Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AIDS is a Racial Disease!

The Knights Party national congress is only about 3 weeks away and we are busy to insure everything is ready to go. We have some great speakers lined up and some wonderful music from Heritage Connection and Steve & Bonnie.

A new issue of The Torch has gone in the mail last week and so if you are a subscriber you should be getting it soon. Also The Victory Report is being mailed now also and should be at your mail box in about 10 days.

A playground set is being built at the Soldiers of the Cross camp ground and I will post some pictures of it when it is completed. After all we gotta keep the kids happy! Of course at all our conferences we have programs for the kids also.

If you are a member or supporter of The Knights or if you are just one of our many White Nationalist friends and would like to attend congress we would love to have you. Just go to and follow the links to the main page where you will find all kinds of information.

I have been saying for years that AIDS is a disease that primarily affects Blacks as well as homosexual men. White heterosexual men and women are almost (perhaps totally) immune from the disease. What this means is that Blacks appear to be able to get the infection through both direct blood contact or casual contact. Whites are only able to get the infection by participating in homosexual behavior or by direct blood contact such as transfusions, sharing of needles etc. Straight men and women simply are not getting the disease. This has to do with the structure of the cells.

This is not a racist comment. It is a medical comment and I am certainly not the first to make this observation and conclusion. AIDS is a serious issue in the Black community. This article (below) is from the Root web site. The Root deals almost exclusively with issue of, by and for the Black community.

The Negress above is taking an AIDS test.

The article certainly shows what I and others have been saying, AIDS is a racial disease. Though I don't blame Negroes for being its victim, it still does not change to reality. Whether we like it or not the fact is that Blacks and Sodomites are it primary target. So, in case I am wrong about the immunity thing for Whites, it is best, as much as possible, to avoid both.

The Unending Plague

Aug. 4, 2008--America likes to consider itself exceptional, a nation blessed with unshakable good fortune and driven by unyielding ambition. I think that sentiment explains why we so often get caught with our pants down. Our self-absorbed exceptionalism breeds a lazy arrogance that consistently confuses just getting started with finishing the job: Iraq. Al Qaeda. Katrina. It's a long list to which we can now officially add AIDS.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced this weekend that the American AIDS epidemic is at least 40 percent larger than we have believed for more than a decade. The announcement drew front-page stories, shocked many everyday Americans and prompted those of us working on AIDS in black communities to sigh a collective, "I-told-you-so."

Since the mid-1990s discovery of "combination therapy"—popularly known as the "AIDS drug cocktail," a tellingly cavalier moniker—America has embraced the notion that it beat AIDS. We've certainly made strides. Combination therapy drastically slowed the funeral march we once thought inevitable, prompting national news media to offer a string of breathless stories examining "when plagues end," as an infamous 1996 New York Times Magazine cover blared.
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