Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sodomy is Not Gay

A day doesn’t go by without hearing about gay rights, gay issues, gay students or gay couples and "marriages."

I looked in my dictionary (ok, I’ll admit it’s an old dictionary) and the word gay is defined as: happy, merry, lively, bright, excited and brilliant in color.

No where is gay defined as a degenerate, abnormal, neurotic individual suffering from mental illness who will likely die from a dreaded disease, alone and rejected by society.

But maybe the dictionary got it wrong.


Klan said...

When I was in school they taught us that 6 million people were killed by the Nazi's in the Holocaust. Now it is up to 13 mill. That is quite a jump isnt it? Now how did they miss 7 million people from the 80's until now? Too bad this is not an investment opportunity that would be quite a return, more than double. Shoot by 2020 it might be up to 18 million they way things are going.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

However, I don't see any homosexuals running around where I live, but the plac is filling up with Blacks and I feel very unsafe here.

Homosexaulity is a mental disorder, and a tragic one. Homosexuals are fundamentally miserable and do not "get away" with their deeds. But when Blacks move into the neighborhood, innocent Whites are dispossessed and are frequently victims of violent crime.

Check out this article by an American Indian on how he does not want Whites to perish:

"The Hated White Race"

Anonymous said...

" But when Blacks move into the neighborhood, innocent Whites are dispossessed and are frequently victims of violent crime."

This is what the communists want. They want rampant crime then they come in and say they have a solution. So you vote for them. However it is a solution that will cost you dearly in the end. You lose your freedom.

Anonymous said...

I have met many openly gay people. I notice one thing: that is their whole identity. All they are is gay. If you get to talk to them you notice that they suffer from depression. I have never met a gay man who did not. Homosexuality is wrong. Even if you do not believe in God it is still against nature. However God gave us a conscience, a true knowledge of right and wrong, and no matter how much the media, liberals, and gay groups celebrate this it is still wrong.

Anonymous said...

Whoa I know gay people they act "normally" its just that they are... Gay. I've never meet a depressed gay person. If Gayness is a disorder then they should'nt be hated for it. Its like hating retarded people because they are retarted.

But I don't think Gayness is a disorder I think people just want to be what they want to be. Thats what seperates us from animals... We have choice in our lives.

Hopefully everyone will be gone by 2080 but whose counting...hehe

Anonymous said...

Also have you ever tried talking with the black people... I mean at first glance they may seem different but most of them are nice. Most people are generally nice.

james said...

Am I going to hell if god made me attracted to the same sex? I have gone to church every Sunday of my life and I still feel sexually attracted to the same sex. I try and try to convince myself to be attracted to women but it is no use. The priest at my church was fine with me being gay. Is he going to hell too? I am very confused

Anonymous said...

James: God didn't make you attracted to the same sex. Sin did.

The answer to your question, "Am I going to hell?"


Micetayl said...

What I'm tired of is their "in your face" attitude. The I'm gay and I can do whatever I want whenever I want no matter how disgusting or immoral it may be and if you don't like it that's prejudice, so too bad. For example, Adam Lambert on the American music awards said just that after his display of crotch grabbing men and women and kissing a guy at the end.
1. I do not want to see ANYBODY,gay or straight,crotch grabbing and making out on stage during a performance. There are kids watching these shows.
2. He's hiding behind the fact that he's gay and using it as an excuse to act like a disgusting immoral pervert in public.
3. I don't care what he says he has a responsibility to his fans, especially the little girls since they're the ones that voted for him on American Idol, to have some dignity.
After all of this I wouldn't be surprised if his career goes down the toilet, after all, he's already there. Isn't he?

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be a "mental disorder" it would be a "genetic disorder" but I don't agree with the term "disorder" at all, as it suggests there's some sort of template that humans are supposed to be fit to at conception, which simply isn't true.

It's evolution (YES, BE SCARED). Genetic variations are very normal (in fact necessary) as life continues to adapt to a constantly fluctuating environment. Just how life works. GET USED TO IT! <--(Gay Pride reference, FYI) ;)