Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Doggie Game!

Well, that seems to be the name of the game that two sodomites were playing on the night of September 5. I am not sure how the game is played and I don’t think I want to know, but Brett Cummins (left), a meteorologist for television station KARK in Little Rock and his “friend,” Dexter Williams were eager to play the game and went to the home of Christopher Barbour to party.

Without knowing the details of the Doggie Game, this much is known for sure. Brett Cummins woke up Monday morning and found his “friend” laying naked in the bath tub with a dog collar around his neck.

No one has reported, as of yet, whether Cummins was naked. But it does appear that the rules of the game require two men to get naked in a bath tub. No doubt, Cummins has played the Doggie game many times before because he was the clear winner of the Doggie rumble.

When Cummins woke up the next morning he found his friend’s head in his lap with a pasty gray color - like in dead! Cummins ran vomiting out of the bathroom and screaming like a little girl.

Did I say he was naked?

His little “friend” had a dog chain around his neck that got pulled - just a little too tight! I think maybe when he whimpered Cummins was suppose to say something like, “Grrr - your’re such a bad doggie,” then loosen the chain and spank his bottom.

Well any way - Cummins was “going for the gold” and wasn’t about to let loose when he was in the home stretch.

So here’s the deal: one bathtub, one naked man, one dog collar and one stinking corpse.

That’s so gay!

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