Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catholic Church Gets Bit on the Butt

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Catholic Church Gets
Bit of the Butt!

St. Anne's Catholic Church School has recently enacted a new policy requiring all students to speak only English while at school. The Wichita, Kansas school says they made the decision to require students to limit their conversations to English because Mexican students were speaking the foreign language to intimidate, bully and make fun of other students and teachers.

Four Mexican families are suing the school because they say the English only ruling has caused students to have feelings of inferiority and isolation.

The Catholic Church as been an outspoken supporter for Mexican causes, especially for illegal aliens. They (like others) have urged a relaxed response to the presence of illegal aliens in a community. But like Hilary Clinton whose years of working for Black issues has amounted to near zero support from African Americans, so we see the Catholic Church is being biten on the butt by the very Mexicans it has supported.

Fred Solis a spokesman for the school is confused and can not understand why the Mexican families have turned on them. The confused spokesman for St. Anne has said that the church has a history of offering support and services to illegal aliens.

Both the school and attorneys for the four Mexican families are fearful that the controversy may turn into anti-immigrant sentiment.

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