Friday, September 11, 2009

Let Us Remember ALL Victims of Terrorism!

Eight years ago today, I received a phone call from my son. "Turn on FOX news!" I was told the World Trade Center in New York was hit by an airplane. Of course, at that time no one knew that a second crash would soon occur, nor did we have any idea of just how devastating this terrorist attack would be.

Thousands of people lost their lives and families, homes and America would be changed forever.

Who was to blame?

Who would consider such a thing?

Were Islamic terrorist responsible? Some have suggested that ‘insiders" in the government were responsible for the attack. They have described in great detail how this could have come about. I have read and heard some of the evidence which is given to prove that it was an inside conspiracy. At least one person suggested that it wasn’t airplanes at all, but holograms in the sky. Oooookay?

Those that say it was an inside job suggest that while planes no doubt crashed into the building, it was actually brought down by explosives inside the World Trade Center and intentional weakening of the iron substructure.

I have to admit some of it does sound intriguing, however, just not convincing! I just have a hard time accepting the theory. A conspiracy to bring down the world trade centers in the method described would have required so many people that I am of the opinion that it would have leaked out.

I may be wrong.

Perhaps "they" killed everyone who was involved?

I think the collapse of the buildings was a fluke. No doubt Ben Laden was even surprised when it happened.

Never-the-less eight years ago the World Trade Center came down from a terrorist attack - thousands of people died and Ben Laden is still a free man.

We have attacked and made war with two sovereign countries and have had thousands of our American soldiers needlessly killed and maimed.

And Ben Laden is still a free man.

Bring the troops home - put them on the border.

Twelve Americans are murdered each day by illegal aliens. Thirteen Americans are killed each day by illegal alien drunk drivers. More Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens then were killed in the World Trade Center. But no one remembers them with a memorial.

It is right - it is proper and it is noble to remember those who died on 9/11, but what about all those others who needlessly died and are still dying at the hands of the illegal alien invasion? Is the terror they suffer less worthy?

We all know that the hunt for Ben Laden is not being done by the military - so bring them home and put them on the border and stop the threat of illegal terrorism coming across our border and let the CIA and other clandestine efforts search out Ben Laden.


Anonymous said...

what price are you willing to pay to keep troops on the border? it makes no difference who guards the border, illegals will still get thru. using lethal force on them will only humanitarians scream foul. and will make the US even evil. it ain't gonna happen. so stop kicking a dead horse over this issue.

Anonymous said...

A high quality barbed-wire electircally powered fence will do wonders.

Anonymous said...

It is the our support of the Jews that is responsible for 9/11. We are spending billions just to be friends with Israel. Defense, counterterrorism, homeland security, ect. When all we have to do is stop our support of this Jewish state.

Anonymous said...

Name one country that is our supposed ally that attacked an American Destroyer. No not England, not Canada, not France. It is our buddy Israel!

Anonymous said...

Note if you read on wikipedia about this story it says that this is the only maritime sinking not investigated by congress. Probably due to Jewish pressure not to investigate the incident.

Anonymous said...

Why is the ADL concerned in this matter of the USS Liberty. They are claiming Anti-Semetism? How is it Anti-Semetism if it was an accident. All we are calling for is an investigation by Congress and that is Anti-Semetic? Kind of odd that if it were an accident then why not investigate and prove it was a case of mistaken identity? What is the ADL and the Israeli government trying to hide?

Obama said...

Guys! This happened in the 1960's and you are still harping on this? Israel has showed its loyalty to America several times since then. Even if it was deliberate so what?

Anonymous said...

So what? 34 PEOPLE DIED! OVER 100 WERE WOUNDED! THIS SHIP WAS IN OPEN INTERNATIONAL WATERS. THIS WAS A CRIME. With your logic, what if I murdered 34 people in the 60's. Why harp on it right? Why should I go to jail? This was more than just an accident or the ADL and Israel would not use the Anti-Semetic card.

Anonymous said...

What a hypocrisy! Israel and the Jews will not let you forget about the Holocaust and then they kill off hundreds to possibly a thousand of Egyptian POW's during the 6 day war. Where is the holocaust for these people? Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

There are tons of "holes" in security. The other day I was at an indoor flea market and there was a box of TSA(Transportation Security Administration) uniforms complete with patches and blank ID badges these were $15.00 a piece. I checked and they are currently the style in use by officers guarding major airports.

There are "drug Tunnels" under the border used in the smuggling of drugs and people. If we put troops on the border then there would be more personnel to stem the flow of drugs and people. Besides putting troops on the border will be alot cheaper than fighting Israel's wars. I am suprised we have not launched a large scale offensive on Palistine.

The 9/11 attacks were a crime against this country and allowing Bin Laden to roam free is a slap in the face of America. We attack Iraq to protect Bush Sr's oil intrests in Kawait. Then back to Iraq to do next to nothing. I have lost a couple of good friends in that war as have many and for what so one tyrant could take out another. or that Iraq would quit helping Iran which Israel has a problem with, Which we won't directly attack due to Iran's allies with Egypt and Syria and Russia. War on terror is BS. But why now? They used a car bomb on the WTC in 1993 we did nothing and it never occured to anybody that they might try again. The 9/11 attacks were years in the making and still nobody did any thing until after the fact.

The tragic loss of life at the WTC could have been avoided had we but more stock in the 1993 car bomb.

My heart and prayers go out to the families of the Firefighters, Policemen,pilots,passengers,
workers,and other people who lost somebody on that fateful day 9/11/2001.

Lutheran said...

"Guys! This happened in the 1960's and you are still harping on this? Israel has showed its loyalty to America several times since then. Even if it was deliberate so what?"

What an insensitive thing to say! I agree with the other Anon people died and hundreds were wounded and you just do not care?

Anonymous said...

The biggest terrorist nation ever was Israel.

Anonymous said...

So America never killed any POW's or America never did anything wrong and tried to cover it up? You are naive!

Anonymous said...

The biggest terrorist group in history is the KKK!

Thomas Robb said...

I allowed the comment about the KKK being the biggest terrorist group in history to be posted because it is so "over the top" it is laughable. It really shows how out of touch so many people are. For example, terror is so widespread in every major city that travelers are always afraid they will get off the wrong exit of the freeway. In fact there are whole sections of every major city where it is not safe to travel.
The "terror" of the Klan is simply story lines for TV and movie shows, but does not exist in the real world.
The terror in the real world is coming out of the inner city.