Monday, June 9, 2008

How Much More Can You Afford to Give!

I don't want to appear mean or cold hearted, but to see an advertisement telling me that some child in Africa, Asia or South America needs help is really nothing new. They ALWAYS need help! Can you name one non-White nation that doesn't need help? They are always needing help for one thing or another. It is not that I am without compassion, but I seem to have a greater compassion for our white children who are being disconnected from their heritage and are being filled with hatred for their own people. The world's non-white population is exploding and the very people they depend on to dig them a well, to send them a care package or to provide them medical help is hated and scorned. The world now has a population of over 6 billion people and yet the only ones limiting the size of their families are white people. The white race, which a century and a half ago was almost 50% of the world's population will, within the next few years, reach single digit numbers. We have literally fed, clothed and cured the sicknesses of the world's non-white population. The world's population is facing a food crisis because the food producers are growing smaller in number and the food consumers are populating out of control. I don't hate these people, but it a matter of fact that they cannot survive without our help. If the non-white population of the world want a better life they need to control their numbers and white people need to work for our own future. The non-white populations of the world will not have a future if we fail to first secure ours!

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