Saturday, January 29, 2011

Protect Our Children

By Billy Roper

White Revolution supports protecting our children from inappropriate messages, including the message that homosexuality should be accepted and that Sodomites should be allowed to adopt or have custody over or contact with children. This past week controversy erupted when a manager at a Harps grocery store in Mountain Home, Arkansas, elected to use the family shield device in their magazine display rack to partially obscure the US Weekly magazine cover depicting flamboyantly queer British singer “Elton John” and his Sodomite lover holding an innocent White baby they have taken possession of.

Local resident Mountain Home resident Jennifer Huddleston (below), uploaded a photo of the covered-up magazine on Wednesday, broadcasting it via Twitter to ‘gay rights’ organizations and celebrities, asking the enemies of normalcy to help her attack the store manager.

Homosexual activists, Jews, and other enemies of nature and nature’s God began a campaign assaulting the personal moral decision of the manager in their controlled media, until the Harps corporate headquarters bowed to Sodomite and Khazar pressure, ordering the family shield removed from the magazine.

If you would prefer that your children not be indoctrinated into accepting homosexuality as something normal every time you go to the grocery store, give the Harps grocery store in Mountain Home a call to express your support of their original decision, and your solidarity with their moral stand:

Mountain Home Harps Food Store #135 924 East Hwy 62 (870) 425-6556

Conversely, if you’d like to contact the Harps corporate headquarters and express your displeasure with them for ordering the Mountain View manager to remove the family shield, let them know how you feel:

Harps General Office: P.O. Box 48, 918 S. Gutensohn Road, Springdale, AR 72765

Phone: 877-772-8193 or 479-751-7601 Fax: 479-751-3625

Harps grocery stores are in rural small town America, not in New York or San Francisco. Let them know that they could lose customers if they yield to


Anonymous said...

You mention homosexuals, Jews, and other "enemies of nature". Just to get more of an idea of this article, who are those other enemies of nature? Blacks? Muslims? Hindus? Asians?

Some people come up with the silliest reasons to feel superior.

Anonymous said...

As if you anything about nature, white supremacist are weird.

Anonymous said...

Some people come up with the silliest reasons to justify deviant perversions.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on everything else, human nature and all.

Anonymous said...