Monday, May 5, 2008

Worth Any Price!

I am sorry that I have not been able to post anything the last few days. We have been busy however with things here. Yesterday we broadcast our Sunday morning church service over Stormfront. The difference this time was that it was broadcast both over the radio feed as well as Video feed. This was the premier "television" broadcast for Stormfront. This coming week our program, The Political Watchdog will be "televised" over Stormfront and next week, Derek Black (Theodoric) will be televising " his programs over Stormfront. I believe that in June, Paul Fromm, Truck Roy, Don Black and David Duke will also begin broadcast televised programing also.

This is still at its infancy so there will be glitches that must be worked through as I am sure you understand.

Derek Black has been here since the Faith & Freedom Conference but will be returning to Florida on Thursday.

Yesterday we recorded a couple of commercials for Stormfront to promote the Sunday broadcast from the Christian Revival Center and I believe we are going to record a couple more for Theodoric's Old Timey Arrangements Show today. Heritage Connection Band may also do a short music show on Sunday afternoon immediately after our church broadcast. It's not definite, so we will have to wait and see how soon that will happen.

We had a great turnout on Saturday for our monthly youth and fellowship. I believe we had about 40 or 50 here that night. Since my computer was down I haven't reinstalled the program to download pictures off my camera. So I won't be able to post any pictures. I'll get it done in a few days.

Sunday there was a dedication ceremony for two new babies in our church, Kennedi Lilly Ann and also Emma Grace.

The last batch of the Crusaders will go in the mail tomorrow. Some are already receiving them and the ones I mail tomorrow should arrive in about 10 days.

It looks like our intention to publish the Crusader in a newspaper format may be back on track. I try to have information in a few days.

The primary election is looking sillier everyday. It appears that it doesn't matter whether its John McInsain, Borak Hussein Obamanation or Billary Clinton who wins the next presidential election - White Christian America will still lose.

Never-the-less we must maintain the struggle for race, faith and homeland. The future of our children and children yet unborn are worth any price!

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Mikael said...

I jsut wanted to say thank you for fighting for our Race. God bless and stay strong!