Friday, August 27, 2010

Lying Dirt Bag John McCain Buys GOP Primary

McCain spends $21 million on ads to fool voters in Arizona.

by James Buchanan

With the skill of a chameleon changing colors from blue to red, John McCain transformed himself from a whorish crook, who was part of the Keating Five, and from a CO-SPONSOR of the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill into a “respectable” conservative who “never” ever sponsored Amnesty. Remember those hundreds of billions of dollars in TARP bail outs that conservatives vehemently and loudly opposed, which McCain supported anyway. Well, it looks like McCain got plenty of kick backs. McCain just spent more than 21 million dollars to buy the GOP primary.

An [1] article by Michelle Malkin notes “Hayworth was far from a perfect candidate. But there is no bigger clown, charlatan, and huckster Republican serving on Capitol Hill than four-term, 24-year Big Government fixture John McCain. After burning through a whopping $21 million in campaign funds to hold on to his seat, McCain is poised to claim a primary election victory over Hayworth tonight. Some victory. To stave off Hayworth, the reborn conservative McCain not only had to throw $21 million down the drain. He had to thrown his own old ‘maverick’ self off the bus, start talking like Tom Tancredo, appear on cable news non-stop, disavow all his good friends in the ‘Eastern press’ whose approbation (praise) he thrives on in off-election years, and pander shamelessly to the grass-roots conservative base that he has despised, undermined, and spurned for more than two decades.”

It should be noted that most multi-term Senators breeze right through their primaries with almost no effort or expense. That’s because most Democrat Senators behave like liberals and most Republican Senators behave like conservatives except for the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). And John McCain was the king of the RINOs. Since the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill, several RINO Senators who supported the Amnesty Bill have retired or chosen not to run. Two pro-Amnesty Republican Senators, Arlen Specter and Bob Bennett were hounded by the Tea Party in 2009 and 2010. Specter dropped out of the Republican Party and tried to run as a Democrat and still lost his primary race. Bennett tried to stay in the Republican Party and challenged the Tea Party, and lost with a pathetic 26 percent in his primary, finishing third.

Apparently John McCain learned from the Bob Bennett fiasco and decided to spend, spend, spend and lie, lie, lie. Rather than defend the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill, McCain would look right into the camera and say with a straight face to all the gullible retirees and forgetful moderates “I never supported an Amnesty.”

In a Clintonesque world where “is” doesn’t mean “is,” McCain would probably argue that the minor speed bumps he suggested in his “path to citizenship” made the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill, not an Amnesty Bill. In the real world however, John McCain and Ted Kennedy wanted every single illegal alien in the US in 2007 to get US citizenship. The tiny hurdles they proposed for 20 million illegal aliens were actually nothing compared to the massive paperwork and expense that a legal immigrant from Europe would have to go through to get US citizenship. The Democrats want these illegals to be made citizens since about 80 percent of Latinos vote Democrat, and McCain supported this betrayal of conservative Americans because he was being paid off by big corporations to flood the labor market with cheap Latino workers.

This primary was a Pyrrhic victory for McCain. He may have won the battle, but the cost of victory was so great; it will be devastating for McCain’s future. He has promised his voters that he will be a good conservative and that he’ll be tough on illegals (while no doubt promising the complete opposite to his corporate sponsors). From now on, there’s a spotlight on McCain to see if he’ll keep his word, and he probably won’t. After a few months, he’ll start turning back into his old liberal self and forget all those promises to the voters –after all those were just “words”.

When McCain strays back to his usual liberal self, there will be a recall effort against him. 41 percent of the Republican primary voters are already sick of McCain and would be more than happy to participate in a recall. If a significant percent of McCain’s support base feel they’ve been betrayed, then it’s “Recall Time” and I don’t think McCain’s sponsors will be willing to spend another $21 million dollars to protect his wrinkled old butt from another serious challenge.


Anonymous said...

McCain spent that kind of money on a campaign! He's already told us that the Blacks in the Civil Rights Movement of MLK are the "greatest generation of Americans." Just think what that sum of money could have done had McCain placed it into a poor black neighborhood or some other cause to help Blacks. (BTW, why can't wealthy Blacks do the same for their brethren?)

NCKnight said...

When the so-called war hero McCain was a POW, he squealed like a stuck pig to save his miserable, cowardly hide. He then made propaganda speeches for Hanoi where he denounced the USA and our role in southeast Asia. This was all published in "Stars & Stripes" at the time so it is well-documented. Many Vietnam vets hate "Hanoi John"'s guts to this day because of his treachery, and I don't blame them one bit. McCain is nothing but a lying, hypocritical, cowardly traitor and as such he ought to be prosecuted for treason. He is lower than Jane Fonda ever thought about being - at least Jane Fonda wasn't two-faced!