Sunday, January 9, 2011

American Renaissance

Jared Taylor is smeared by the radical left on a regular basis. He has also been the victim of harassment, death threats, and even physical violence from the left-wing. He has always taken the high ground and urged civility. He is a man of great class and integrity. The HuffingtonPost and other left-wing outfits are demonizing Taylor with false claims to promote their own radical left-wing agendas. They should be ashamed of themselves.

The Obama controlled DHS leaked a “memo” saying the Arizona shooter has “no direct connection,” but “possibly linked to this group[American Renaissance]” and calls American Renaissance [Amren] “anti-Zog.” The accusation, which is apparently based on materials on the suspect’s computer, is beyond absurd. Amren receives thousands of visitors a day, and some percentage of that traffic are leftists who are simply snooping.

Several left-wing websites and left-wing columnists have intentionally misreported on the memo as if the so-called “possible link” was a fact.

What does “no direct connect,” but “possibly linked to the group” actual mean? It looks like Obama’s hacks running the DHS are simply trying to invent a way to blame right-wingers for the attack. The DHS memo gives left-wing reporters, columnists, and websites an opportunity to embellish, exaggerate, or outright lie to paint the right-wing as bearing some responsibility for the brutal shooting. Even though friends of the shooter have already told the media he was a leftist.

This is the same DHS that used the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as their source for a report demonizing the TEA Party movement. The SPLC calls the American Family Association a “hate group,” and says Lord of the Rings is a racist movie!


Anonymous said...

Just yesterday you were attempting to pin him to the left on pretty thin evidence. Perhaps it would be more pertinent for critics on both sides to ignore the political aspects of this case and focus on what should be mutually agreeable: that this young man is an extremely troubled individual in need of serious help. Republican or Democrat, this level of violence cannot be tolerated in America. No matter what our political values are, we can all oppose senseless radicalism.

Donnie Young said...

Dear Anonymous above: What did Pastor Robb say that was an attempt to pin this shooting on the left? His opening statement was that he felt there was no political motive.

Where did you read any indication he was attempting to blame the left?

Anonymous said...

Hate is a family value. If your family doesn't hate evil, then you'll be in the crosshairs of God. Violence in the name America is the epitome of hypocrisy i.e. American sponsored Israelie assassinations of people who want their land back. Their families hate jews for a good reason.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Obama is evil, sure blame him for why don't you?

Donnie Young said...

Where is anyone blaming Obama? What kind of "logic" are you using?

Anonymous said...

As long as True Israel strays from God these things will continue to happen and afflict. Things will not get better and they will always stay one step ahead. When Israel finally learns that these things are happening because of disobedience and for a lack of spirituality on thier part then God will intervene and cast the offenders out.The Edomite has no place in the land of Israel (USA) but because you have sold your spiritual birthright for baubles and the American Dream lifestyle all that you can expect is affliction until your heart gets right with God. It has always been that way since Adam. It breaks my heart to see such a disobediant people. Affliction will continue until you are boxed into a corner and have no where left to go but to the Father. Then finally will these things cease and God will be able to act on your behalf.