Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black History Month
Myth Eight

All through the month of February we are instructed to celebrate Black History. We are going to do that by correcting some of the myths circulated throughout the month of February. Each day there will be another entry of the myths of black inventions.It appears the attitude of many people in our country are the same as those of the commenter on this blog a few days ago who stated, “Robb its pathetic you try to deny other races inventions(whether they invented it or not).”Actually, I am not trying to deny anybody anything, just posting some corrections to some myths that are circulated by anti-White zealots.

For the record, I am not the author of the following.

Air Brake / Automatic Air Brake
New History is telling us
that black "inventor"
Granville Woods invented
the air brake in 1904?
No! He Didn't!
Just another copy cat!

In 1869, a 22-year-old George Westinghouse received US patent #88929 for a brake device operated by compressed air, and in the same year organized the Westinghouse Air Brake Company. Many of the 361 patents he accumulated during his career were for air brake variations and improvements, including his first "automatic" version in 1872 (US #124404).

35 years later Granville came up with his amazing device. Sorry Granville - no cigar!

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