Friday, July 11, 2008

Cute Little Negro

I know that there are people who think I am an evil racist. I even had one person write and suggest that I was the anti-Christ. I guess they made this conclusion because of some apparent obnoxious statement I made about loving white people.

I guess I’m not suppose to make such nasty remarks about loving white people, grandma or apple pie. I guess I should be muzzled because I might influence some innocent white child into thinking about the possibility that they should love their people - their heritage - also. That would be horrible!

After all, drugs, sex, interracial dating, sodomy and other American ideals that our founding fathers fought and died for are far to precious than to allow a hateful bigot like me to mess up their delicate lives with foolish talk about loving God, family, heritage and nation.

My God! They could be scared for life!

So, in an effort to redeem myself before all those people who think that I am full of hate I want to make this statement about Barack Obama.

Here it goes!

I am sure when Obama was a little guy, he was a cute little Negro!

Do you forgive me now?

Ok! You caught me in a lie. Here's his picture and he really isn't that cute after all!

Do you still forgive me?

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Anonymous said...

That's just it in a nutshell! I simply cannot understand how any white person, female or male, would want to be the parent of a black child.

I would want my child to be both good-looking and intelligent and to accomplish something truly good for his people and his heritage.

I would want, if possible, for my child to accomplish some of the things I dreamed of doing when I was starting out in life.

I would want my son to have exactly the same heritage as mine and to cherish it as I do.

Sadly, in minority-ruled America, even if blessed with the 'perfect' child, white parents have to contend with so many forces that are hostile, both subtly and openly, to the great White European Heritage, that the chances of one's child becoming another great hero of Western culture are extremely slim.