Saturday, May 1, 2010

Immigration Reform?

I get tired of hearing everyone talk about our need for immigration reform. We don’t need any such thing and those that keep talking about it are either deceivers or fools. We already have immigration laws, but the problem is that we do not have a government with the will to enforce the law.

Now Arizona passes a mild state law that simply tells law enforcement agents to ask for the legal status of someone that is stopped in the course of their duties.

On May 1st hundreds of thousands protested around the country in opposition of this new law. The overwhelming vast majority of those protesting are Mexicans who came to OUR country and now are protesting our laws. The vast majority are either currently illegal or were illegal until they were given amnesty by Reagan or Carter.

The volcano is about to erupt. We have allowed so many to come into our nation that they are now a cause of real problems and concern.

How much more will we take?

A former advisor to President Clinton just stated on FOX news that if the Republican Party wants to win any more national elections they need to be careful not to offend Hispanic voters.

My white brothers and sisters - have you lost your country?

It would appear so. White people will be a numerical minority in 2042, however it appears we are already a spiritual minority.

The Bible refers to this as the time of Jacob's Trouble. But remember there are still millions and millions of White people. A growing anger lay within the breast of a multitude.


Delicious White said...

Arizona was Mexican territory until the US decided to steal it. Beside the new law makes everyone in AZ an illegal immigrant. Think of the racial profiling. Hopefully AZ will become Democratic control state.

Anonymous said...

I am angry how Major League Baseball -- the player's union -- has protested the AZ law!

Professional sports are so anti-White it isn't funny.

NCKnight said...

Hopefully every state in the Union will pass the same type of law Arizona did and will make life so miserable for every illegal out there that they all high-tail it back across the Rio Grande. Also, we did NOT "steal" Arizona - we WON it by conquest in the Mexican War - along with the rest of the AMERICAN Southwest!

NorwegianHeat said...

Anonymous at 9:09

Is the support of LEGAL Hispanic immigrants--now prone to racial profiling--really anti-white? Why can't people consider other races without being considered traitors to their race in return? Why is any act of sympathy now a sign of invading socialist ideals? Is empathy really so Un-American?

Delicious White said...

Now it seems that police in AZ are sueing because of this law. Really now what Republicans wouldn't do make themselves look even worse. US stole AZ from México.

Tom said...

As far as this law having something to do with racially profiling people.
You cannot have Affirmative Action without racially profiling job applicants.
You cannot attain race balanced schools without racially profiling individual students.
You cannot gerrymander Congressional districts to elect Blacks without racially profiling the electorate.
You cannot discriminate against Whites without racial profiling.
The sine qua non tool of cultural Marxists is racial profiling.

Nordic2005 said...


If a person puts the interests of a foreign people over and above those of his own people, then, Yes, he is a traitor to his own people.

Inter-racial marriage is one example of this, satisfying the desires of one alien at the expense of one's own race. Taking money desperately needed by one's own white children or family or extended family (i.e., race) and sending it to Haiti is another.

If one fails to put the needs and interests of one's own people first and see to it first that they are properly provided for, then it is treason against them to sacrifice in favor of a people not one's own.

Take care of your own first. Never give to aliens at the expense of the needs of your own people.

(I know that Thomas Robb, when he does not agree with my ideas, will refuse to post them; so let's see if he will post this. :) If not, I will not shed any tears. There is no end of learning; education never ends. I do not know 1/100th of what I'd like.)

Nordic2005 said...

"Being White in Public" by Kevin MacDonald can be read here:

Here, from the article, Norwegian, is your answer (the sharing of resources is impracticable):

"These [middle/working class] Whites see themselves standing in line for medical care with Blacks, Latinos, legal and illegal immigrants, and everyone else." (see article, please, for more detail)

The future of White America rests, I believe, with this new political party. White Patriots must abandon the Republican Party NOW (for it has long ago abandoned them).

Anonymous said...

"US stole AZ from México."

Oh really, Self-Hating White? and on what do you base this asinine allegation?

Anonymous said...

az an calif were sold to the u.s at first they did steal it but after the deaths of pancho villa and rest the u.s decided to pay mx for the territory!!