Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Martin Luther King Quiz

Can you pass the Martin Luther King Holiday Quiz?
Be Prepared for Black History month

1. Name the judge who has sealed King's FBI surveillance file until the year 2027.

A) The Honorable John Lewis Smith, Jr.

(That means no one cane see this FBI file for another 17 years)

2. According to whose 1989 biography did King spend his last night on earth in an adulterous liaison?

A) Reverend Ralph Abernathy in his book The Walls Came Tumbling Down

(Abernathy was a personal friend and confidant of King and second in command of King's organization the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.)

3. According to whose 1989 biography did King spend his last morning on earth physically beating a woman?

A) Reverend Ralph Abernathy. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

4. Who was the U.S. Attorney General who ordered the FBI to wiretap King?

A) Liberal icon, Robert F. (Bobby) Kennedy. See David Garrow’s biography “Bearing the Cross.”

5. Who was the Assistant Director of the FBI who wrote a letter to Sen. John P. East (R-NC) describing King's conduct of "orgiastic and adulterous escapades, some of which indicated that King could be bestial in his sexual abuse of women"?

A) Charles D. Brennan

6. Who called King a "hypocrite preacher"?

A) President Lyndon B. Johnson

7. What U.S. newspaper reported that King had plagiarized his doctoral thesis at Boston University?

A) The Wall Street Journal. In 1991 The Journal of American History admitted that “plagiarism was a general pattern evident in nearly all of his academic writings.”

8. Whom did King plagiarize in more than 50 complete sentences in his doctoral thesis?

A) Dr. Jack Boozer

9. Who was the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities who purposely suppressed knowledge of King's plagiarism of his doctoral thesis?

A) Lynne Cheney, wife of former Vice President Richard Cheney

10. What was Martin Luther King's real name?

A) Michael King, Jr. In 1935 his father, Michael King, declared to his congregation that he wound henceforth be known as Martin Luther King and his son would be known as Martin Luther King, Jr.

11. In his first public sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1947 who did King plagiarize?

A) Harry Emerson Fosdick (Fosdick was the pastor of Riverside Church in New York.)

12. Name the man who served as King's personal secretary from 1955 to 1960, had joined the Young Communists League at New York City College in 1936, went to prison for draft evasion in 1944, and in 1953 was sentenced to 60 days in jail in California "lewd vagrancy and homosexual perversion"?

A) Bayard Rustin (Rustin was a homosexual and affiliated with the Communist Party and later with communistic front organizations. Like King his life has been washed and sanitized.)

13. According to whom had King "privately described himself as a Marxist"?

A) His biographer, David J. Garrow (Garrow is a nationally recognised historian and authority on the civil rights movement. Learn more about Garrow here www.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Garrow)
14. Who edited King's book Stride Toward Freedom?

A) Communist Stanley Levison (Learn more about Levison here www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Levison)

15. Who made the following speech?

That's exactly what we mean--from every mountain side,
let freedom ring.
Not only from the Green Mountains
and White Mountains of Vermont
and New Hampshire;
not only from the Catskills
of New York;
but from the Ozarks
in Arkansas,
from Stone Mountain
in Georgia,
from the Blue Ridge Mountains
of Virginia
--let it ring not only for the minorities of the United States,
but for the disinherited of all the earth–may the Republican party, under God,
from every mountainside,

A) Archibald Carey, Jr., at the 1952 Republican National Convention. Carey and King knew each other.


No questions correct means you are exactly the kind of citizen your masters desire.

1-3 questions correct means you could be dangerous.

4-6 questions correct means you need electro-convulsive therapy.

7-10 questions correct means you are a racist.

11 or more questions correct means you need to turn yourself in now for re-education and your life may be spared.


Anonymous said...

What masters, and would getting more the questions correct make racist? You have right to prejudice just not the right to turn them into action. All of this can't overshadow the fact that MLK Jr. fought for civil rights. He wanted act like white who likes to commit adultery.

Anonymous said...

and at the end of the day we still have a holiday oh yes and a thomas rob holiday

Anonymous said...

The comments can get pretty entertaining sometimes. Tyranny does not show itself in naked form. Communism masks itself as a just cause, and pits classes against each other everywhere that it takes root. MLK was just a Communist puppet. A preacher was the perfect man for the job, because America was very Christian at the time, and pastors were respected.

Anonymous said...

Communism is the only economic system that has never failed-by the way- and capitalism is unjust, unethical, wrong and unchristian.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous who said Communism is the only system that never failed. Are you serious? Communism failed miserably, because the government tried to micromanage every facet of the country. People ended up waiting in line for hours at a time just for 1 product. Communism has turned out to be one of the greatest failures in the history of government.

Anonymous said...

Communism has never failed. It ensures economic equality. With communism everyone is ensured a job and decent pay for every family. Your idea of failure just says that you are lazy. There are people who work hard than some of the richest people in the world and they can barely afford to feed their family. We witnessed failure with capitalism when a man had to wait days to get a job. The American man stood outside the dock for a job and a majority of these men went back to their families with nothing in hand.

Anonymous said...

OK, so which Communist country are you living in while you type these words?

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that America is not a society comparable to that of "1984." And Martin Luther King Jr. was a good man, who altered the world...you need to respect him!

Anonymous said...

The country that I am living in as I type these words is the United States of America!

Anonymous said...

What are you, 12 years old? You don't even realize how silly you look admitting that you live in the United States of America but love Communism?

Good grief, what are all these kids doing on this blog? They are littering the comment section with their regurgitated lessons from the public education system.

Anonymous said...

My point was not to be made that I love communism, and I do not think that the US should become communist; we are far to large of a nation for that, it would not work successfully. My point was that capitalism does not work. The government needs to intervene, without it 90% of our population would live in poverty. Communism is brilliant and if it were implemented a hundred years ago the US would be far better off.
And by the way, I am 26 years old and a graduate of the University of Colorado in social sciences.