Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Will Accept Your Apology Now

I get calls from reporters, students and from people in the general public who think that the election of Borack Obama is some kind of proof that they are right and we are wrong. But in reality this election and today’s inauguration in fact proves just the opposite. It demonstrates that I and many others were absolutely correct in our political assessment.

Reporters, such as the one who was here a few days ago, Andreas Hald from Denmark (DR Nyheder) generally ask questions about our response to our new black president. Still further they want to know how this will affect The Knights and other white nationalist groups. I guess they figure we are suppose to make a call to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or their handlers at the ADL and graciously concede defeat and then find something else to do for the rest of our lives.
In the minds of these racial masochist, hatred of, or at least indifference to, their racial survival should be normal and preservation of their kind is the abnormal.

(I have to leave, so I will write more on this later)

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