Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obama Unites Minorities Against Whites

Over the weekend Obama spoke to a gathering of black leaders and urged them to go back to their communities and organize their people to continue the struggle.

The most amazing thing is that the issue of race goes over the head of most white people. Unable to connect dots they look into a rain puddle and can’t figure out why the oil and water doesn’t mix.

According to a FOX news report, “President Obama implored black voters on Saturday (September 18) to restore the passion they felt for his groundbreaking campaign two years ago and turn out in force this fall to repel Republicans who are ready to ‘turn back the clock.’”
Of course the code words “turn back the clock” is clearly understood by every black and other minority person. Obama, blacks and other minorities are keenly aware of the race war in which we are engaged. It is a battle against White people and the culture which came from our soul.

The FOX news story continued by pointing out that Obama secured his election by the votes coming from a united minority block. Essentially what is occurring is nonwhites will eventually be able to simply vote white people out of our own country and when that occurs, America as we understand it will be gone forever. The FOX story says,“For Obama, the caucus dinner at the Washington Convention Center capped a week of concerted outreach to minority supporters, a traditional wellspring of Democratic strength.”

Blacks and other “Minorities” don’t need an education regarding their racial identity. They are taught to embrace this identity from their earliest years. It is only our people who are continually injected with the poison of white guilt. Dupes like Beck and Hannity who dream of a multi-racial America where everyone is holding hands and singing Kumbaya will never happen.

One tactic used in schools is to take students in a multi-racial class room and ask the students to cross to the other side of the room if they have ever experienced hatred or prejudice because of the color of their skin. “Minority” students then cross the room, leaving the white kids to stand with the burden of guilt for the terrible way their “minority” friends have been treated.

Our people have been programmed by our creator with the spirit of compassion. This compassion has been a major factor in our ability to rise into a civilized people. But when this compassion is manipulated it becomes our weakness. “Minorities” recognize this weakness in our people and have used it against us time and time again. It is the reason why Obama can boldly urge black voters to vote “black.” The same can be said for Hispanic politicians. But whites would never even consider asking for white voters to vote white. And if they did, a roar would arise from agitators like Al Sharpton demanding that we denounce such blatant racism. But Obama does the same and white people don’t even raise an eyebrow. If they did feel alarmed they would never voice their opinion for fear of being labeled a “bigot,” “racist” or “Nazi.”

We are in a race war! White people will be a minority in less than 35 years. The magazine shown here is the highly respected Atlantic (formerly called The Atlantic Monthly). The front cover clearly foretells the end of White America. It is coming unless we work, not out of any hatred toward minorities, but out of a love for our people, faith, culture and heritage. If we (you) do not, what will your children do? CONservatives like Glenn Beck want to glorify the communist Martin Luther King and now glorifying Ghandi in order to promote white guilt. "Diversity" is destroying America. If you are under 40 years old, you have no idea what you are about to lose. The change in America will come upon us quickly. As soon as the Baby Boomers die off over the next 20-25 years, the title wave of non-white domination of America will be devastating to our children. White people need to forget about all the name calling, "racist," "bigot," "Nazi," etc. and unite quickly or our nation will be gone and our children will be left to fight the battle we should have fought.
Those who cannot connect the dots in this race war eventually will!


Anonymous said...

This is great ! I only wish people would wake up. Before it's to late. God Bless Pastor Robb !!

black power! said...

Ha ha you will lose!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that it was the baby boomers who started this trend. They also hated the fact that southern whites used terrorism to hassle blacks from escaping poverty. Honestly, whites in other parts of the world still hold a majority, like in Argentina for example.

Anonymous said...

Why are blacks, Jews, other minorities enemies?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 2:10 pm.
White are at zero population growth throughout the world. You are mistaken when you state that white's hold a majority in other parts of the world.
The European nations are facing the same crisis as we are in America. Whites are a majority, but with zero population growth, whites will reach minority statue in most every nation by 2050.
If we would celebrate the soon demise of Negroes, everyone, including anonymous would point their finger of condemnation at us. But if there is any mention of whites facing this same fate we are suppose to act as if it doesn’t matter.

Thomas Robb said...

Above anonymouse wrote: "Why are blacks, Jews, other minorities enemies?"
I don't know. I cannot understand their hatred. It doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Robb said...
"I don't know. I cannot understand their hatred. It doesn't make any sense."
Yet you assume they do. Why?

Anonymous said...

If you can't see it - I can't help you!

Anonymous said...

pator who ever.... u got some real damn issues.... my people or who ever u wannna call it has been in slavery foe hundreds of years, and when its over or when we think its over your white ass wanna make it worse. and u call urself a pastor... love your neighbor as your self.. and quite frankly u said u love ur people then love other people. and u think that ur showing other kids good examples by parading in white and terrorizing people is a good thing? get your self together... and look abviosly ur doing something wrong cuz guess who has the top job in america right now?...... OBAMA BABY!so jus shutup with ur hypocrite ass and actually read the damn bible! you are like a fallen angel but u just cant quite get yourself back to heaven, and as far as im concerned the way your doing things your never gonna get there.
P.S- BITCH! IM BLACK! made valencictorian got a full ride schlorship to harvard!!!!! so while ur preachin ur garbage im up here compeatin wit ur "people" and i already beat the rest in high school! so peace BITCH! AND HAVE A MOST HELLED LIFE!!!