Thursday, August 21, 2008

Congress in Coming Fast

The Knights Party national congress is only a week away and it looks like we are going to have a large turn-out. People are still registering and we are excited about the event. Of course there is a lot of work that goes into organizing an event like this. Congress will be Friday night and all day Saturday and all day Sunday ending after a beautiful cross lighting ceremony on Sunday evening.
We are also going to have a lot of kids here with a special program for them as well. If you are a member of The Knights, it isn't too late to register, so make your plans now. Winston Smith a co-host of The Political Cesspool will be a featured speaker for this event and we are looking forward to hearing from him. There will be a lot of great entertainment from Bonnie & Steve as well as Heritage Connection who has a new CD which they expect to have available at congress.

We have been constructing some play ground equipment for the kids as the above photo shows.
Also here is a picture of some of the kids from our church swimming at the creek during a youth social.
Did you hear about the 84 year old women in Pennsylvania who came home and was confronted by an intruder. He didn't know she was "packing" and she head him on the floor at gun point until the police arrived. It is a good thing she had a gun or else she might have become another statistic.
It might be a good idea if you carried a gun also. You never know when you may need it.

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