Monday, October 11, 2010

You Can Quote Me On This!

Carl Paladino, Republican candidate for New York governor has been accused of saying,
"There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual."

Paladino, however denies that he ever said it. The remarks were in a prepared text that was given to the media, yet when Paladino made his speech he left that sentence out thinking, he said, that it was not appropriate.

Considering, therefore, that Paladino never made this statement, it becomes obvious that somebody should say it. So I will.

There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual.

You can quote me on that!


Thomas Robb said...

To anonymous who attempted to post a video at 3:12.
I usually always post comments which are critical of me and and our program for White Christian Revival. However the video you wanted posted is factually incorrect in many areas and therefore have decided not to post it.
I am sure you believe it to be true. However, it contains ADL spin,is untruthful and misleading.

Heirs of the Kingdom said...

it's sad that somebody has to make such an obvious statement.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Robb for President 2012!

Thomas Robb said...

I allowed the above comment to be posted.

But it's not possible - I would have to first fire the 10 illegal aliens working for me that are doing the work others won't do!

Hey! It's just a joke!

Seriously in order for me to run for president I would have to first become delusional.

Thanks for the complement any.

Anonymous said...

How do you keep going? Seriously, I didn't even think Whites even tried anymore. I live in Chicago so I'm afraid to even put up a Confederate flag sticker on my car in respect to my family heritage. If I hung a Confederate flag where I lived, I would get shot within 5 minutes.
If fact, if they knew I was even writing this right now, I would get shot. I am not exaggerating. I am afraid to go out at night and even during the day. The safest time outdoors in my neighborhood is when I leave for work in the AM and they are usually asleep. I feel hopeless trying to stand up for myself. My co-worker just got promoted after working at my job for less than a year. I've been there for almost 6 years. Now she makes more money than I do. She is black and I am white. I have a diploma and she doesn't even have a GED. What gives? And if I dare say anything, I would get fired for racism. I can't find work anywhere else. Oh well. Thanks for the efforts anyway. I have a bad feeling that things will never change and it will keep getting worse and worse. I have never felt so weak and helpless in my life.