Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wake Up Call to Muslim Men


Anonymous said...

If you only get 77 for all eternity then that is not that great of a deal. I think the Christian view of Heaven is much better.

Anonymous said...

"It is hypocritical for one to think a black, Asian, Mexican or any other person should be praised for being loyal to their heritage. Yet a white person can feel the same sense of pride and be criticized for it. It doesn’t make sense."

What I find hypocritical is that you expect respect when you cannot afford it to anyone else. If a black, Asian, Mexican, or any other person were slandering my race or faith, I wouldn't be alone in taking offense to such an inconsiderate gesture. If we want to be understood and respected by others, we should try to understand them first, not cast insults.

What doesn't make sense to me is your insistence that pride and prejudice are interchangeable. Having pride in your heritage is not the same as defaming someone else's. Having pride in yourself is not the same as vilifying someone else.

Do you honestly recognize others' pride as an attack on your own? I implore you to take a closer look. There is a huge difference between feeling genuine pride and doing what you're doing. A white person can be proud of their european ancestry and cultural roots without condemning others. Perhaps you'll never recognize your own hatred, but this is what others see in your ignorant, shallow, selfish behavior.

Zbigniew said...

An Arian should defy himself:
There is no point to compare himself to others, as heritage wise, because an Arian gos in the infinite permutation of relationship with none Arian. An Arian shell look at the none Arian Christian thorough the criteria of deeds which none Arian commit. An Arian should have no problem to fight Christian (whether an Arian of none Arian) if their action are against an Arian interest. An Arian shell commit deeds with please Our Lord Jesus Christ. To an Arian, a love is not a felling but action. Love of an Arian heritage by Arian is action not a felling.

Anonymous said...

"We are not Klansmen and Klanswomen because we hate anyone. We belong to The Knights because we dream of a better world for our children – a safe and secure world. It is not hatred but rather the glimmer of hope in the eyes of our children that motivates us."

Then why not pursue peaceful, productive relationships with others, instead of provoking them with this sort of acrimonious satire? By encouraging disrespect, you endanger the safety and security of our children. By shunning any opportunity for coexistence, you are turning your back on that glimmer of hope.