Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Say No!

The health care debate has been raging for weeks and we keep hearing from Obama and his bunch about how we have to remain civil and discuss these things in a rational manner.

The way I see it, if there is a discussion - they win. Would you discuss "options" with a rapist in your home. "Here are the options, Mr. Rapist. I have a wife in the upstairs bedroom and two daughters downstairs. Have you thought which of these you would rather have. Or if they are not suitable for you, here is a picture of another daughter. She should be home shortly."

Of course NOT! Only a fool would discuss such "options"with a madman!

I feel the same way about politicians who wants to rape our Constitution, my liberites and interfere in my private life.

I am sorry - No discussion in necessary - the answer is NO! I will NOT discuss the DEGREE you can enter into my private life.

Those attending town hall meetings with their representatives don't need to ask questions - just let them know that the answer is NO!

I will give you life and life more abundantly!


Lutheran said...

There are mass protests to the health care system but you and people like you are trying to mislead the American public with scare tactics. Obama said it himself.

From an online news clip:

For his part, Obama answered his critics indirectly. At his town hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, he urged Americans to ignore those who try to "scare and mislead the American people," telling a cordial audience, "For all the scare tactics out there, what is truly scary is if we do nothing."

In other words "Hey just listen to Obama he what is best for you!" We don't think so.

From: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32385814/ns/politics-capitol_hill/?GT1=43001

Anonymous said...

The blacks cannot even take care of their own neighborhoods. They are filled with drugs, high crime, poverty. Yet one has the audacity to say he can fix healthcare. Why dont you fix your own neighborhoods first?

Anonymous said...

These people are committing political suicide. This is a bill the majority of Americans do not want. Especially the middle class. I see sweeping changes in Congress in 2010!

Methodist said...

Yeah I read that. Arlen Specter thinks that it is just anger caused by the economy and other factors. My God is he out of touch with the American people. We need to invoke a higher power in this. We should all pray that this bill does not pass. The power of prayer is stronger than any goverment leaders. Get the word out and pray!

Mystic Knights of Indiana said...

It is the classic case of the Democrats knowing what is best for the American people despite what the American people want. Look what they support: Socialized medicine, gay rights, abortion, anti-death penalty. These people do not care what you and I want. It is what they think is best for you. YOU AND I ARE PEASANTS! HOW DARE WE TO QUESTION THESE ELITE! This is what they think. Listen to any liberal radio or talk show in 1 hour you will see what I am saying is true.

Anonymous said...

It's simply shocking how the American people are conditioned to accept governmental interference in their private lives.

I just watched a movie in which a school prefect and teacher in 1949 France, upon being unjustly dismissed from his job at a school for children orphaned because of the War (children whose lives he just saved from a fire), took a small child home with him on the bus as he was leaving -- because the child followed him and asked him to take him.

How was this possible? Because unclaimed and unwanted orphans used to be free to go to live with anyone they wanted to be their adoptive parents. Now the government regulates everything about children's lives and the next logical step will be for the government to take the people's children away to live in government child communes.

See the movie scene here:


Enter: The Choir Part 10

Anonymous said...

Rep. Barney Frank won't debate the issues with a woman who shows Barack Hussein Obama with a Hitler-style mustache. He says that to argue with her is much like arguing with a "dining room table."


Innervision said...

Obama can go pound sand. His plan will do more harm than good.

There are a few things that should disqualify you from the plan.
1.You are a gang member
2.You are an Illegal Immigrant
3.You are a drug user.
4.You are too stupid to somewhat take care of yourself and you weigh more than a half a ton or are no longer ambulatory due to weight issues.

Those motorized shopping carts are for the Elderly and the handicapped not some fat and sloppy person who just sits around eating sweet cakes and junk all day.

I must reiterate, We don't need a nation wide healthcare plan. We need a nation wide diet plan.

Anonymous said...

I think that u should stay true to ur own color..

lily said...

What would be best for us would be a new president.
Leave it to Obama and this nation will be in dire straits.