is "my new hero." In other words, get the government off our back, abolish the IRS, abolish the Department of Education, bring our troops home, seal the border and OBEY the constitution.

Well, it’s New Years day and I am going to go have dinner now.

I am sure I will be writing on this again. I hope you all have a great year in front of you. I appreciate all of you who love liberty and are willing to fight for its preservation.

It is self-evident that we are in a period of decline for our nation when the desire to follow the guidelines of the Constitution is considered radical and is only the agenda of extremists!

If you would like to learn more about Ron Paul, just google his name and a lot of material will come up.

God bless you!