Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Congress in Coming Soon

Spoke today with Anastasia Moumtzaki, a journalist/producer working for MEGA TV, in Athens, Greece. They may send a news team to attend our national Klan congress September 4.5.&6.

We quite often have reporters attend our national meetings/ There are always those who think we should not allow them to attend. However, I maintain, that it is extremely important that we remain an "open book" to the public. Let me quote a portion of what she said in an email.

"Let me share with you the fact that we found your ideas really interesting. I have to admit that your beliefs, especially about loving and preserving Heritage are very appealing to a huge number of Greeks as well. Especially given the fact that the growing number of immigrants within the Greek society often causes various problems and created an on going increase of negative views on them, we would be really interested in meeting you and discuss these subjects with you personally as well as with the members of Knights Party. "

Is she sincere in these statements? I don't know. But the Bible says, that God's word will not return void - that it will fulfill its purpose. Therefore I feel we must remain honest and open in our cause.

Most of the time these reporters act very professionally. I have vast experience in dealing with the media and therefore experience no problems with them. However, nothing is ever guaranteed and must admit that a camera man attending our conference in April was over the top. Those who attended in April can be assured that such won't happen again.

Congress in less than two weeks away and we are busy as bees getting things done and prepared.

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Anonymous said...

Like immigrants everywhere, the immigrants in Greece are forming gangs and dealing drugs. Greece approves only 1 percent of asylum applications, compared to the European Union average of 20 percent.

Rising Tide of Migrants Unsettles Athens