Friday, April 30, 2010


I have had a person who was angry that I posted the acknowledgment of Richard Barrett's murder. This person is a white nationalist, but took issue with me making the post. Barrett, according to this person was not a worthy candidate for such an honor.
I am aware that Barrett did not work well with others. I would speak to him on the phone occasionally, but had not actually seen him since 1987.
The person who takes issue with my post and want to know why I posted it should contact me directly at and I will be happy to discuss this with him privately.


Anonymous said...

I don't see where you gave him great honor. You was pointing out the way our media has a double standard. Maybe he wasn't the best guy in town, but was a WN and worked in our behalf!! There's no since in making a big deal, let's move on and keep focused on our ultimate goal!!!WE have got to get past this bickering and get on with it.

Thomas Robb said...

To Anonymous at 6:44

Exactly! Dead on! The media's double standard is appalling!

Anonymous said...

1st off I won't give the satisifaction of being angry because of racist views of an all white nation or whatever you wrote you see I don't know really care because that crap is beneath me you should be ashame of yourself your A preacher and your preaching this racist bs your going straight to hell It's 2010 and we should love everyone unless that person does something to intentionally hurt you and then you should pray for them and forgive them and I think that If a white person and a black person or a white person and a mexican person or whatever race should be together if they love each other to make this short and simple you can say what you want about black people or any other non white person but you cant beat us its more of us non white people than it is of yall white people so in other words we'll burn this bitch down if you get us pissed IN THE WORDS OF TUPAC SHAKUR haha and it'll never be like it was before slavery of black people and black people fearing whites again so get over it On another note black people have A lot of foughts but so does any other race including white people and Last but not least Barrett deserved to be killed along with any other racist person he probably said something racist to that guy besides alot of yall killed our leaders like martin luther king and malcolm x so dont you think it was bound to happen?
Feel free to write back but if you dont I did'nt I really would'nt care.


P.S. This is not your country A black man found america a white man just took credit for it hell we invented almost everything and you people took credit for it like always And your crazy if you think you kids future is in trouble cause we have A black president your kids had less of A chance when George Bush was president . With Barack Obama your children has A better future.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess to sum all of that up one could say that we should learn to accept everyone... I think that having a mix of cultures is far better than having one.

Its like going to a party and the only snacks are cheetos... Yeah cheetos are good, but you wouldn't get tired of eating just those.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are not a christian! ARE YOU PEOPLE KIDDING ME? Christ loved everyone!!! We are all a part of ONE HUMAN RACE!!! You poor, poor, brainwashed people!!! READ THE BIBLE!! MAYBE THE GOSPEL WILL SHINE SOME LIGHT INTO YOUR SELFISH MEANINGLESS LIFE!!! MAY GOD SAVE YOUR SOUL!!!