Sunday, May 18, 2008

How Jewish Immigraion Changed America

Brad Greenberg is the senior writer for the Jewish Journal. On May 9th the magazine printed an article which was the cover story about Cal State professor, Kevin MacDonald. The article is titled

The professor the
anti-Semites love
Kevin MacDonald, Cal State Long Beach, and the downside of academic
I thought it was interesting that the subtitle claims the opinions of Kevin MacDonald represent the "downside" of academic freedom. As long as schools and colleges promote Zionism or the depraved homosexual lifestyle they want to cheer the glories of academic freedom. They tell us that children need to be exposed to all sorts of ideas and lifestyles. But the moment someone wants to discuss Jews and their involvement with Communist and left leaning socialist extremist groups then they want to shut them down.
Among other things, Kevin MacDonald observes "European people in this country will be a minority in a few years," MacDonald said. "I don't think that would have happened if we had had a sense of ourselves as a culture worth defending."

I wish those who are so quick to call us haters would realized that it is they who hate white people and white culture and our precious heritage. They don't care if it is destroyed.
Below is the opening paragraph of the Jewish Journal story. Click on the link at the end to continue reading. Also click on the video of Kevin MacDonald talking about Jewish immigration to this country and how it has changed America.

The professor the anti-Semites love
Kevin MacDonald, Cal State Long Beach, and the downside of academic

"Kevin MacDonald had just completed the first in a series of books that would come to define him. Awaiting feedback from his publisher 15 years ago, MacDonald sent his manuscript to a colleague in the psychology department at California State University Long Beach (CSULB). The feedback was not encouraging."What troubles me most is that your criticism of Jews may be taken seriously by groups and individuals who both fear and hate Jews," Martin Fiebert wrote in a 12-point reply. "Your manuscript, unintentionally perhaps, reinforces the stereotype that all Jews, be they assimilated or not, are clannish, deceptive, and exploitive. I'm sure you would be dismayed to find that your book has a treasured place in the bookcases of neo-Nazis along with 'Mein Kampf' and the 'Protocols of Zion."
(To read the complete story, click here
To read Keven MacDonald's presentation on Jews and immigration, click the links below.

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