Saturday, January 29, 2011

Protect Our Children

By Billy Roper

White Revolution supports protecting our children from inappropriate messages, including the message that homosexuality should be accepted and that Sodomites should be allowed to adopt or have custody over or contact with children. This past week controversy erupted when a manager at a Harps grocery store in Mountain Home, Arkansas, elected to use the family shield device in their magazine display rack to partially obscure the US Weekly magazine cover depicting flamboyantly queer British singer “Elton John” and his Sodomite lover holding an innocent White baby they have taken possession of.

Local resident Mountain Home resident Jennifer Huddleston (below), uploaded a photo of the covered-up magazine on Wednesday, broadcasting it via Twitter to ‘gay rights’ organizations and celebrities, asking the enemies of normalcy to help her attack the store manager.

Homosexual activists, Jews, and other enemies of nature and nature’s God began a campaign assaulting the personal moral decision of the manager in their controlled media, until the Harps corporate headquarters bowed to Sodomite and Khazar pressure, ordering the family shield removed from the magazine.

If you would prefer that your children not be indoctrinated into accepting homosexuality as something normal every time you go to the grocery store, give the Harps grocery store in Mountain Home a call to express your support of their original decision, and your solidarity with their moral stand:

Mountain Home Harps Food Store #135 924 East Hwy 62 (870) 425-6556

Conversely, if you’d like to contact the Harps corporate headquarters and express your displeasure with them for ordering the Mountain View manager to remove the family shield, let them know how you feel:

Harps General Office: P.O. Box 48, 918 S. Gutensohn Road, Springdale, AR 72765

Phone: 877-772-8193 or 479-751-7601 Fax: 479-751-3625

Harps grocery stores are in rural small town America, not in New York or San Francisco. Let them know that they could lose customers if they yield to

Thursday, January 27, 2011

State of the Union

Tuesday night, Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union Campaign speech. His message centered on the great accomplishments that we as a nation have done and ended with repeating, “We do big things.” In pointing out the big things we do, he mentioned the dreams of pioneers and settlers, the building of the nation and the accomplishments of Thomas Edison and the Wright brother.

He told us these things were done because of the kind of nation we were and the kind of dreams we made.

However, he failed in one important recognitions. This nation, with its dreams and accomplishments is the result of a European character.

Obama stated, “What's more, we are the first nation to be founded for the sake of an idea — the idea that each of us deserves the chance to shape our own destiny. That's why centuries of pioneers and immigrants have risked everything to come here. It's why our students don't just memorize equations, but answer questions like "What do you think of that idea? What would you change about the world? What do you want to be when you grow up?"

“Sustaining the American Dream has never been about standing pat. It has required each generation to sacrifice, and struggle, and meet the demands of a new age.”

He failed to mention that up until recent years in America “each generation” was a white generation. In Africa “each generation” was a black generation and the continent in is shambles. The only illumination which came out of Africa since the collapse of ancient Egypt was during the short period of “colonial rule” which came to an end by the 1960’s. Two independent white controlled nations (Rhodesia and South Africa) remained prosperous. However, Rhodesia was taken over by black rule in 1980 and changed its name to Zimbabwe. The nation has been in decline ever since. South Africa was taken over by black rule in 1994. South Africa is now in a state of decline.

America was 92% white until the early 1970’s and than with the change of our immigration laws we became flooded with non-white immigrants and now we are facing, as Ohama called, “new challenges.”

The issue certainly revolves around race. I do not understand why people are so afraid to talk about it other than TV, schools and churches have hammered them so severely if they should have racial thoughts.

There will be those who will attack my comments in this blog claiming that they are just the rants of a racist. However, the fact, which they will deny, but are evident to clear thinking people is that they are anti-White.

Oh, they won’t admit it and will perhaps even deny it to themselves. But their indifference to the survival of their own kind shows how completely they suffer from racial masochism. A self-induced desire to harm and inflict injury upon their own race.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day of National Disgrace

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Mr. Glenn Beck:

Ok! I know that you aren't really stupid, at least not in the intellectual sense. Your show is both informative and entertaining. There is little doubt that you are bringing information to the public that may not be easily obtained anywhere else.

But how can you be so naive about one of the biggest con jobs ever foisted on the American people. I am sickened by your praise of Martin Luther King. I grow weary of hearing you tell us of his noble exploits. I am tired of and astonished at your ignorance of this man. Why don't you know? Indeed how can you NOT know?

I have to admit, I am a little annoyed by your mendacity concerning the life of Martin Luther King.

How can a person who has a first class research staff at their disposal not be aware of the sinister life and political associations which King embraced? Maybe you should ask your research staff why this information has been kept from you?

Perhaps it is because you are of a generation that grew up under the propaganda ministry of public education that voided your knowledge of King and his activities. The biggest social change brought about by the progressives was the Civil Rights (Social Justice) act of 1964.

After all, you were only 4 years old when King was fatally shot as he stood on the balcony of the Loraine Motel in Memphis. You don't remember the OLD America. You were never a part of it. Though you attempt to speak of it, inspire others to grasp it, you fail to understand it. This OLD America with its grounded principles of Faith, Hope and Charity is an ideal which you tout but fail to grasp.

Martin Luther King was a progressive which worked to destroy the old America with a new vision. He associated himself with progressives, socialists and admitted Communists. His vision of "Civil Rights" (read Social Justice) was the destruction of property rights. Certainly you know property rights is the central theme by which individual rights are obtained. Individual rights can only exist within the context of property rights. The theme of the Civil Rights movement was "Human rights are more important than property rights."

But that was before your time. You are a victim of the very progressive propaganda that you are seeking to protect others from.

In your show you like to look at the associations that various people in the Obama administration have with socialists and progressives. Then you proclaim if they have these associations they are apparently in league with each other or at least they are a bad judge of character.

What about you Mr. Beck, are you in league with the ideals of Martin Luther King and his associates? Or was King simply too stupid to know the character flaws of those he associated with. And what about you. You want to embrace Martin Luther King, but will you also embrace his associates?

I recall that you stated on one of your shows the principle that if you hang out with rotten, nasty people, then you will become a rotten nasty person. So who did King "hang out" with. who were his mentors?

I wonder if you even care. Is it easier to hide under the pillow?

In 1972 , J Michael Arisman, a Midwest Training Consultant for the National Education Association authored an article titled Alinsky for Teacher Organizers, which shows the power of teachers to organize communities for social change. To help show the success of Alinsky's teaching, Arisman says, "Martin Luther King, Ho Chi Minh, and Fidel Castro, suggest the wisdom of this advice"

It is interesting that he points out Martin Luther King, North Vietnamese Communist dictator Ho Chi Minh, and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro as excellent examples of those who followed the radical progressive and socialist agenda of Saul Alinsky.

You want to glorify King's non-violent tactic to bring about social change - the same tactic used by Gandhi. Was King a brilliant strategist? Did he successfully manipulate the press and our compassion to bring about his objectives? The answer to both questions is,"yes." There are few who would deny that he was a sagacious advocate for the civil rights movement.

King used Gandhi's tactic of "non-violence,"as advised by Alinsky, so that he could successfully manipulate our compassion. I have no objection to those who want to admire the tactics but only to those who want to admire the man. Martin Luther King differed from Stokley Carmichael and H. Rap Brown only in tactics not in objectives and his associations certainly prove my allegation.

What do you think?

King 's mentor was W.E.B. DuBois. who died one day before King's I have a Dream speech in Washington D.C. At the urging of King a moment of silence was held to commemorate the life of W.E.B. DuBois. However, DuBois, King's mentor, was a well known Communist and upon the death of the brutal Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin DuBois wrote in the March 16, 1953 edition of The National Guardian,

"Joseph Stalin was a great man; few other men of the 20th century approach his stature."

Dr. Martin Luther King, the man you want us to honor and respect, chose as his mentor a man that admired the most brutal dictator of the 20th century.

That seems odd - don't you think?

But DuBois' communism didn't seem to bother King. Just forty days before he was assassinated, King spoke at Carnegie Hall in New York City honoring the hundredth anniversary of Du Bois' birth, stating, "It is time to cease muting the fact that Dr. Du Bois was a genius and chose to be a Communist. Our irrational obsessive anti-communism has led us into too many quagmires to be retained as if it were a mode of scientific thinking."

How can you not have known this?
King admired the Communism of DuBois!
Is this the man you want us to idolize?

Who Were King's Other Associates?

How about Bayard Rustin, who, along with King and Alinsky had studied Gandhi's teachings. Rustin was another one of King's mentors and advisors. He was the main organizer of the 1963 March on Washington. This close associate of King was also an open homosexual, supporter of democratic socialism and had cozy ties to the Communist Party. Many of Kings supporters were concerned that his close association with Rustin would damage the civil rights (Social Justice) movement and advised King to distance himself from Rustin.

James Farmer, was a close associate of King. He was in jail at the time of King's 1963 March on Washington. However a speech he had prepared was read to the audience. During the 1950s, Farmer served as national secretary of the Student League for Industrial Democracy (SLID), the youth branch of the socialist League for Industrial Democracy. SLID later became Students for a Democratic Society. He was also named honorary chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is an affiliate of the Socialist International, a federation of social democratic, democratic socialist and social progressive.

Progressives - remember those are the guys you keep warning your viewers about. But are you telling your viewers about how King surrounded himself with these progressives?

Why don't you make King's progressive associates a topic of your next show?

Stanley David Levison was a life-long activist in progressive causes. But he is best known as an advisor to, and close friend of Martin Luther King, helping to write speeches and organize events.

Levison was instrumental in all the activities of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the organization established by King. He was in charge of much of the fund raising of the organization and took on many of the publicity tasks, in addition to serving as King's literary agent. He was also a close adviser of King.

Levison was introduced to King by Bayard Rustin, in 1956 and was in active leadership of the Communist Party USA in the 1950s.

Gosh, Glenn, did you over look that little tidbit?

Robert Williams. In the 1960s, Williams, fearing an arrest by the FBI, fled to communist Cuba as a guest of Fidel Castro and made radio addresses to Southern blacks on "Radio Free Dixie," a station he established with assistance from the Cuban dictator. He advised American Negroes to arm themselves and prepare for war. In 1965 he left Cuba and lived in communist China. He returned to the U.S. in 1969 and it was assumed by the United States government that he aspired to fill the vacuum of influence left after the assassinations of his good friend Malcolm X and Martin Luther King,

At his funeral in 1996, King's friend and associate Rosa Parks, who launched the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott which ignited the popularity of Martin Luther King, spoke of the high regard civil rights activists had for Robert F. Williams.

Another associate of Martin Luther King was James Dombrowski. Dombrowski along with Myles Horton and Don West created the Highlander Folk School in Mounteagle, Tennessee in 1932.
Paul Crouch, who defected from Communism after serving for many years as the top U.S. Communist in the South, and who taught revolution and subversion for the Communists in Moscow, testified before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee as follows: "Dr. Dombrowski told me on several occasions that he preferred to be called a Left Socialist rather than a Communist; that he could serve the revolutionary movement better under the Socialist label than the Communist label."

The Highlander Folk School was closed down in 1961 by the state of Tennessee for conducting subversive activities. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King both attended the Highlander Folk School. The school later reopened as the Highlander Cultural and Research Center in New Market, Tennessee.

The FBI web site clearly states that Don West, one of the co-founders of the Highlander Folk School was the district director of the Communist Party in North Carolina. Myles Horton, an avowed socialist, claimed he had first met King during his junior year at Morehouse College. He invited King to participate in Highlander’s anniversary celebration in 1957. While attending the celebration, an undercover agent sent by the Georgia Commission on Education took a photograph of King sitting along side well know communists such as Abner Berry and Jack O'Dell.

During the 1950s, Jack O'Dell was a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). When federal marshals attempted to serve O'Dell with a subpoena he fled. However, enough party documents were found to establish that O’Dell was in fact the district organizer of the Communist Party in New Orleans.

In the late 1950s O'Dell withdrew his membership from the communist party to work in the Civil Rights movement in the South. He worked with Martin Luther King, Jr. and was a director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Because of O'Dell's involvement with the Communist Party, King was advised by many to distance himself from O'Dell. After conferring with King, O'Dell decided to accept a less prominent post within the movement in order not to alienate important allies of the Civil Rights (Social Justice) struggle; nevertheless, he continued to play a decisive role in the SCLC, as well as in King's move towards the political left.

King also had close ties and admiration for Ann and Carl Braden. Ann Braden was one of the white Southerners singled out for praise by King in his celebrated "Letter From Birmingham Jail" in 1963.

The Bradens were life long socialists who also worked on Henry Wallace's campaign for the presidency on the Progressive Party ticket in 1948.

It is not surprising that socialists such as King's friend Carl Braden would support Henry Wallace who advocated friendly relations with the Soviet Union, an end to the Cold War, an end to segregation, full voting rights for blacks, and universal government health insurance.
Upon the death of King, Henry Winston, National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA led a delegation of mourners to the funeral of King. The Soviet Union sent messages of sympathy as well. Memorial meetings took place all over the Soviet Union: factories, halls, and theaters, even Moscow University. Waldeck Rochet, general secretary of the French Communist Party sent his warm regards and Poland’s Communist paper The Worker sent condolences to Corretta King. William Patterson, secretary of the Negro Department of the Communist Party, USA sent a telegram to Coretta King, wishing her the best: "Tonight we will join with all progressive mankind in expressing the deep pain and anguish at the monstrous assassination of your illustrious husband."

My dear Mr. Beck, certainly you can't be ignorant of these socialist connections of Martin Luther King. But maybe you are. But at some point this open letter is going to fall in to your hands. At some point a colleague is going to hand you this open letter and you will have to face the facts I have presented here.

Will you have the courage of Franklin, Adams and Washington. Or will you sacrifice the truth for expediency.

In that day, will the image in your mirror be proud of you?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Loughner Jewish?

The Jewish Telegraph Newspaper states that a friend of Jared Loughner, Bryce Tierney claims that Loughner's mother is Jewish. Tierney stated that Loughner listed Mein Kampf as one of his favoite books in order to irrate his mother. You can read the Jewish Telegraph article by click here:

I Wonder?

Well, it’s nice to see that many in the media has finally caught up with me. I want the reader to take note that I stated on my blog, on Saturday, that the killing in Tucson was done without any political motive - either from the left or the right.

Even though there have been past “friends” of Jared Loughner who described him as a “leftest pothead” the fact is that his motivation was only that of a deranged individual.

Billy O’Rielly, Sean Hannity and others on FOX news are running skid marks all over the left for their attempt to blame this tragedy on right wing rhetoric. While I am glad to see them assailing the left for their jump to judgement I wonder, would they have done the same if White Nationalists were getting the blunt of the blame instead of the Tea Party?

Would O’Rielly, Hannity and Beck gone on the air and say, "We can’t blame the White Nationalist movement because of the violent act of one deranged young man?" Would they have defended the White Nationalist movement by saying, “We may not agree with the philosophy of the White Nationalist movement, but the fact is that the vast majority of those in the White Nationalist movement are peaceful and law abiding citizens who join us in condemning this violent act.”

I wonder?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

American Renaissance

Jared Taylor is smeared by the radical left on a regular basis. He has also been the victim of harassment, death threats, and even physical violence from the left-wing. He has always taken the high ground and urged civility. He is a man of great class and integrity. The HuffingtonPost and other left-wing outfits are demonizing Taylor with false claims to promote their own radical left-wing agendas. They should be ashamed of themselves.

The Obama controlled DHS leaked a “memo” saying the Arizona shooter has “no direct connection,” but “possibly linked to this group[American Renaissance]” and calls American Renaissance [Amren] “anti-Zog.” The accusation, which is apparently based on materials on the suspect’s computer, is beyond absurd. Amren receives thousands of visitors a day, and some percentage of that traffic are leftists who are simply snooping.

Several left-wing websites and left-wing columnists have intentionally misreported on the memo as if the so-called “possible link” was a fact.

What does “no direct connect,” but “possibly linked to the group” actual mean? It looks like Obama’s hacks running the DHS are simply trying to invent a way to blame right-wingers for the attack. The DHS memo gives left-wing reporters, columnists, and websites an opportunity to embellish, exaggerate, or outright lie to paint the right-wing as bearing some responsibility for the brutal shooting. Even though friends of the shooter have already told the media he was a leftist.

This is the same DHS that used the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as their source for a report demonizing the TEA Party movement. The SPLC calls the American Family Association a “hate group,” and says Lord of the Rings is a racist movie!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shooter's Favorite Books

I am going to suggest that Jared Laughner, the alledged shooter in the violent assault against Congresswoman Gifford had no political motives. The news has commented on several occasions that two of his favorite books were the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf. But they fail to mention that these “favorite” books were way down in the list of other favorites following Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. This is the list from his My Space account before it was taken down according to the Huffington Post.

"Animal Farm, Brave New World, The Wizard Of OZ, Aesop Fables, The Odyssey, Alice Adventures Into Wonderland, Fahrenheit 451, Peter Pan, To Kill A Mockingbird, We The Living, Phantom Toll Booth, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Pulp,Through The Looking Glass, The Communist Manifesto, Siddhartha, The Old Man And The Sea, Gulliver's Travels, Mein Kampf, The Republic, and Meno."
The senseless shooting which occurred in Tucson today is reprehensible.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Then?

Arizona is leading the way again as it prepares to introduce a challenge to the liberal interpretation of the 14th amendment which gives automatic citizenship to children of illegal aliens born in the U.S. Some of these children are born after the illegal has lived here for several years, but many are what is known as border babies. There is over 300,000 border babies born in American hospitals each year, This 300,000 figure does not include those that are born next to a cactus or under a Palo Verde tree as they are entering the U.S.

Lawmakers in at least 14 other states are also preparing to challenge the constitutionality not to mention the sanity of granting this kind of citizenship.

Arizona state Senator Russell Pearce will unveil the bill Jan. 5 in Washington, D.C., the Arizona Capital Times reports. The paper says lawmakers in Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah have said they want to introduce similar legislation this year.l

Pearce argues that the "original intent" of the 14th Amendment was to grant citizenship to freed U.S. slaves, and that it was never meant to apply to the children of foreigners. It is argued that the lawmakers who enacted the 14th amendment also considered children of Chinese immigrants and gypsies although the issue of “illegal aliens” has yet to be ruled upon by the Supreme Court.

Illegal alien advocacy groups, of course, are working to offset any attempt to restrict citizenship in this manner. I have been told that Illegal aliens think that its a big joke and have used the description “pump and dump” meaning having sex and then dumping the babies on US soil as a means of increasing their numbers for their vision of re coquering the Southwest.

Illegal Alien advocacy groups like to parade little babies in front of the camera when discussing such issues to create sympathy for their cause. However, remember in 18 years their tiny little brown baby will be voting against your tiny little white baby.

What will your children do then?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ok Christmas and New Years holiday's are over and so I got to get back to my normal life of "hate and bigotry." At least that's what I am told it is. Check back as I am sure I have some things to say that will get even the most "loving" liberal want to bite my head off.

In the mean time remember, "Truth is hate to those that hate the truth!"