Friday, September 25, 2009

How Many More Beating Will We Tolerate?

Why when ever a white is brutally attacked by blacks it is seldom considered a racial incident and never a hate crime and rarely seen any where except in the local media (if even that). But if a white person even so much as sneezes in the company of blacks, they are immediately offended and demand it is treated as a hate crime.

Click here for a hate crime against a white student

Want to see another:

Here is a news clip of one white parent speaking in support of white students in Ohio. This will make you proud:


Adeimantus said...

The really hateful thing wast the white principal accusing the white parent of "racism," for expressing concern for white students!

Liberals used to promise a color-"blind society." That pretense was mostly a lie -- although some liberals undoubtedly believed in it.

I myself have heard black integrationists assure anxious and reluctant whites: "We only want racial integration; we are not interested in miscegenation!"

How can we know liberalism is wrong? It was founded in lies and half-truths.

LUTHERAN said...

They even think Jesus was a liberal! Because liberals have compassion for others and conservatives are mean, vile people who care about themselves only. What a bunch of hypocrites because they hate Jesus! They hate his teaching. They feel we cannot live the lives we want with Jesus. Jesus has rules and they are the New Age. They supposedly know better than their forefathers who were just racist white men who founded this nation. They don't want His rules. They want to live of this world and not the next. Much like the Jews of Christ's time. They want the benefits of Christ but chose not to worship Him. They want a savior but a savior on their terms. Yet I know Jesus would not be on the platform for gay rights, abortion, assisted suicide, promoting TRUE racial hatred, socialism, ect. He even said His kingdom is not of this world and we should not live our lives for this world but the next. Ah the Pharisees and Sadducees are back folks they are just called the liberals and the Democrats now.