Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Distorting Reality

The only thing falling faster than Obama’s approval rating is Miley Cyrus’s wholesome image which is at zero. Obama’s approval rating is now at 41%. Bush the Second’s approval rating didn’t reach this low until his second term after Katrina.

But how do these approval ratings break down according to race. Blacks and other minorities put Obama in office. And their love for Obama still makes them sing the high notes. They adore him and get giggly when someone whispers his name. However, many whites who voted for Obama have now had second thoughts. They thought he was going to champion traditional American values like independence and self-reliance. However, they were mistaken. It was the minority voters who took Obama to the prom and so he is going to make sure that they get all the dances. Among Blacks Obama’s approval rate is 93%. However among whites his approval rating has dropped from 62% to 37%.

This is why when the Tea Party or some other conservative group holds a rally there are more blacks on stage than in the audience. They need to put minorities center stage in an attempt to prove they aren’t toothless redneck racist from the hill country. Trying to spot a black person at a Tea Party event is like thinking Mr. McGoo will make an outstanding baseball umpire.

As smart as O’Rielly, Hannity, Beck may be, it is apparent that they just cannot connect the dots on the issue of race in America. Without question there are two Americas. There is the old America (white) which embraces the idealism of our colonial forefathers and their independent spirit then there is the new America (non white) which embraces the nanny state.

Yes, I know there is some cross over.

National conservative spokesmen scratch their heads trying to figure out why Negroes, Hispanics etc support causes which are anathema to white Americans.

It is simple to see once you are willing to do so that traditional America, that which is valued by tea party people cannot be maintained if America does not remain a white country. Fill America’s schools, churches and communities with Mexicans means that America will look like Mexico and will become a 3rd world country. The same can be said with all other races. America will not retain the image of our forefathers if the streets, churches, schools and communities become occupied by Mongs, Arabs, Mexicans, Cambodians, Negroes, Filipinos etc.
It isn’t that I hate any of those people, but why should we surrender the country built by our forefathers and given to us as an inheritance?

I believe the vast majority of Tea Party people do not hate Negroes or other minorities. But I also believe the vast majority are like me. They simply would rather be around white people. And that is enough to be called a racist.

However, I find it both annoying and humorous that there are attempts to make it look like the Tea Party people are a happy multi-racial awakening. As I stated, there are usually more black people speaking at Tea Party events then there are black people in the entire audience.

Watch this video to see an example of this distortion. Blacks are center stage on this documentary about the Tea Party.


Anonymous said...

Tea Party people obviously feel a desperate need to conform to the image of the New America that is seen every day in the national media.

This has also been the strategy of the Republican Party for decades.

It's an illusion, in that it doesn't work.A few Blacks find it very profitable to join the movement. But in the end, they, like Colin Powell, will show their true colors. That is, an overwhelming majority of minorities will vote for their perceived racial interests -- and this will a be liberal Democrat vote.

Anonymous said...

"Tougher Than Arizona" Immigration Bill Introduced in Utah

Jonathan Hallin said...

If you do not want this to be posted, email me:

Who really cares? Evolution is a part of Mother earth! Did white men exist thousands of years ago? From a scientific and a correct point of view the answer is; no!. We evolved to what we are and that process is a scientific natureforce. The most adapted survives! The most logical would then be to race-mix and therefore evolve as we are supposed. i also want to ask you if you know anything about genes, because two racemixed black people can and has a good change to get white kids!
Long ago, there were not many white folks and we did almost not have any connection with black people at all. Today we live in a race mixed society, and there are a lot more white people existing today. So stop worry about something natural, which is not wrong in any way!

Jonathan Hallin, Sweden (that is why my english is not the best)

lutheran said...

You may have evolved from rocks or monkeys or whatever. But we were created.

NCKnight said...

Hey Jonathan - your logic is not the best, either.