Friday, December 11, 2009

Watch the Christmas Gathering - Speeches, Music and Fellowship

Our Christmas Fellowship Gathering will begin on Saturday, December 12 - all day. You can watch it here - (This link won't work until Saturday morning at about 10 am central time) beginning at 10:00 am. (CT)Also on Sunday beginning at 9:45 until about noon. The Bible tells us that there is no other name given among men whereby we must be saved.
Jesus Christ is the one and only true God! Don't believe me? What has alien gods done for the people who worship them. Nothing! The vast majority of people who worship the heathen gods found in Asia, Africa and among the Arab countries live in poverty and squalor. However, those nations which worship Jesus Christ are the most prosperous.
I know some of you who think all roads lead to heaven are going to get your panties in a wad. I really don't care if you accept this or not and I have no inner need to convince you that your heathen gods are worthless. They can't even give proper shelter for the millions of people who worship them. Not only that, the vast majority of people who worship these heathen and worthless gods live in poverty and distution. When they need medical care for their sick children and food for their starving belly, who do they turn to - the people of Christian nations who have food and wealth in abundants.


Anonymous said...

if they have the money you much for mercy, and ain't the fact that Christianity belongs to whites anyway? so the heathens look elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Well alot of african/european/asian
nations are Christian and they have many starving people. Even in America it might not be as bad as some other countries though. I'm also sure that Haiti is a Christian nation and they are flat out broke.

China on the other hand isn't a Christian nation but they have all the wealth and if they were to wage war with the US they probably would win.

The whole Christmas thing is a joke why even celebrate it. The bible doesn't say he was born on that day. I'm also pretty sure that Jesus' death was much more important than his birth.(infact the bible talks very little about his birth in comparison to his death)

NorwegianHeat said...

PART 1(I have a lot to say):

Your one-dimensional logic fails. Here's why:

1. Christianity as a political strategy, not as a faith, is responsible for the "blessings" of current "Christian nations". Christianity in Europe didn't spread through prayer and good-nature, it CONQUERED new territory and resources--wealth--through TYRANNY. As Christianity gained power through conquest, it assumed a dominate position in controlling and shaping the rest of the world. Today, as a "Christian nation" America sucks up all the world's resources while keeping less developed nations in positions of poverty and servitude. In order for our economy to function, there necessarily must be poorer nations for us to manipulate. Is that God's work? No. That's the work of greed and apathy.

2. You're conveniently overlooking the problem of poverty RIGHT HERE in America. That's right, CHRISTIANS SUFFERING. Simply being a member of this or any Christian society doesn't guarantee success by any rate. You've got to know how to prosper--or receive handouts--under this capitalist format. Sitting on your ass and praying for God to save you won't cut it--if you think it will, you're ignorant.

3. You can't blame ordinary people for the poor decisions of their leaders. The general religious practices of a population have nothing to do with whether or not they succeed in this global economic system. If you're greedy and in a position of power, it doesn't matter what faith you practice--your people will suffer. Look at our own economy over the last decade. George Dubya is a Christian, but did his faith in God lead to the salvation of Wall Street, or the housing market? Nope. Our system faltered greatly because we created an imbalance--the rich kept making themselves richer through CEO bonuses or ponzi schemes while the middle class was snubbed out, and the lower class just got poorer, thanks to corrupted politics and crooked banking.
To say that the followers of "heathen gods" are hindered economically by their inferior faiths is a joke. If they're hindered by anything, it's the same corruption of power that suffocates our own lower classes.


NorwegianHeat said...


4. You obviously entertain a narrow conception of what prosperity is. A fat-cat can sit atop a mountain of gold, and completely lose sight of the world (his head lost in the clouds of his own arrogance) while a street-rat with nothing to his name can look around him and have a much richer view of life. True prosperity accumulates in the heart, not the pocket. It's all about PERCEPTION. If all a person's clothes and possessions were suddenly stripped in this society, they’d likely be left with nothing—feeling empty and naked, while someone from one of those “heathen worshiping” nations might endure the same setback and consider himself no poorer, so long as he knows his heart.

5. All paths DO lead to the same end! We all live, and we all die. I’ll get to this more in a moment, but first just consider the position you’ve taken:

“Bringing a Message of Hope and Deliverance to White Christian America! A Message of Love NOT Hate!”

Not only is this quote—taken from the KKK’s home page—an oxymoron, but an example of gross misdirection as well. A “White Christian America” doesn’t exist. We’re a melting pot—samples of every corner of the globe thrown in a blender. By making the claim of a “White Christian America” you’re segregating every non-white and ever non-Christian, which, whether you admit to it or not, IS hate. You’re making the claim that only your path is righteous.
The only true “Message of Love” is that of understanding and acceptance. Intolerance is simply laziness—you’re not TRYING to love, because it’s EASIER to hold to simple, uneducated viewpoints. Laziness… that sounds a lot like “sloth”—wait, isn’t that one of the deadly sins?! Are you sure where YOUR path is leading you?

I don’t believe in the concept of heaven—I feel that when I die, the energy that powers my consciousness will be recycled back into the cosmos to further fuel the infinite, cyclical existence of our universe. I liken this concept to those of heaven or nirvana, just as I liken my life-energy to your “soul”. I don’t believe in your “God” but I see my own views of the universe as an acceptable alternative. I don’t see these differences in terms of one being right and the other being wrong, but rather as interchangeable definitions for the same thing: Life. The world around us is so vast, so complex, NEITHER of us has a truly complete understanding of it. Existence transcends language—we forget that our words are merely feeble attempts to translate phenomena we simply can’t fully grasp ourselves, let alone explain to others. We can’t we, as people, accept these minor differences and just EXIST together? Why can’t we all just be good people, and let that be enough? Why am I WRONG if I don’t follow your exact lead?
I have no problem with people that wish to practice Christianity. Or Islam. Or Judaism. Or atheism (I don’t consider myself an atheist—to say there is no God is just as ignorant as saying there is—the cosmos is simply too complex for me to know how it functions, one way or the other). I do, however, take offense when people claim that their viewpoints are superior, simply because they refuse to see things from the others’ perspectives.
Spiritual wealth doesn't require a title to define it--to give it worth. It doesn't need to join a club (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.) to be of value to its possessor. True vision sees not the ugly differences in others, but the beauty in their relation. Hate and wrath are symptoms of spiritual blindness. A person with genuine spirit is accepting, not spiteful.