Monday, November 21, 2011

A Wicked and Perverse Generation

Massachusetts has surreptitiously passed a radical transgender rights and hate crimes bill in what is being described as a “sleazy and underhanded” manner.

The bill is an amendment to the state’s non-discrimination statute and existing hate crimes laws to include gender identity and expression. Family values advocate Brian Camenker of MassReistance! says the House restricted debate to an hour and only allowed one amendment for consideration. House members passed it late at night, and the Senate picked it up the next morning — the day before a two-month recess.

Camenker says this legislation will touch all areas of society, including schools, businesses, and daycare facilities — “anybody anywhere in the bathrooms. And if anybody says anything about it that could be construed as intimidation, then they could be sued, they could be fined, in some cases [receive] jail terms,” he warns.
Had this bill gone through the normal legislative process and not been rushed through, the MassResistance president is confident that it would not have passed.

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