Friday, June 27, 2008

Out of Town

I am sorry that I have not been able to write on my blog the last few days. I have been out of town and under a time crunch.

On June 20 and 21 Heritage Connection and I attended the Council of Conservative Citizens annual conference in Sheffield, Alabama. We had a wonderful visit with Dr. Ed Fields, the courageous publisher of The Truth at Last; Don Black, founder of Stormfront Radio and his wife Chole; Tom Sunic, a member of the Croatian Foreign Ministry; Paul Fromm, director of Canadian Association for Free Expression; Derek Black, program director for Stormfront; Gordon Baum, director of CofCC; James Edwards along with Bill Rolen, Eddie (The Bombardier) Miller (all of the Political Cesspool syndicated radio program and Drue Lackey, the police officer which finger printed Rosa Parks in the famous photo you often see. I also spoke with David Duke who was unable to attend but called to see how things went.

It was a great conference and those attended really enjoyed themselves and gathered more information for the struggle.

Heritage Connection were able to perform a couple of their songs which stirred the crowd to excitement. Heritage Connection is working on another CD and hope to have it ready by this fall. They have written some really great songs.

Rachel Pendergraft is speaking in my place at church while I am gone. Be sure to listen to our Sunday morning Church service on at 11 am central time.

Check back again and I will try to find an opportunity to write on my blog again. I am currently writing a short article for Willis Carto which has be emailed to his office in a couple of days. God bless you all!

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Keep up the great work Pastor Robb.