Thursday, June 12, 2008

Political Prisoner - Why have you not heard of him?

There is some current information about Ernst Zundel's legal battle with authorities in Canada, United States and Germany. I am posting this information here for you.
The flyer shown here can be downloaded and printed for distribution to the friends, church leaders, and media personal. Click here:
An Update from Political Prisoner, Ernst Zundel
To my Zundelsite Readers -

Here is a slightly edited update about Ernst Zundel's legal situation in Mannheim, written to a German couple in Canada, who kindly sent me a typed copy for our archives.
I should also add that as of June 2, 2008, we have filed extensive papers in the federal court in Knoxville asserting our right to continue litigating Ernst’s case in the United States that will focus heavily on his political kidnapping aspects - a focus that has been denied us so far. (to continue reading click here:

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