Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Interview tonight

I will be interviewed Live today at 5:30 PM EST – 4:30 CST . The interview will be conducted by Bart Smith, president of the Washington D.C. Institute of Biblical Research.

Follow the link below to listen



Anonymous said...

Two seconds after the interview, Barf Smith says, "What a ridiculous song and dance." That's what happens when you cast your pearls before swine. He looks mulatto.

Bart Smith said...

Pastor Robb,

That was a wonderful interview, I had a great time speaking about the Christian and biblical relevance and was very impressed with the information and arguement you presented, very informative.Hope we can do it again in the near future, have a great Thanksgiving.

B.D Smith, Sr.
Founder/Current President
Washington DC Institute Of Bilical Research
P.O Box 13546
Washington DC 20002

Tony said...

I heard the interview. I have to say it was very informative. I learned so much and the interviewer had nothing to to counter any of what you were saying and yet afterwards, he put the organization down. You, sir, have convinced me of my Christianity in a different light. God bless you and what you do.