Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Presidential Seal Bites the Dust

That's right, while Obama is giving a speech to a woman's group, the presidential seal suddenly falls to the ground. Listen and you can hear the thud as it hits the floor. Is this a sign from Providence?



Anonymous said...

its a sign from our lord & savior! just like the divine pretzel that nearly thwarted that no-goodnik bush during his presidency! and his segway spill dont tell me jesus wasnt gunnin for that evil man. only he has a deal with the does that fruad christine odonnell the lord revealed her for the satan worshipping witch that she is! also let us also not forget the sludge spill in hungary. hungary for the lords wrath for all there terrible terrible sins if you ask me. and now with the oil spill in the ocean and the toxic sludge getting inthat river dont you think thats gods way of telling those lazy liberal envirowackos to shut up already?this is gods great earth that he put here for whites to use however they please if we spill a little here and there its gods will!

Anonymous said...

It bit the dust! So will his presidency in 2012!