Sunday, July 27, 2008

John Hagee Wants the U.S. to Bomb Iran in the Name of Jesus!

John Hagee (right), the founder and president of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) just finished their 3rd annual conference in Washington D.C. which was held between July 21-24. The purpose of the CUFI is to help bring about a safe and secure Israel and to help insure that it has enough bombs to blow Iran off the map.

In self defense of course!

Let me see if I have this right.

Iran is bad because it threatens its neighbor. Israel is good because it threatens its neighbor.

Well, that is what we are told. And according to the Sunday Times of London, (Read story here: George Bush has given Israel the "Amber" light which means get ready to "wipe Iran off the map" and as soon as you are ready to attack Iran - "let us know." Because Israel is our friendly ally and if Iran should dare defend itself from an Israeli military attack we will come to the aid of Israel and help them bomb Iran - because that is what Jesus would do!

Of course the SAME people that told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destrution, which was (after the invasion) proven false are the same ones that are telling us that Iran is waging a stealth war against American troops in the Middle East. McCain , supported by people like John Hagee wants us to engage in an aggressive war against a soverign nation (Iran) and start dropping the bombs. See video of McCain singing "Bomb Iran." Click here:

John Hagee's created the Christians United for Israel as a means to have hundreds of thousands of Christians pressure congress to support any and all legislation that will aid Israel, regardless or not what harm it will do to the U.S. Hagee believes it is a Biblical mandate to support the evil empire. He is quick to quote from Gen 13:3 where God tells Abraham (and thus his descendants) "I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you."

Well. no one wants to be cursed by God and so all the ducklings who support John Hagee and the Christians United for Israel will continue their financial support and more importantly demands that the U.S. gives unconditional support for the bandit state of Israeli.

But we have been giving our support to Israel since May 15, 1948 when within a very short moments after they announced their independence, President Harry Truman gave official U.S. recognition and protection.


Today, after 60 years of "blessing" this nation of political terrorists, our national economy is in shambles and our national morals are depraved. We are in a $580 billion dollar war that we are now "winning" because we have troops stationed on every other square like a checkered board. Hollywood vomits its filth into our living rooms and Sodomites are shaping the future moral standard of America.

Those are great blessings John Hagee!

The fact is we are cursed by God and Nature because we have turned our back against our own blood and heritage.

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