Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Said "No" to Literacy!

Ok! It is not as bad as it seems. Let me explain. I like helping people. I generally give small donations to most any charity. Of course it depends on where it is going. When I am approached to give to a charity I always ask were it is going. You see if I think it is going to help some white kids or family I like to help. The demographics of this area of Arkansas is about 99% white. So I will ask if the contributions are going locally or are they going to Little Rock. (I’ll leave you guest what is in Little Rock.) If they are going to Little Rock I keep my hands in my pocket. If they are going locally I don’t mind helping.

Over the past few days I have been asked at several stores if I would like to make a donation to help literacy?

I don’t mind telling you that giving money to help “Stamp out Illiteracy” has got to be the stupidest charity I have ever heard of. However, I stand in the store and see people throwing their money in the little collection box to “help literacy” thinking they are going to “Stamp our Illiteracy” in our lifetime.

Forgive me for being so completely honest with you, but if you are one of those people who has given money to help literacy, please go someplace alone and slap yourself silly. Please read carefully, It doesn’t take money to learn how to read. Money might buy expensive books but it doesn’t create the ability to read. When I was a child I read cereal boxes, directions, road signs, etc. None of these things cost money. Things to read are everywhere!

When I was sent home from school with books to read - I read them! I was a good and avid reader. My parents never had the need to wait until a charity check came in the mail. I never once heard my mother or dad say, "OK, Tommy, we got another check in the mail so now you can learn a new word!"

In the photo above there are two girls: one white and one black. If one of the girls can read and if the other can’t, it wasn’t because of money.

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