Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Leaving for Nashville in the morning to attend the annual conference of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Heritage Connection is performing Friday night.

On Tuesday, June 1, we had reporters from Bankcroft media based in London, England. They conducted interviews with myself, Rachel Pendergraft and Heritage Connection. I am posting a few pictures.


Anonymous said...

I'm an Aryan but a true Aryan, I'm white and I believe in Aryan Gods, your Semitic religion and God does not have a place with want to present the "true" White people better off you start by adapting the true Aryan Gods and stop following a Jewish Man, your movement is full of contradiction and hypocrisy..

Anonymous said...

I agree the Klan religion of "White Christianity" is a cult. Full of contradiction and hypocrisy. But the only place your Aryan Gods are going to take you is to eternal Hell.

SamDamnit said...

Why can't white, toothless hate mongers just get along?