Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AIPAC, the powerful Jewish lobby in Washington D.C. along with John Hagee and many, many other preachers all work to protect the Jewish nation as it wages war against the Palestinian people.

The battle between the Arab nations and the Jewish nation is of no concern to me. My concern is with Zionists who dictate American foreign policy in the middle east which has been the source of much misery to our people.

I have stated many times that the reason for the hatred of the U.S. lay at the feet of Jewish domination of our foreign policy in the middle east. This Jewish domination is, of course, supported by "Christian Zionists" such as Hagee.

If we want to diffuse the hated for the U.S. we could begin by simply getting our of their sand box and if the Jews and the Arabs want to fight - let them. But American soldiers should be on our borders protecting OUR nation from the flood of illegals.

When someone is bold enough to criticize the Jewish nation they are immediately called anti-Semitic. We have known it was a trick to control their opposition. We have said it was a trick many times. Now the Jews themselves admit it is a t rick. Watch this video and hear for yourself.



Anonymous said...

Putting troops in the border ain't enough, of course the Canadian border needs to be protected too ya know. If illegals are willing to risk life and limb for work, than the troops aren't much of threat to them. Simply put, punish the employers who hire them. If no employer hires illegals, no illegals will come. After their numbers have decline as the result of no one being able to hire them. Why have you not consider that?

Anonymous said...

I agree with your sentiments, but I would hardly call JEW-deo [Anti]-Christians; "Christians" and Hagee most definitely would NEVER wear the label "Christian" in my book (nor in The Good Book!).

By their fruits you shall know them and JEW-deo [Anti]-Christians worship a false god of their own imagination. Can light have communion with darkness? Can a Christian be an Anti-Christian? They are a house divided against itself. Certainly NOT Christian, by any stretch of the imagination! They have truly given themselves over to the great delusion that deceives all but the very Elect of YHWH.

JEW-deo "Christians" are Satan WHOREshippers dressed up in Christian garb.