Friday, June 11, 2010

Good News for Arizona!!!!!

A recent re port is suggesting that Hispanic invaders are leaving Arizona. It appears that illegal immigrants are becoming uncomfortable and fearful as the new law prepares to go into effect.

The new Arizona law actually is not new at all as it simply mirrors already existing federal law and requires proof of legal residency from someone who is expected to be in this country illegally.

When the legislation was passed and signed into law by Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, illegal alien groups across the country immediately went into contortions over the fact that the citizens of Arizona are taking efforts to protect their borders. As most all of you know, the vast majority (around 75%) of Americans favor the Arizona decision to comply with federal law.

It will be impossible to tell until this fall, but a major indicator is the number of Hispanic students enrolled in the Arizona school system..

One indicator is coming from the Balsz Elementary School District which is one of the rare schools in to country that is still in session.

Jeffrey Smith, superintendent of the Balsz Elementary School District in Phoenix, said parents have told him they're leaving out of concern for the new law. Smith said, "They're concerned at what the law will do ... if they have anyone in their family that's illegal." School records show that enrollment went from 2,773 the day the law was signed to 2,678 this week - a drop of 95 students. When you consider that the national average cost per student enrolled in the public education system (Arizona could be slightly more or less) is approaching $10,000. The lost of these students has already saved Arizona tax payers about one million dollars. And not factored into this huge savings is the savings in law enforcement, and heath care that burden hospitals.

This is good news to Arizona. Unfortunately most of these aliens are going to other states with the majority landing in New Mexico.

Other states are considering similar laws and we encourage them to do so. This problem is out of control. The solution is troops on the border or the calling of a citizens militia.

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popjunkman tn. said...

To bad tn. wont do the same thing arizona did.