Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Fictional Journey to

Find the Meaning of - The N Word!

There has been some recent controversy over the name at a hunting camp used by Governor Perry that is considered racially offensive. Apparently, there was at the camp a rock with the N word painted on it. Supposedly, the word was painted over by Perry’s father more than 30 years ago.

The news reporters keep making reference to this N word but they never took the time to tell us what the offensive N word was. I thought perhaps I would look in the dictionary and try to find this N word because they weren’t telling. So I checked, but it wasn’t so easy. The dictionary contains hundreds of N words. The very first N word was Nab and means to catch somebody. I couldn’t figure out what is so bad about catching someone. But then I thought Nab certainly could not be the word they were offended by so I began to look at some of the other N words. I found the word Naggy, Nancy, Nappy, Nation, Natty and there was a lot more. In fact I found out that N words were everywhere! I know this black guy in town and he seems like a pretty smart fella so I asked him if he knew what the N word was. He got a little upset that I even asked him, but he did say he knew what it was but wouldn’t tell me. After that he started harassing me and I got tired of it. After all I was just trying to find out what the N word was. A couple of his friends started harassing me also so I stopped going over to see him. I couldn’t put up with his nagging me - and told him “Stop being a nagger.” That really made him mad!

I wish I knew what his problem was. It seems like naggers will never be happy!

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