Saturday, May 15, 2010

Laura Bush Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Abortion

By: Rod Proctor

The wife of former President George W. Bush finally has revealed her views on two of the most contentious social issues facing both the Republican Party and this nation.

Laura Bush, appearing this week on CNN’s "Larry King Live," revealed that she would not like to see abortion outlawed again, and she believes that same-sex couples should have the right to marry.

During the past decade, her husband has made quite clear his opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion in Roe v. Wade, and has made equally clear his support for banning same-sex marriage through Congressional statute and Constitutional amendment.


Anonymous said...

George W. was and is a queer. Just google 'bush gannon'

NCKnight said...

So much for her so-called "Christian faith". What a hypocrite!

Nordic2005 said...

I've been telling my fundamentalist Christian, Republican friends that there's little substantive difference between the two major parties (both are funded up to 50% from the same source - organized Jewry). But Republicans continue to claim, mistakenly, that their party is "conservative," in opposition to the "liberal" nature of the Democrats. Laura Bush proves what many have known all along -- modern Republican are not "conservative."

Another person told me that she would never vote for a third party because it simply could not win.

Times change and political parties change. Yet many people cling to them for one psychological reason or another. That's the problem with modern democracy. It is corrupt, yet all too many people in the U.S. continue to have unwavering faith in the two-party system.

Brian Pace said...

This is a clear sign the Republican Party is full of liberals and sodomites and they are destroying the party. Now is the time for the GOP to kick these progressive nuts out of the party and return to its principles. Voters are already voting fake conservatives out of office. Utah was the first step! said...

Mr. Robb,

In recent months I've heard the Tea Party movement is comprised of white racists. I know, of course, that is not true.

Those accusations caused me to wonder if the Ku Klux Klan was not similarly mischaracterized.

The reasons:

1. I watched DW Griffith's BIRTH OF A NATION and was surprised that this "pro-Klan" movie actually portrayed many blacks in a positive light.

2. Realizing that size and scope of the Klan in the 20s and 30s, it is difficult to imagine all these white people were fomenting with racial hatred.

3. The media has consistently lied about racial reality. The movie, TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD, is a classic example.

4. The media has consistently attempted to burden white people with guilt while protraying black racists as victims of those they assault!

My conclusion is that the KKK may not have been a beligerent racist organization, but a conservative "Tea Party" that was destroyed by leftists lies.

Your thoughts?

Thomas Robb said...

The Klan was not built on an ideology of hatred toward blacks. Movies and TV has certainly created this image.

However, it certainly must be recognized that there are people who hate blacks. These are a very small number of people and are not to be counted among the vast number of white nationalist who are not motivated by hatred but only motivated by a love of heritage.

I have been involved in the White Nationalist movement for 50 years. I have met very few people who have a hatred for blacks or other minorities. There are some and you can find them sometimes on the internet or on TV talk shows.

I do not personally know anyone who hates black people. Those I know love our heritage, culture and people. Unfortunately if you love these things you are called a hater, bigot, monster and racist by those who are the real haters, bigots, monsters and racists. They can not tolerate white people who are in love with their heritage.

Anonymous said...

Greetings KKK!!!

We are from Spain, a country of europa. Not confuse with people of south-america. We are pure white. We, the european white-activist supports the KKK. We are not christian, we are deists, but we respect the KKK because the KKK defends the white people. We think that a lot of people are tired of inmigrants, of drugs and homosexuals. We want that the KKK triumph in America, by race and for God. This is our email

Delicious White said...

Rassenkrieg said...

"Greetings KKK!!!

We are from Spain, a country of europa. Not confuse with people of south-america. We are pure white. We, the european white-activist supports the KKK. We are not christian, we are deists, but we respect the KKK because the KKK defends the white people. We think that a lot of people are tired of inmigrants, of drugs and homosexuals. We want that the KKK triumph in America, by race and for God. "
Yet it was Spain that introduce the concept of race-mixing. What do think the word "mestizo" comes from. I'll admit that Spain had a vast empire. Too bad the monarchy never was able to govern it properly. The Spanish Armada was one of their bigger mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rassenkrieg:
Don't let the comment from Delicios White bother you. If you have been watching this blog long you will see that inspite the name. Delicious White is actually anti-White.

Comment to Delicious White - It was the Catholic Church which introduced race mixing - not Spain. The Protestant church now also embrace race mixing.

Original Christianity did not. I would suggest you listen to some of the sermons from Pastor Robb at

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous:

It's great that the church is pro-white in the USA. I liked the link to the christian white church. In Spain the reverse happens.

I'll tell you because we are against Christianity in Europa.
In Europe the church was very different 500 years ago. In Spain, "the inquisition" burning a lot of jewish and moorish, but the present church is a tentacle of the sionism. The present church is anti-racist pro-israel and accepts to the homosexual degenerates. The "papa" of Roma spoke that "Jesus" is jew. The Baticano financed the anti-racism. The Spanish church loves the sudamerican people, they consider that the sudamerican people is good for europa because they are very christians.

The current religion of white Europeans who love God and his race is deism. You can verify that the "Pope" preaches with Jews.
In the news from all over Europe come reports of homosexual priests and pedrastas. The European white youth has not lost faith in God, but the Christian church represents degeneration.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rassenkrieg:

Jewish fables spoken of by the Apostle Paul has taken over the Christian Church. At the time of Christ these Jewish fables were also called, the Traditions of the Elders. Today Jewish fables or The Traditions of the ELders is called The Talmud.

These Jewish teachings now dominate most all "Christian" churches. There are many Christian pastors in America, Canada, Europe ect who have not been swalloed up into the one world teachings of the Jews. Pastor Robb is one of many. I would suggest that you check out Pastor Robb's church website at His Sunday morning church service is also broadcast live each Sunday at 12 noon central time. There are also many past sermons archived at this same website.

Anonymous said...

In other words Robb= Satan's Disciple, Yeah I know were all have are faults but to go around preaching Gods word like that... I fear for people like you. That other "White Nationalist" who was killed dead in his own house should have sparked something in your mind....

You and you followers are just as bad as that crazy cultist who went to south america and killed himself

Anonymous said...

The issue has nothing to do with Christianity. Christianity is just another belief system like all the others. The issue is weather or not any person had the right to decide another persons life-style and life decisions. Frankly, no man or woman should have the right to make decisions that will effect someone else's life.

Anonymous said...

I feel the Laura Busch is a Godless sodomite destined for "Hell".She betrayed the white race and any bible believing christians with her liberal ideas.Perhaps she should form an alliance with Hilary Clinton, and they should promote their liberal agenda to CNN.Thank God for the Knights Party, Stormfront home schooling,and Jesus Christ.