Thursday, January 1, 2009

Never Built a Sea Worthy Vessel

This black preacher has some words of wisdom for all people.

Clink here to listen:

If you don't like what he has to say, don't attack me - I'm just the messenger!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's the most honest and interesting sermon from a black man that I've ever heard! He certainly has the courage to state the truth. And it's obvious that he doesn't hate his people. He just knows that he needs to state the truth for their own good.

But brain-dead white liberals will call him a 'hater' of Negroes, because he dares to tell it like it is. This Negro has more sense than white liberals!

Jacob Masters said...

Wow. I remember when this preacher got down on Obama's mamma a few months ago, and he is REALLY lett'n it her have it this time. I'm glad its a black man delivering this message, because we would never hear the end of it were a white man tell'n it.

Anonymous said...

You're a messenger for a black preacher???????????

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, though, this same black preacher encourages black women to marry white men (since they claim that 70% of black women cannot find a decent black man) and sees nothing wrong with race-mixing. :(

Anonymous said...

1860 to 2009. Over 140 years of freedom and what have the blacks done with it? They are the same now as they were then. Yeah maybe some have good jobs and actually support their familes and drive nice cars and have nice houses. But the majority of them have accomplished nothing. They have invented nothing. Their neighborhoods are warzones. But that is the white man's fault. That is democracy's fault, capitalism's fault. You name it and it is to blame. It is never ever their fault.