Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who is on the Lord's Side?

Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center church in Gainesville, Florida has scheduled a Koran burning on September 11th, the ninth anniversary of 9/11.

As a result he has come under continued attack by Muslims worldwide. That is certainly understandable. However what is not understandable is Christian ministers condemning the burning of the Koran. Has their faith been so completely deluded that they can no longer take a stand for moral principle. Jesus Christ is either the one and only true God or he is not.

If Christians truly believe that Jesus Christ is God and the only name given under heaven from which we can obtain salvation than they should boldly say so. But most ministers act as if Jesus is simply offering a self-improvement program.

The fact is there are only two God’s (not many) There is Jesus Christ and there is Satan who leads the rebellion (Israel 14).

All non-Christian religions are from Satan. He is the great deceiver (Rev 20)! Christian ministers are falling all over themselves condemning Pastor Jones - a fellow Christian. And in doing so align themselves with Baal worship. When Moses came down from the mountain at the giving of he Ten Commandments, the people were committing worship of a golden calf. Moses asked them, “Who is on the Lord’s side.”

Where in the Bible are we told to “respect” false gods! In fact we are told to tear down their groves, destroy their idols and cast down their images.

Where in the Bible are we told to be “tolerant” of Baal worship?

I can certainly understand Muslims being offended. But if they are - perhaps they should pack their bags and move to a Muslim nation. But Christian ministers who slander a Christian brother just so they won’t offend a false god are not Christians but deceivers in the robes of a shepherd - I don’t care how many times they have been down the aisle or wept at the altar


Anonymous said...

More Marxist Dialectics. Where in the Bible are we told to be tolerant of jew-loving neocon shabbez goy judeo-Christian wolves in sheep's clothing? Jews did 9/11. If you want to be a Christian this coming Saturday, then burn that filthy talmud. Pitting us against Muslims is just part of the Illuminati game plan and a diversion from reality. Maybe you can sacrifice your children on some forthcoming jew war, because your too stupid to figure out that this little Koran burning is jewish propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Two Gods? Isaiah 45:5-6.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Pastor Robb is saying that there are 2 almighty ones. But there are certainly others which are set up as gods. Example: Judges 10:13 "But you have forsaken me and served other gods, so I will no longer save you."
I think Pastor Robb is simply pointing out that all these false gods are really the work and the devise of Satan. Certainly there is only ONE which is the Almighty as Isa 45:5-6 points out, but the Bible also mentions many others which are called gods.
Please think things through a little before attempting to point out some kind of inconsistence in Pastor Robb's statement. Certainly you aren’t attempting to suggest that Pastor Robb really believes in 2 Almighty ones.

Norwegian Heat said...

Wow. I stopped by because I was curious to see if you'd posted any opinions on this topic--even from you, I was surprised to find this. What will the book-burning prove? That Christian Americans can be just as narrow-minded and hateful as their Muslim counterparts in the Middle East? Great--that's just what the world needs. All this does is provoke Islamic extremists. It'll probably influence a spike in militant enrollment and spark a string of flag-burnings and low-key suicide bombings. Maybe even a higher-scale terrorist attack. In any case, it will be the innocent that suffer most on both sides. Why would we wish for further hatred? Why should we support more violence and death? Are you completely opposed to peace? You don't have to agree with the way of life promoted by Islam; you don't have to believe in the validity of their god--but when it comes down to it, would you really rather pursue a future rife with hostility and suffering? Why not TRY to get along? Even if the effort is one-sided (which I don't believe is the case), certainly it's better than having BOTH sides at each others' necks.

Anonymous said...

islam believe that you should not be allowed to live if you are not a believer in islam. They have proved thierselves as liars, murders of anyone who coverts from islam to Christianity, and cowards who hide behind behind thier women and children while fighting in war. Burn the koran and anything that stands for islam.

Anonymous said...

AMEN !! Let's make a stand as a Christian nation and nothing else. Send all the others back wear they come from and their leftist friends with them.

Anonymous said...

If i had a koran i would burn it on 09/11. maybe i'll try to find a group that's willing to do the same and have a big bonfire

Anonymous said...

As you are all racists, I don't agree with your ideas, actions, or way of life. You threaten my way of life, and are detrimental to American society. You are followers of Christianity, and since priests have been known to be homosexual pedophiles, you must all be racist, homosexual pedophiles. Since your beliefs, values, and actions violate mine, you are Evil. As you are all racist, homosexual pedophile Christians, I will express my contempt by burning your holy book, the Bible.

Is this a fair judgment?

How does this make you feel? What will you do about it?

Will I accomplish anything through this?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Christians will call for your death if you burn a Bible. why do muslims feel they have the right to kill if we burn the koran

Anonymous said...

"I don't think Christians will call for your death if you burn a Bible."

You're right--why would they risk their comfortable American lifestyles on such dire acts? If conditions were different, and desperation was more prevalent in the Christian way of life, I believe this would change. Certainly Christians have been willing to kill for their faith in the past. That fact that the Koran burning COULD lead toward violence is not what makes it wrong, any more than my probable safety in burning Bibles wouldn't make it right or acceptable.

The point is, how does this type of sentiment or hostility toward your faith make you feel? For Christians who do not participate in or condone racism or pedophilia, this type of generalization and resentment might be offensive--and needlessly at that. If I denounced all Christians for the actions of a select few, I'd be doing a disservice not only to those noble Christians I'm overlooking, but to myself as well, in sacrificing valuable relationships with potential allies against mutual enemies.

True, there are those of Islamic background who should be condemned for their actions--but the judgement must be just, and select. For Muslims who wish to coexist, I have no ill-will--I have no interest in turning them against me. To write off relations with all Muslims as collateral damage seems unwise.

Anonymous said...

"why do muslims feel they have the right to kill if we burn the koran"

Why do Christians feel they have the right to abuse children?

Not all Muslims do--in fact the vast majority that never vie for your attention through the heinous acts you hear about in the news have no interest in killing. They would like to live their lives in peace, much like most Americans. These are the people you alienate when you cast insults against Islam. Just like how MOST Christians have nothing to do with pedophilia. If we want to be conscientious of the reality of the society we are all a part of, then we must learn not to judge the merit of the whole on the weaknesses of the few--even if those weaknesses are the easiest to perceive.

Sadly, there are those on both sides of the issue that attract media attention through their bold actions. The public forms stereotypes based on these skewed perspectives, and the cycle goes on. If both side pursued proactive means of amending this situation, perhaps progress could be made. To allow our pride to stifle these efforts by unnecessary conflict seems a thoughtless sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

instead of setting up these "straw man" arguments just look in the news. thousands of muslims are outraged at this pastor who wanted to burn the koran. if you think you can "coexist" with these people you are only fooling yourself!

Anonymous said...

"thousands of muslims are outraged at this pastor who wanted to burn the koran."

Yes--it's an outrageous act aimed at provoking Muslims. My question remains--what makes this a good idea? What makes this a constructive act?

"if you think you can 'coexist' with these people you are only fooling yourself!"

Yes, I understand that there are radicals--I don't condone their actions or sentiment--but these are a minority, and I'm not keen on fueling their aggression, or attracting more consideration to their cause. I fail to see the logic in this. If you have a legitimate defense for this otherwise senseless instigation, I'm all ears. Currently, I'm inclined to believe in a more thoughtful alternative.
Further, in reference to the majority of Muslims who are willing to coexist, yes--I believe I can tolerate those who are willing to tolerate me. I have no interest in making unnecessary enemies of peaceful Muslims. But again, if there is a better argument for making enemies rather than exhibiting tolerance, let me know.

Anonymous said...

if there a minority then what's everyone worried about. they can be stopped easily with little effort. yet the fact is there are many more than some people are willing to admit. i support the pastor if he wants to burn the koran. he has freedom of speech too you know. and everyone else who wants to burn it.

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that Islam is the largest practiced religion in the world today. Christianity is fairly new and small. Muslims are not a minority; and if a Pastor wants to burn the Koran then let him but do not give attention to it because although it is foolish he will be humiliated not I.

Anonymous said...

Stop living in the dark guys, read the Koran and make your opinions based on that knowledge, not through the influence of others.

Anonymous said...

"I would like to point out that Islam is the largest practiced religion in the world today. Christianity is fairly new and small."
This simply is not true. Christianity is older and larger than Islam.
Major Religions of the World
Ranked by Number of Adherents

Anonymous said...

"I would like to point out that Islam is the largest practiced religion in the world today."

No it isn't. 1.2 to 1.5 billion Muslims versus at least 2 billion Christians. Try doing some research before posting--otherwise you're only pointing out your own ignorance.

"Muslims are not a minority[.]"

You're right, Muslims certainly are not a minority. Did anyone previously contributing to this discussion ever suggest that they were? If you'd read a little more carefully before making your contributions, you might notice that it was not all Muslims, but rather Muslim extremists being labeled a "minority".

Anon at 7:37 PM on 9/13:

Well said!

Anonymous said...

"All non-Christian religions are from Satan."
Now Robb finally reveals just how zealotic and ignorant he really is...good luck trying to talk your way out of that one.
Cheers mate

Thomas said...

Anonymous at 12.54 pm -
Sorry Dude, there is nothing to talk my way out of. The statement is clear and simple. But I will say it again just in case you didn't keep up the first time. All non Christian religions are from Satan.
I can only assume that you are not a Christian and that is why you were offended.

Anonymous said...

Nope, sure am Christian.
But don't you have some respect for other religions? How can you be so certain that Christianity is the only true religion, just because a book says so? I'm pretty sure that the Koran or any other religious book claims the same for their own religion. Do you really wish to degrade other peoples' faiths like that by saying they are evil? Judaism or Hinduism gives so many people strength and helps them with their every-day affairs, why condemn them all?
Thanks for your answer by the way.

Cheers mate