Monday, August 22, 2011

America First!

According to the wisdom of our founding fathers we are not to have any entangling alliances with foreign nations. I happen to think that this is a good policy. The policy of the U. S. Constitution was not to engage American troops in combat (war) without an act of congress. In the book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell talks about a totalitarian society which embarked upon a policy of achieving "perpetual peace" by engaging in perpetual war. It seems like that is what is upon us now. I think it is clear the 9/11 attack and the other attacks that have happened are because America is being held hostage by Zionist neo-cons. The Zionist kick sand in the face of the Arabs and then send American troops to protect them with Arab wrath and now their wrath is turned on us. It is not America has has caused this blow back, but the Zionists masters of our U.S. military.

It isn't America that is at fault - it is the Zionists who dictate American foreign policy that has brought this calamity upon us. We should stay out of the middle east, not because we care about what happens to Muslims, but we care about what happens to America.

We need to bring the troops home and put them on the border. The invasion of the United States by Mexico is real and is happening every day of the week - 24/7. Let the Israelies fight their own wars.

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